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Ectoplasm: The Slime Hero by intensewritersblock
Ectoplasm: The Slime Heroby so many plots, such little de...
Life is tough when your a teenage inhuman. It gets harder when suddenly you have STARK Industries on your tale. Sadly Diane (DJ) Jimenez has to deal with both. Follow he...
Abandoned Mall Trash Man. by iammtc
Abandoned Mall Trash iammtc
Two friends visit an abandoned mall. When Ren finds an old computer, unexpected events ensue.
Juveniles by Hacker3175
Juvenilesby Hacker3175
The story of unlikely champions of creation fighting the good fight. Young adults becoming aspiring heroes that battle their own moral compasses.
Adventures with Princess Theia by Mallowww-ishh
Adventures with Princess Theiaby мєℓℓσωツ
Theia Celeste, who is 19 yrs old lives on a farm with her parents in Warlington but she wasn't like the other children in their village, she was different. she can do ma...
The bad guys in: FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S SECURITY BREACH  by BiancaSantana880
The bad guys in: FIVE NIGHTS AT Bianca Santana
Okay as everyone knows that my bad guy story was really good that people say I should do a sequel of the bad guys raising princess. So This is a sequel of the bad guys...
Supremeo by ZodiaCaS
Supremeoby Jeffrey
During the aftermath of the 100 year war. Which led to the planet's armed forces toppling its monarch. Elias Caine, the worlds smartest man and greatest engineer has bee...
From the Other Side of My Bed by o___Madeline___o
From the Other Side of My Bedby o___Madeline___o
From the Other Side of My Bed are the events based on real life author Madeline Chavez who's experiences with men can be doubtful to many. Her rules in bed: no sex. The...
Heartless by AuravumAurum
Heartlessby Auravum
Although the Revelian kingdom has been running smoothly for the past 4 years, people have become suspicious of their king, because of his lack of public appearance. Who...
Living with Brian May (Brian May fanfic) by asgardian_winchester
Living with Brian May (Brian May Jacklynn May
Fan fiction where anything can happen. Queen + Adam Lambert with Sam and Dean. Supernatural. Hope you enjoy. My upload times are bad. I update whenever I can so please...
The Thief and the Globetrotter by KeriHalfacre
The Thief and the Globetrotterby Keri Halfacre
Reluctant thief Baz Barret is tasked with stealing from the formidable archaeologist Rei Collingwood--who happens to also be his college crush and rival--but when Rei go...
The Cleansing: Part Two (Book Two of The Golden Eyes Trilogy) by HarleyRush
The Cleansing: Part Two (Book Harley Rush
Thanks to Nova a cure was made to eradicate the disease from the infected world. Those who weren't too far gone were turned back to human, others who had been surviving...
TBATE - Fated to Rule Together by Fahin4514
TBATE - Fated to Rule Togetherby
What if Arthur wasn't alone alone in his past life. What if he had someone by his side who he could trust with his life. What if he had his other half, someone who loved...
The Aquarlander by NicoleSnow6
The Aquarlanderby Nicole S.
A Girl who lived in an small village that had been raded. Now on a ship she must figure out how to stay alive and keep the Captain of the ship from finding out her secr...
The Immortals by nightcrow92
The Immortalsby Nightcrow
After Arash Mohammadi decided to leave the country to go back to New York with Peter Parker, they thought that everything would be okay at the hands of Ervin Mohammadi a...
Allie's Night Misadventures in the Alley by SaintScumbag
Allie's Night Misadventures in ST. SCUMBAG I
CONTAINS CRUDE LANGUAGE & DRAWINGS, DARK THEMES, ALCOHOL USE & SMOKING. Inspired by the Lewis Carroll classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, this novelette follows Al...
Between Ocean and Land by RosaCerise
Between Ocean and Landby RosaCerise
Cleo doesn't have the best home life, but when an opportunity to live with her mate Archie and become a Luna comes, she has trouble getting accustomed to the new place...
Crystal woods by somebody_xX13
Crystal woodsby 〖 Somebody 〗
Ashley is an 18 year old, who just entered collage. she thought it was the start to her normal adult life, oh boy was she wrong. she ran to the woods for a reason you'll...
The Lost Daughter of Poseidon by emotionalfeel
The Lost Daughter of Poseidonby emotionalfeel
Nobody knew Poseidon had a daughter. Nobody. The gods would come down to earth have children then have to leave them soon after. The children never knew nor met their pa...
Save Me by AL100000
Save Meby AL100000
When gorgeous, sixteen-year-old Troy moves to a new town, far from New York City, he is unprepared for the nightmarish creatures he will face. Can he rescue the girl of...
calm before the storm (i wrote this when i was 10 ;-;) by -kiitsunx
calm before the storm (i wrote 𝚔𝚒𝚒𝚝𝚜𝚞𝚗𝚎
Ivypaw is an outcast. She is hardly noticed, except for her father, her mentor, her brother, and two best friends. She lives in the shadow of her "perfect" and...