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Mr Husband Work Hard by SakshiSinha471
Mr Husband Work Hardby SakshiSinha471
Moksh Khurana , CEO of Khurana Entertainment who doesn't believe in love but because his family wants to then he is ready to start a new phase of marriage . Pratiksha M...
Blood of the Moon {Remus Lupin} by bananarama85
Blood of the Moon {Remus Lupin}by Rebecca Robinson
A tale of when love meets prejudice... COMPLETED Auriga Delphini Narcissa Malfoy is perfect. She is everything any reasonable Pureblood would want in a daughter. Smart...
Empress Natsume ✓ by Editer
Empress Natsume ✓by H A N Y
One of the earliest examples of a woman coming in power that could rival an emperor's authority is Empress Natsume Takahiro, her maiden name. The wife of the first emper...
Miss.Idly And Mr.Dhokla by sugichand
Miss.Idly And Mr.Dhoklaby sugichand
She was determined to become a businesswoman . No one can stop her . Her family is an very rich orthodox tamil family which approves woman only to be homemaker not...
Sex with Benefits  by marziekeen_
Sex with Benefits by MarzieKeen
Have you ever had a crush on one of your brother's friends? The one who sees you as his best friend's little sister? If you have, you know how I have been feeling since...
Secrecy Of Heart by rish_1306
Secrecy Of Heartby Rish
Every Love Story Is Beautiful But Their Is Unique *** He knew she was not to be accused. He knew it was not her mistake. And he knew her real identity. Yet, he tends t...
When Dwaparyug Meets Kalyug.......... by Krishnapriyameera
When Dwaparyug Meets Meera
One mission. 9 people. 9 RAW agents. Time travel to Dwaparyug. What happens when the 9 people travel from kalyug to dwaparyug to complete their mission? What happens whe...
With Mangoes And Chocolates | ✓ by nahiabbatahido
With Mangoes And Chocolates | ✓by Ykw
"Heads and Tails; a coin cannot exist without them. They are always there, balancing each other out, either winning or losing. But they both can never have a win-wi...
U And Me Will Always Be Together by Navya_k_Arun
U And Me Will Always Be Togetherby Navya♥AS
In Today's World, what is the normal mid twenties of his/her life would be...Love, then understand each other, then marriage, then family right...??This is the normal li...
Commitment by jayjay33
Commitmentby Ann
Detective Sergeant Eddie Conway is a focused and a seriously ambitious policeman who is completely committed to his job,and doesn't believe in letting his heart rule his...
🌻A Self Improvement Journey🌻 by zishsin
🌻A Self Improvement Journey🌻by Part of Your Elyzian World
This is for everyone.I believe a glow up involves physical,mental & spiritual improvement.As you read through the pages you will surely learn a lot.This is something tha...
Kpop Lyrics (Book 1) by SarahKpop
Kpop Lyrics (Book 1)by Sarah
I'll post the MV (if there isn't one a Fanmade or a live performance) & the lyrics (Romanization + translation) of Kpop songs, you can also request (the limit for reques...
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Math Book [Complete] by DianersteRoss
Math Book [Complete]by DianersteRoss
School matter, with out education. You cant make it in life with G.E.D Or high school diploma. Real math motivation book © Dianerste Ross All rights reserved. No part of...
Whispers of Destiny: A Kerala Girl's Seoulful Dream by ReshmaRamachandran76
Whispers of Destiny: A Kerala Reshma Ramachandran
"Whispers of Destiny: A Kerala Girl's Seoulful Dream" follows the compelling journey of 18-year-old Nainika, hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Kerala...
HER WET PILLOW by TheGirlofThePen
HER WET PILLOWby Abidah Muhyideen
Life is full of ups and downs... Some people are meant to be in your life to love you, some to hate you, some to admire you, some to detest you, some to adore you, some...
🌊                  🌊 by WhiskeyLovers
🌊 🌊by - Hell
I m n o t a p r I n c e s s I d o n t n e e d s a v I n g *** I m a q u e e n I g o t t h I s
That Ambitious Girl | Ongoing  by WhiteGelPen
That Ambitious Girl | Ongoing by Miss Arkii
Mahirap magmahal ng patago. 'Yon ang isang bagay na na- realized ni Louise sa buhay simula ng ma-link siya sa isang Nathaniel Holmers. Nagmahal siya ng taong hindi man l...
The Mess we are! by tanya21034
The Mess we are!by tanya21034
Slow updates. No steamy romance. Childish fights. ----------------------------------- "Rose?" "Yeah?" "Shut up." "Gladly. But who's go...
Tracking Point by mpowell010
Tracking Pointby mpowell010
Have you ever known the place you'll meet the one? Well I do. Everybody here does. We're born with it. One Tattoo. Two numbers The longitude and latitude. Sounds easy ri...