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Don't Go Away - Divergent Eric/ Four x OC by bumblebubble
Don't Go Away - Divergent Eric/ KoKo
Aria Kane. Amity born. Now Dauntless. Talk about a U turn! But Aria always knew Amity wasn't for her. Now she must face the wrath if Dauntless training but of course the...
Stiff (Peter Hayes x Reader) by s1arburst
Stiff (Peter Hayes x Reader)by s1arburst
What happens when you choose a faction you could never make it in? What happens when you make an enemy you could never beat? What happens when you fall for someone you c...
Dauntless Bride //Eric Divergent// by fangirl397
Dauntless Bride //Eric Divergent//by —•*𝒩𝑒𝓇𝒹*•—
Eric is a leader,Kayla is a dauntless born.What will happen when her parents arrange a marriage between her and the cruelest dauntless leader? Just hit 5K!!!!!!!
After Allegiant-----ON HOLD by beautifulhyperlove
After Allegiant-----ON HOLDby beautifulhyperlove
When Tris dies it's all over. Tobias can't live without her. But what if she is alive? Tris is alive and breathing. Together Tobias and Tris continue with life the...
Selfless (tris is alive) by Melodythedemigod
Selfless (tris is alive)by Melodythefangirl
(ALLIGIANT SPOILERS AHEAD AND IN THIS STORY) DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED ALLIGIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok if you are reading this disruption i assume you have read all...
The Forgotten Sister (Book 1) by K_dot19
The Forgotten Sister (Book 1)by Katie Sherwin
17 years ago in the city of Chicago, Katie Alexandra Eaton was born on the 19/11/1998 inside the fence of the Chicago experiment. Evelyn thought it was best to give Kat...
Divergent Quotes by manonblackbeak
Divergent Quotesby murphy
Just a collection of some of my favorite quotes from the divergent trilogy... All rights to Veronica Roth! c: <4
The Choice by Tris_Eaton64
The Choiceby Tris_Eaton64
Tris has to make a very important decision, which will decide her future, and existence. What will she choose? And what would you choose?
After Allegiant! by Lilzy_Lolzy
After Allegiant!by Lilzy_Lolzy
This story takes place after 'Allegiant'! Read on to find out more!................
Lost, and Found(A Divergent Story) by LaurenLovesToLive
Lost, and Found(A Divergent Story)by Lauren
Starting at the end of the second book(Insurgent) Tris and Tobias are confused about what will happen now after the video. That is until Emily, a girl from our world get...
Ascendant  by myagrace03
Ascendant by myagrace03
*CONTAINS ALLEGIANT SPOILERS DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVNT READ ALLEGIANT* Follows on from Allegiant. Tris has died and Tobias is lost without her. A few people who didn't a...
Convergent by elfdkdndh
Convergentby Dishnsskushsbs
My story, Convergent is very much alike Veronica Roth's, Divergent.
Tabi's World by niallsprincess1d
Tabi's Worldby Rachel
In Tabitha's world there are only two types of people, the supernatural and the mundane. There are many sectors of the land however, eight to be exact. The first four ar...
The Faction Girls by samanthaluv111
The Faction Girlsby samanthaluv111
There are 5 factions. Dauntless, Erudite, Candor, Abnegation, and Amity. Five best friends take the test and get separated. Khloe, April, Kat, Summer and Caitlin have to...
Beyond the fence (divergent/hunger games- allegiant follow up fan fic) by nicoleeaton
Beyond the fence (divergent/ Lolzno
So Chicago is one of the Bureau's experiments, but what happens when the team (Tris,Tobias,Christina,Uriah,Peter) are ordered venture out beyond the fringe and enter oth...
After Allegiant: A Divergent Story by TobiasEatonIsTheBae
After Allegiant: A Divergent Storyby TobiasEatonIsTheBae
*Major spoilers* What would happen if Tris didn't die? If her and Tobias got married? Read my book to find out!
Divergent: Natalie's Journal by Griffonclaw53317
Divergent: Natalie's Journalby CouchPotato
Now, we all know what happens in the Divergent series (Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant and Four) and we all, or at least I, enjoyed the P.O.V switches in Alligiant, but...
Resurgent by Divergent_JED
Resurgentby Divergent_JED
Three years after Tris' death and the faction system is back to normal. Tobias tries to live a normal dauntless life without Tris but it just isn't working out. All righ...
The Book of Divergent by explicitbiebss
The Book of Divergentby explicitbiebss
Just Divergent things...teehee