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Wonder Dog | DAMON BGT by 1damon
Wonder Dog | DAMON BGTby some random girl
We spend our whole lives learning lessons. Some more difficult than others. Some thanks to different people. And some through specific circumstances: like being a dog. ...
I give you a yes | DAMON BGT by 1damon
I give you a yes | DAMON BGTby some random girl
Simon's not a schoolboy. Not a guy who's easily surprised. Simon is totally the kind of person who likes to judge.
Everything Can Change. by danniegirl2
Everything Can danniegirl2
Evie is 17, she has two sister which are twins, Lala and Lola age 10. Evie also has a son age 3. Evie went up for adoption when she was born and reunited with her baby s...
Random Oneshots by chaosteufelchen
Random Oneshotsby chaosteufelchen
This is a book, full of random Oneshots. Mostly: Damon ( David Walliams x Simon Cowell) and AntandDec You ask "why random oneshots?" Because here are some very...
Back together by kawaiibobby
Back togetherby EMS
Hi everyone! This is my first fanfiction. I hope you like it! If its lame I'm sorry.
BGT House by jibber098
BGT Houseby jibber098
Ok, so this is a weird concept I keep thinking about: what if all the BGT hosts and judges lived in a house together? Let's find out...
I... Love you! by wanderinginwords
I... Love you!by Simanda4ever
Britain's Got Talent is a very popular show and has 4 amazing judges. Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and David Walliams. Simon realizes that something is ha...
The One, who always laughs! by Iam_a_writergirl
The One, who always laughs!by Rici
During the auditions of BGT Simon notices that something might be wrong with Amanda. While he is still fighting with himself what he should do, Amanda is getting more an...
Thoughts, lies and memories | DAMON BGT by 1damon
Thoughts, lies and memories | some random girl
Simon and David love each other. But sometimes it's more complicated.
Could we be a true love story? - SIMANDA by AmandaHoldenfan
Could we be a true love story? - AmandaHoldenfan
Amandas life is messed up. Nobody knows anything about her. But... what about Simon and her awful boyfriend, Jake? What is the secret? You will never know, if you aren't...
Simanda Anthology by Sappez
Simanda Anthologyby Saphire
Britain Got Talent, Simon and Amanda. Something between collection of one-shots and Anthology. Warnings before charapters.
Fantasy Celeb Smuts (on hold) by AlaysiaAmanda
Fantasy Celeb Smuts (on hold)by Alaysiashipperszzzz
Smut book about all the Celeb Couples,Shippers,And Just Celebs Period ⚠️ *If you request a Celeb of Any orientation or Ship plus couple anything just ask and I'll write...
BGT One-Shots by abcdamon
BGT One-Shotsby julia シ
Compilation of the one-shot stories of your favourite dysfunctional family ✨ 🤍🤍🤍
I Need You~Simanda  by cookieisbae29
I Need You~Simanda by Dalesha
Simon and Amanda is at it again... the spillage, the fighting and the pain they're both causing each other... no matter how much their friends try and help then it alway...
New Family by Lizzie-40-Whacks
New Familyby Queenie
Bambi has been a part of the bgt team for years. This year, though, she ends up accidentally making herself known to the very people that she's been trying to fly under...
Dec's Daughter 2 by TheDonnellyDaughter
Dec's Daughter 2by Charlie
Charlie Donnelly is no longer an only child, she has one brother but she never sees him, then on September 1st 2018 her baby sister Isla Elizabeth Anne was born. Charlie...
bgt oneshots | damon and simanda by multibgt
bgt oneshots | damon and simandaby Gabrielle
This is just my collection of oneshots for the show Britain's got Talent and it's judges, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams, and Simon Cowell. I hope you like...
Life Of A Sex Addict To A Man Who Has One Too (on hold) by AlaysiaAmanda
Life Of A Sex Addict To A Man Alaysiashipperszzzz
Amanda and Simon are sex addicts for each other until Amanda gets pregnant and someone's already married what will Simon or what will he think🤔 Warning ⚠️ -Pure sexua...
BGT One Shots by wanderinginwords
BGT One Shotsby Simanda4ever
Inspired by many to do a one shot book. First bit expresses my love for music (and of course my awkward younger self). The majority of the book are stories of the moment...