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A Love So Beautiful [COMPLETED] by artkongPM
A Love So Beautiful [COMPLETED]by turtle
Contains short story (which are rather long btw) collections of kongart. find a more detailed description in 'DESCRIPTION' inside hehe. Pictures dont belong to me. Chara...
All I Want (Completed) by Notmyday999
All I Want (Completed)by Lana
This is a short KongArt Christmas story very very loosely based off of my favorite Christmas story by Charles Dickens, "A Christmas Carol." I can only promise...
Nameless, faceless, voiceless... heartless? by LittleRubyRidingHood
Nameless, faceless, voiceless... LittleRedRidingHood
The Assassins had no face or voice under those hoods. They didn't interact with people in any way. Usually at last.
Oh sweet jealousy by SpreadLove465
Oh sweet jealousyby Spread Love
Just a story about kongpob feeling jealous of Arthit's students who get to see him dance every fucking minute of the day. It's a bottom Kong story. Mind you.
You and Me ( Completed ) by Bookwormmmm193
You and Me ( Completed )by Book worm
Arthit had an accident Kongpob was unaware What will happen when Kong knows about Arthit's condition My first attempt to write a fanfiction of kongpob and Arthit I am a...
Be The One by Blue_Oon
Be The Oneby Blue💙
Arthit always finds himself in the most unexpected situations. Arthit is waiting to join University after a few months so he started working part time meanwhile but ther...
My family💞💕 by Kitsing0062x0206
My family💞💕by Jaan
Kongpob has been living with his mother who does nothing but abuse him along with her new lover. He has shut himself from the whole world and rarely interacts with anyon...
It Started with a Kiss by BL_Sins
It Started with a Kissby BL_Sins
In this romantic story, a high school student named Arthit Rojnapat finally tells his senior, Kongpob Suthiluck, that he has been in love with him since he saw him the v...
Battling with a Hot Guy by BL_Sins
Battling with a Hot Guyby BL_Sins
I, Arthit Rojnapat, declared war against one of the hottest guys in school, Kongpob Suthiluck.* *Rewritten adoption for Krist & Singto couple. Original story credits g...
Anti-FAN is My FAN by Canntfind
Anti-FAN is My FANby New addiction
"You know that you will not receive the love, which you are expecting, but you can't stop expecting it from certain persons" - Kong "Love is something whi...
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Mr. Detective by Kitsing0062x0206
Mr. Detectiveby Jaan
Kong and Arthit have known eachother since they were kids.. though they were 5 years apart.. they always used to play together like friends but when Kong was 7 years old...
Let's Do Lunch by OtterPrincess11
Let's Do Lunchby Eve
Kongpob is a single father that has trouble getting his son to eat. Little did he know the solution to their problem works in the Production department.
Banana Pancakes by BL_Sins
Banana Pancakesby BL_Sins
Even the social elite suffer from unrequited love. Despite being best friends for fifteen years, Arthit Rojnapat and Kongpob Suthiluck, two cold-to-hot passionate souls...
Sotus Fic-lets  by innerdemonsss
Sotus Fic-lets by innerdemonsss
Short and sometimes long, one shots of Kongpop and Arthit...Maybe even Singto and Krist Disclaimer: The characters of Kongpop and Arthit are from the Novel SOTUS, writt...
Simple by XOHope
Simpleby XO Hope
Arthit Ronjapat, 32. Heir of the Ronjapat empire (R. Kingdom). He wants to prove his worth by closing a partnership with S&A Group; however, its CEO has a particular req...
Signs of Falling In Love and How Arthit Rojnapat Missed Them By A Mile by sofa_patata_
Signs of Falling In Love and How Thiesbe
Through all of youth I was looking for you without knowing what I was looking for. - W.S. Merwin story inspired by Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Univer...
December 》 by imaginationxfantasy
December 》by fantasy
"How was America?" I asked You chuckled, sadly or with relief I had no idea "America? I have never been there" you mumbled The characters belong to...
A Sight for Sore Eyes by OtterPrincess11
A Sight for Sore Eyesby Eve
Arthit doesn't know what to do about Kongpob's confession but he does know that an ugly feeling is bubbling inside of him each time a stupid girl or guy tries start some...
7 Short Story (May 2022) by LittleRubyRidingHood
7 Short Story (May 2022)by LittleRedRidingHood
Just 7 short stories about Arthit and Kongpob in different times of their lives and in different universe. KongaArt Week 2022 prompts: - When did you get back? - Outside...
Before Its too late 》 by imaginationxfantasy
Before Its too late 》by fantasy
Kongpob has a book full of wishes he wants to fulfill Arthit is determined to help kongpob to do so, before it's too late this is just a fan fiction and the characters b...