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Sucesor de la Maldad by slime07Z
Sucesor de la Maldadby slime07Z
ambos fueron concebidos de la misma manera poco convencional pero cada unos fue criado de una distinta manera mientras que su hermana fue criada por su padre el fue cria...
Sagittarius by PenguinKiwi
Sagittariusby Penguin
Chiron was never killed by Achilles, Sieg and Astolfo weren't the only ones to enter the Greater Grail, and Amakusa and Sieg weren't the only ones whose wishes were gran...
Fate/Apocrypha x Male Reader by 24681013579p
Fate/Apocrypha x Male Readerby ZAir
Y/n L/n, a scientist that has control over all the types of energy in the world joins the Red Faction in The Great Holy Grail War. Find out what happens here.
a smaller mordreds brother part 3 (fate/apocrypha) by Paratroopa
a smaller mordreds brother part 3...by Paratroopa
the third book in the series. and it is apocrypha this time. (y/n) was turned into his saber form, which just happened to be his kid form before he got excaliburn. helde...
Fate/Apocrypha: the strongest magus by grandmega154
Fate/Apocrypha: the strongest magusby the void monarch
Shirou kage is a magus bounty hunter with the first true magic he was ask to be a master for the great holy grail war and he got berserker and now got to battle for the...
Fate/Apocrypha: The Two Side Of A Blade (Male Servant Reader X Fate/Apocrypha) by ShiningGlory574
Fate/Apocrypha: The Two Side Of A...by ShiningGlory574
A French knight name (Y/N) (L/N) lived during the hundred year war and met a Peasant name Jeanne d'Arc. They met and fell in love and got married and both led the French...
Fate Series: Mordred Oneshots by WinterWolf1377
Fate Series: Mordred Oneshotsby 天照狼
For all of you Mordred fans out there, here's a book of oneshots for one of Apocrypha's best girls. Unfortunately, there are no requests unless certain circumstances ari...
Bell's Grand Order.  by Last_Master
Bell's Grand Order. by Ritsuka Fujimaru
(This is inspired by a story from Fanfiction.net, so please don't burn me as a plagiarist when I do this. This is my own take and my own story.)
All the cast of all the fate franchise is got kidnapped by a mysterious entity to react to Shirouverse...... ( This is my first fanfic so I'm very sorry for any inconven...
Fate/Unknown | Male Reader x Fate Series by oXApollyonXo
Fate/Unknown | Male Reader x Fate...by Brandon Malvolia
Y/N's life sucks. His parents are dead, his relatives don't care about him, and he's a complete loner having no one to depend on. As fate would have it, though, he is a...
SMG4:// Exodus  by apocreative
SMG4:// Exodus by Apothem
When the Mushroom Kingdom is suddenly attacked by a terrifying new enemy that threatens to swallow the universe whole, the meme guardians and their friends must leave th...
Gate and thus Chaldea fought there.  by L4st_Master
Gate and thus Chaldea fought there...by Ritsuka Fujimaru
The year was 2017, after Chaldea had saved the world from a world ending disaster, they have begun to reconstruct the world with the help of the servants that Ritsuka Fu...
fate/build: be the one by grandmega154
fate/build: be the oneby the void monarch
after their final battle against evolto they thought they can relax but a blue ball come to them it called themself alaya it ask to prevent shirou kotomine plans or the...
Fate Oath to Apocrypha by ProteaBestSakuraFace
Fate Oath to Apocryphaby ProteaBestSakuraFace
since all of these have been discontinued I'll write one following a similar story. Spoilers for fate kaleid liner prisma After the events of Fate Oath under snow and fa...
Fate: Persona by NightcoreNaegiri
Fate: Personaby Kiri-san
The persona protagonist get summoned to Chadlea as pseudo servants. Akira: Arsene Raoul Lupin Yu: Izanagi no Okami Minato: Thanatos Minako: Messiah
Trapped Love by Thienlibra2
Trapped Loveby MoonLibra
Gayness is not a disease. It's completely natural, especially when talking about a certain Servant I've summoned who seems to have too much an attraction to me. I have...
The Merlin of Ireland  by tcjone876
The Merlin of Ireland by tcjone876
caster cu chulainn reader x fate
FATE: Beyond the Grail by CalebTheFandomGuy
FATE: Beyond the Grailby CalebTheFandomGuy
The world of mages is not prepared for Y/n's return. Especially when the Holy Grail has gone haywire