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A New Life by PleaseMeDaddy69
A New Lifeby PleaseMeDaddy69
Eviane Nicolette is a teacher at Flourish Academy to start a new life but didn't expect what Flourish Academy gave to her. Would she be able to survive this life? Would...
"I Think I'm In Love With You ♡" by PrincessAC302010
"I Think I'm In Love With You ♡"by Nugget ♡
Hogwarts AU Dream moves from America to London and starts 5th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At first, he's nervous, but then he makes friends with...
ur mom x me 😔🤞 by MrKittensmith
ur mom x me 😔🤞by gaCk!
i come to ur house on a saturday morning 2 hang with u but im actually there for ur mom. You find me and ur mom having sexual intercourse and kick me out of the house. T...
Shrek X Donkey X Farquad: Book 1 by Didick69
Shrek X Donkey X Farquad: Book 1by Didick69
A juicy story of a love triangle. Shrek loves his life with Donkey, but when he catches his peeping ex, Farquad staring at Donkey, things start to go downhill.
~ just friends~ voxto fanfic ~ by nefelwma
~ just friends~ voxto fanfic ~by nefelwma
vox x shoto story because their relationship is superior ⚠️swearing n nsfw warning ⚠️ Also english is not my native language, so please don't judge. Ill only make more...
my minion || gru x reader by pilaew
my minion || gru x readerby kayby cakes
You come to a cafe and see a hot sexy man who spends the rest of his life with you.
69 Weird Facts by trinnityyyyyy
69 Weird Factsby trinnityyyyyy
This is 69 weird facts Please keep in mind i made this in like 2015 && i was 13 && i didn't proofread nor do i plan to
The Dimitrescus x Fem! Reader by _amethyst_trash_
The Dimitrescus x Fem! Readerby _amethyst_trash_
i feel bad for breathing the same air as her. literally the way i would risk it all omg (edit:i'm adding in affairs w the daughters too since they underrated asf 👀)
skephalo headcanons. by richardsthirdchin
skephalo headcanons.by ray-ray!
will be focusing SPECIFICALLY on skephalo and sapnap. so, don't like that? get out. | 3 IN ineedtherapy | 10 - 26 - 22. | 1 IN whydididothis | 10 - 18 - 22. | 1 IN badbo...
Choose me or Leave Me (Senyorita Series's #1) by Liyahthebitter
Choose me or Leave Me (Senyorita S...by Leyah 🙈
Sa edad na dise siyete ay naranasan nani Miriam Trish Rodriguez Fajardo ang mga problema na mabigat at masasakit. Tiniis niya ang lahat dahil may pinanghahawakan siya. S...
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The smartest person I know! A Queen and Adam Lambert story by AeroLover21
The smartest person I know! A Quee...by Becky
The year is 2019 & Adam Lambert is celebrating on new years eve with Sam Smith, Roger Taylor, Brian May and there friends and familys. Sam's shown pictures & told storys...
vanoe (vanitas x noe) - Vanitas no carte/case study of vanitas by 1i1i1i1i1i1i1i
vanoe (vanitas x noe) - Vanitas no...by i luv anime
after moreau attempts to experiment on vanitas again he is forced to run away, however a stubborn noe refuses to let him go alone so he jeanne and domique tag along, van...
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poems ig by hungryforscience
poems igby rob
Shitty ass poems, feel free to judge I really dgaf
Derpixon Characters x Male Reader (Lemon Story) by BonBonChuChu69
Derpixon Characters x Male Reader...by Simpher >:)
Finally going with it! have fun ya perverts! Requests!
Kindan no Koibito [Hajime x Jyugo][Rewrite] by jin_windshield_wiper
Kindan no Koibito [Hajime x Jyugo]...by home_depot
Forbidden love between a guard and an inmate. Jyugo has lived in prisons all his life. His past haunts him as his future promises very little for him. Hajime has been a...
the evil plan of Dumbledore. Drarry by bookwurm_le_book
the evil plan of Dumbledore. Drarryby bookwurm_le_book
Harry and Draco will never learn it, right ? well Dumbledore, McGonnagal and Snape are betting when Harry and Draco start dating. ofc Dumbledore wants to win, so he has...
Jam Boree serves too much "cake" by xXLoveCakessXx
Jam Boree serves too much "cake"by xXLoveCakessXx
Green Smexy Love - Shrek x Y/N by C4TG1RLN4TSUK1
Green Smexy Love - Shrek x Y/Nby s4cchar1nee
Do you love Shrek?💋💋 Like absolutely love him to the point you'd like deadass just marry him on the spot even though you don't know each other? 🧍‍♀️Cool. 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️Th...
Meme high school- Barry b Benson x Reader by EspeonAsADragon
Meme high school- Barry b Benson x...by Robosexual
you get transferred from lazytown high to Meme high, and meet the boy of your dreams~~~~~~ only thing is, he's not a boy, he's a bee.
A Strip Club Owner And a Milk Spammer (Book 1) by TheSex_Slut
A Strip Club Owner And a Milk Spam...by TheSex_Slut
Cody is a 21 Year Old Man, He Owns a Strip Club, Where All Women Are Respected In Every Way, When He Meets a Girl Named Hira And Learns That She's a Milk Spammer, He Tal...