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Greater Powers- An Empires S1 Wings of Fire AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
Greater Powers- An Empires S1 Kiara :>
A new group of dragonets that have to save Pyrrhia and Pantala. Again. And Jimmy, a very confused tribrid just trying to do well at Jade Mountain Academy, has somehow en...
Wings of Fire: Dark Lore by Crazysteve2
Wings of Fire: Dark Loreby Loreseeker
The Jade winglet stopped Darkstalker. Peace returns, but for how much longer? After the defeat of Darkstalker the dragons of Pyarria kept going on with their every day l...
Wings of Fire: StormShadow by Crazysteve2
Wings of Fire: StormShadowby Loreseeker
As mentioned in the book, "Snowhider", Moonwatcher and Winter lost an egg. But this egg was found by an Icewing named Icefall. After the egg hatched, Icefall n...
Winterwatcher  by Glorybringer4life100
Winterwatcher by ~Dorcas~
Wings of fire and their lives after their adventures (Includes dragonets) Main ships in this book: - Glorybringer - Ripnami - Starspeaker - Sunkat - Winterwatcher ...
Winglets: Vision by -luhlulls-
Winglets: Visionby 𝓛.
Most dragons think animus magic is a gift. Opal is one of them. And it's true. But only in the right hands. ~~~~~~...
Return of the Roots by BeachSeaWingSandWing
Return of the Rootsby Beach Wof
Bumblebee didn't know what to think. Her, with NightWing powers! Talking to another dragonet miles and miles away! And the dragonet of a Dragonet of Destiny, none the le...