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[Discontinued] Female Ayanokouji and Random One-shots by AllouetteBacia
[Discontinued] Female Ayanokouji AllouetteBacia
Classroom of the Elite but with a number of divergences, most notably if Ayanokouji Kiyotaka was female. This fanfic will, to some extent, follow the timeline of events...
"Inside the Mind of the (Idiot) Mastermind!" (Ayanokoji x Horikita) by il0veicecreamee
"Inside the Mind of the (Idiot) Icecreammylove
The White Room was an educational instituition where generations of perfect individuals to lead Japan in the future were created. When this "White Room" was sh...
Who Is The Real You? (Kushida x Ayanokouji) by intentzy14
Who Is The Real You? (Kushida x ⠀
People are thinking that their "inner" self is their real self, and the outer self is an illusion. But is really that it? Well, maybe, that's the case. But who...
Exposing the defective mastermind (COTE) by blextos
Exposing the defective Blextos
What happens when the people around Ayanokouji Kiyotaka start noticing the strange outcomes of exams. It al starts to change when the perfect math score is revealed... T...
Story Ideas(Cote) by JustAToxicGuy
Story Ideas(Cote)by JustAToxicGuy
Story Ideas For Cote And Tag Me If You Used The Ideas But It's Fine If You Dont.