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The Second Son Of The Phoenix Family (Oc X Dxd X Crossover) by RomanticLuffy
The Second Son Of The Phoenix Kartik Dagar
In the anime where riser comes to visit rias it is said that he is the 3rd Son Of The Phoenix Family and the first son is ruval but the second son never got introduced s...
Highschool DxD: The Heavenly Dragons by The_World_Ender
Highschool DxD: The Heavenly The_World_Ender
Two brothers, Y/n and Issei Hyoudou. Issei Hyoudou died when he encountered a fallen angel. Issei got reincarnated as a devil but Y/n volunteered to join in order to pro...
The White Dragon Emperor of Kuoh (Male Reader X Highschool DxD Harem) by WLiquidGaming
The White Dragon Emperor of Kuoh ( WLiquid
Y/N and Issei Hyoudou are twin brothers and they both attend Kuoh Academy while Issei is a part of the Perverted Trio, Y/N is know in the Academy as the King of Kuoh as...
Rise of a Phenex DxD by MrFooL3
Rise of a Phenex DxDby Mr FooL
Rizal phenex is the 3rd son of phenex family,Younger brother to Ruval and Riser phenex and older to ravel phenex. (OUT OF IDEAS)
Dxd(A Betrayed Soles) by RicTomlinson
Dxd(A Betrayed Soles)by Ric Tomlinson
Danny kara childhood friends with Issei hyoudou and irina shido as that once was in rias germory group that did everything for them from saving Asia from the fallen angl...
Mha the green haired enigma by Thedragongodbahamut
Mha the green haired enigmaby HADRIAN KLUG
What if Izuku was sent away to the world of Dxd after beating the LoV at Hosu. He chose to live a life of peace and got teleported away to the world of Dxd. How will he...
Gift of Great Red  by KRG3595
Gift of Great Red by Raj Grg
What if Issei some how found out the truth about his reincarnation what will happen let's see ( Overpowered Issei X harem ) ( Alternate universe ( AU ) high school dx...
Highschool DxD: The True Dragon of Truth & Hope by shibazaki123
Highschool DxD: The True Dragon Detective
A day after fighting Riser, Issei goes to the Occult Research Club to find out that Rias kicks him out, to add salt to the wound she brutally lays it down that he is wea...
The Fallen Angel DxD by MrFooL3
The Fallen Angel DxDby Mr FooL
Aizel,Is a fallen angel but not any fallen angel but the son of governer General,Azazel,This is not the only thing special about him,He possess a sacred gear,And A stron...
The red dragon of crimson light by Thedragongodbahamut
The red dragon of crimson lightby HADRIAN KLUG
What if issei decided that he is unfit for Ddraig himself. He then sent it to a new host. That one is known as Y/N. A rich man who is a master Artist and then meats Ddra...
Lucifer Gremory - OP Male OC X dxd by keerthivasanfirst
Lucifer Gremory - OP Male OC X dxdby Keerthivasan GC
What happen when an otaku dies due to mistake of God who grants him an three Wishes What will happen in the main plot will it Change? Or Not? ...
New dragon emperor by Tembakwu
New dragon emperorby Tembakwu
Ddraig and Albion, two names feared by the Supernatural. This generation's host have major problems. One sees Ddraig as a tool for lustful wishes and One sees Albion as...
Why is it that they never learn to piss off a dragon by Thedragongodbahamut
Why is it that they never learn HADRIAN KLUG
Ruby Rose is a girl who was bullied by everyone in beacon... that is until she snaps... when she snaps she exited school and asked for temporary leave before returning w...
The Mad Dragon Bahamut by -King_of_the_Night-
The Mad Dragon Bahamutby -Shadow_Monarch-
Bahamut, also known with many titles such as The Mad Dragon, The Apocalyspe Dragon Beast, The Black Dragon Emperor or Annihilation, The Chaotic Dragon God of Nightmare...
Secrets of the past - Prince Merlin fanfic by writingwiizard
Secrets of the past - Prince Laura
When Merlin had arrived within earshot, Arthur asked: "What took you so long?" "I'm sorry, sire." Arthur frowned, he had been waiting for a sarcastic...
all the hurtful words || merlin by lovewhitoutheart
all the hurtful words || merlinby Redi
Merlin had been coping with all the hurtful words that Arthur said to him. But what if once Arthur went too far, or Merlin broke? Which one would come first? Arthur wil...
withered spirt by DeltaSquad9
withered spirtby Delta デルタ
after a discovery that lead to heartbreak issei takes his own path to find himself to be better and goes on a new adventure of the life he was given an inspired story...
Holy Inferno Dragon by ShineiHyoudou
Holy Inferno Dragonby ShineiYeager
Issei thought he was human, but apparently, that's only half-true. Introduced to the supernatural world at a young age, Issei's life is shattered and changes in ways he...
Forgive And Forget (Merlin BBC Fanfic)  by MadOverMerlin
Forgive And Forget (Merlin BBC Rosie Robertson
Camelot once again faces a danger that lurks within the walls of the shining city. Betrayal will come from inside the castle and dark magic unleashes unfathomable creatu...
No Man Is Worth Your Tears (Merthur) by CamelotAndAlbion
No Man Is Worth Your Tears ( CamelotAndAlbion
After Freya's death Merlin thinks he'll never find love again. But he couldn't be more wrong. As Arthur tries to cheer up his manservant they both discover something. So...