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Goodbye to the Knight✔️ by SouthernAlps
Goodbye to the Knight✔️by SouthernAlps
[COMPLETED] "We lock eyes and even at this distance I see the fire burning within, his power radiating outwards sending fear into the hearts of those opposing him...
A Plague Tale : Innocence by Leomantic
A Plague Tale : Innocenceby Leomantic
Amicia de Runes life was that of a normal noble lady. Until the Inquisition came to take her brother, who suffers from a mysterious disease. Now, in the midst of the Hun...
The New Start by KionTheLionCub
The New Startby Kion The Lion Cub
Andrew was in peace after one year of defeating his enemies and now he lives in peace. But now a new threat arises, his fans after telling his story in New York City. He...
The Four Horsemen by EllenaE
The Four Horsemenby Ellena Edwards
Jackie has a terrible curse, she tend to kill others around her with an illness taking over a large amount of the world. It's the year 1350 in France. The world is endin...
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Nicole and Waverly: rewriting Romeo andJuliet by MagicNinja4
Nicole and Waverly: rewriting Rome...by Magic Ninja
Nicole is the only child of the Haught family, sadly she's heartbroken by a girl named Shea ,until she meets waverly ,the only daughter of the Earp family .They connect...
Extra Ordinary- Destiny McLean by -YourLilyPad-
Extra Ordinary- Destiny McLeanby LilyPad
I could feel people staring at me. I looked at my brother. He was frozen. I tried pulling him away from the crowd, but it was almost like he was glued in one place. I sa...
The A.O.T.S by ThoseOneStories87
The A.O.T.Sby Bolt Yoso
Medieval times + magic equals awesomeness!
Ellipsism by EnyaEtnica
Ellipsismby 👹no I am not straight👹
1512 Sibiu, Romania. Vladislav Vulturi ruled over Regatul Sibiu side to side with his Queen. But one day, Iris, the oldest daughter finds a small wood box that will rev...
Welcome To The Cullens - Twilight Fan Fic by HeartStealer98
Welcome To The Cullens - Twilight...by HeartStealer98
Fanfic has not been completed. It's been stopped. I have began to write a similar one. RENESMEE'S 14th CENTURY FRIEND. you should read that and recognize chapter 14. Any...
Red Snow by MadzWrites
Red Snowby Mads
In the depths of winter almost anything can happen... Who is the hooded figure haunting Yves' dreams? Will Anaïs and her father ever reconcile? Who is the killer ravagin...
Kami by thniels
Kamiby Thomas Nielsen
Just how jealous can a god be? *** This story will not be written by association, chapter by chapter. Rather it will be one finished story and published in fall/winter o...
Dragon Charms(On hold) by TheWolfDetective
Dragon Charms(On hold)by TheWolfDetective
Daniele is a shifter and a magic user, he's also gay. And these three things are illegal where he lives... in the 1300's, so how will he survive this? Just read and find...
When Tragedy Strikes by CircleBirds13
When Tragedy Strikesby Bailz
In 14th century Venice Guinevere has a shocking wake up call to the harsh reality that is her world. Faced with the challenge of staying alive Guinevere meets Asher, Wil...
11 Years Missing by IngaMorgan
11 Years Missingby Ävaléa Morgan
The past broke her heart, The future betrayed her... Will the present accept her? ...
language arts project by kiramclaughlinn
language arts projectby KEIRAH
This is a chapter of a book I am rewriting for a Language Arts project
Revival by thewritingmarigold
Revivalby thewritingmarigold
Mysteriously resurrected, Isolda, a powerful witch, finds herself alive in 2018 -- six hundred years after her execution. Working to make sense of everything that happe...
Letters From Enemies by Tim-o-tay
Letters From Enemiesby IfRegulasWasDILF
My friend and I decided to write enemy to lover letters to each other, we each created a character and exchange letters every couple days. Updates will be whenever I get...
His own leech by Seilalite
His own leechby Fandomalite
A plague doctor in 1350's Europe lives in a world filled with plague, now having to jump through hoops just to live his daily life. If that wasn't bad enough, living in...