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our Happily Ever After by MaissaBiaa
our Happily Ever Afterby maissa biaa
the the cultivation world they will see how is wei ying life in the Gusu clan. the timeline is before Wei ying come back . they will see the future and they will know so...
MDZS React to.... Everything?idk-_- by RoseloveBL
MDZS React to.... Everything?idk-_-by Roselle
As always the cultivation world minding there own business.unit they got teleport at a cave more like a room that can fit the whole cultivation worlds cultivater's. ever...
the future meet the past by MaissaBiaa
the future meet the pastby maissa biaa
modern Omegaverse u.a Wich we're wei ying travel back to were his past life was. wei ying who had give birth to twin : lan Yuan (A-yuan) and lan Jyingy(A-yi). he's marr...
Bridging the gap | Wangxian | ON HOLD by inevitably_broken
Bridging the gap | Wangxian | ON H...by ...
"Wei Wuxian! You're back?!" ____________ After the battle of Nightless City, the cultivation world slowly turned their backs on Wei Wuxian - the very same reve...
Xian Gege?? A-Niang?? by Dragon_fire11
Xian Gege?? A-Niang??by Stranger
A short story where A-yuan gets to travels to past and comes across a shocking truth.
Past Mdzs React by Shipper_simp
Past Mdzs Reactby kel
So this is where they are gonna react but it's they're actors as they're next life au ©Shipper_simp
Secret Immortal by barsha4444
Secret Immortalby GoldenStar44
"Are you sure it's him ?" "A soul always remembers his soulmate. Last time he failed his promise to spend entirely with me and I failed my promise to pro...
I Have A Crush On My New Mailman by justoneofherworlds
I Have A Crush On My New Mailmanby Just One Of Her Worlds
When Xiao Zhan went to answer the door on a Friday afternoon, he expected his typical mailman Yubin, but why was there an angel standing at the opposite side of the door...
Before the Gods, there were Cultivators by Velvet-Teacups
Before the Gods, there were Cultiv...by NightWing
Xie Lian stumbles upon a pair of rabbits?! what do these rabbits have to do with his past, his past as a human over 800 years ago? San Lang gets to find out something ne...
A Song Of His Love (WANGXIAN ONESHOT) by manhwa-kun
A Song Of His Love (WANGXIAN ONESH...by spicy_apple
after the death of the man he loved Lan Wangji was devastated... In the lonely blue room of his, he sat playing the tune he played for him once... A song of his love... ...
Behind the Smile |Wangxian| by HopeIsHard
Behind the Smile |Wangxian|by HopeIsHard
They all stilled in their place, staring at the green field. On the edge, only about a yard away from the start of the bleachers, was the source of the laughter. Oh, tha...
Daily Life with The Junior Disciples (In modern-day) (Discontinued) by Wispering_Secrets
Daily Life with The Junior Discipl...by Taunt
WARNING! This story does contain swear words, if you are uncomfortable with that, please click out. Life with Jin Ling, Lan Jingyi, Lan Sizhui and Ouyang Zizhen and thei...
Without you here beside me by FloralKaninchen
Without you here beside meby bunny
A biting frost spread throughout the Cloud recesses, snow clinging to branches and eaved roofs, blanketing the scenery in a fine powder. Deep in the backhills small fo...
Harmony In The Key Of Love by Ailupodare
Harmony In The Key Of Loveby Ailee
Lan Wangji, a skilled piano teacher, often visits his friend's music shop to offer his assistance. One day, as he prepares to test a piano, the door swings open, reveali...
You are you ... but different ... by dim2512
You are you ... but different ...by Dim_2512
Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian came to the past time, in their original body when they were 16 years old, but with the power that they have when they were in their timeline...
My a-niang by akiraanami
My a-niangby akira anami
Lan shizui gets cursed with an unknown curse that makes him vomit up anything he eats that is not bodyly prodused by the one who loves him the most. Who is it that love...