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A Different Path (Growing Up) by Ever_Tale
A Different Path (Growing Up)by Ever_Tale
Ayano Aishi was sure to turn out like her mother, Ryoba Aishi, a yandere who would kill anyone who got in her way of her one true happiness. But when Ryoba Aishi died du...
Yandere Simulator Ayano Aishi x Mida Rana by DrYBWR
Yandere Simulator Ayano Aishi x Mi...by DrYBWR
Ayano Aishi/ Yandere-Chan x Mida Rana All rights reserved to YanDev
Bound To Me by CountD49
Bound To Meby CountD49
Info-kun fell in love with his eyes wide opened and landed a few km deep. He then dig into that pit because It's never enough. Yandere!Info-kun X Ayano *slow update - Pa...
♡Nothing I Bake Is As Sweet As You♡ (Ayano x Amai) by RubberSucker
♡Nothing I Bake Is As Sweet As You...by Kit_Kat
Ayano has been stalking Taro Yamada for years. It's currently junior year, and she plans on confessing to him. But what happens when a new girl shows up and makes Ayano...
The Precious and The Yandere (Yandere Simulator Fanfic) by Evecheetah
The Precious and The Yandere (Yand...by Evecheetah
On her way to school, Ayano Aishi a.k.a. Yandere-chan saves a little girl from being hit by a car. To her surprise, it's Senpai's daughter. With the mother gone, he is n...
Stuck ( Ayano Aishi //yandere Chan x Fem!reader) by qecors
Stuck ( Ayano Aishi //yandere Chan...by 💝
This is the first fan fiction I have ever written, so I apologise for the terrible grammar etcetc but I hope y'all will enjoy my fanfic. I do not own the cover picture a...
Well,this is strange.. (OsanaxAyano) by nozomithotjo
Well,this is strange.. (OsanaxAyan...by parfait mom
I'm CRAZY. I know. But i suddenly thought how adorable/hilarious it'd be if Ayano and Osana ended up together. Haha! (In this story,Ayano is not a murderer. She's just...
|Project:Emotions ¦ Yansim fanfic| by Username_68193
|Project:Emotions ¦ Yansim fanfic|by .
What if someone got Ayano emotions? What if she didn't listen to her mother? Would events of the game come out totally different? None of the characters belong to me. No...
(Budo X Ayano) Did I Love Him ?!  by WarningBattle37
(Budo X Ayano) Did I Love Him ?! by WarningBattle37
Ayano has succeeded in winning her senpai's (Taro Yamada) heart, but when she see's a certain person with someone else......well you'll just have to read to find out. BT...
She is mine! (Male rivals X Info-kun X Nemesis-kun X Taro X Budo X Reader) by Argenta_Kitsune
She is mine! (Male rivals X Info-k...by ArKiTa ig.
{DISCONTINUED!} Male rivals X Budo X Taro X Nemesis-kun X Info-kun X Reader (not a reverse harem but a kind of route thingy where there are different events and stuff) ...
Senpai-Yandere by hanakochr
Senpai-Yandereby Hanako Yamada
After Ayano Aishi ends up "Heartbroken", the game spirals out of control and she is restarted into another world, where she is SENPAI. What is even more surpri...
The possessed.  by Dabi100
The possessed. by Dabi100
(no yaoi) There were just 10 months before UA exams, now with all might having turned him down, Izuku has lost all hope ,but still kept believing he could be a hero. One...
I Am In Control  (Yandere!Oka X Ayano) by nekomimisan__
I Am In Control (Yandere!Oka X Ay...by mimi 🌸
"Why did you ruin the opportunity for Osana to be with Taro? You wanted your Senapi. That's why I killed him. I want my Senpai." ----- Ayano Aishi has always d...
My love - Ayano x Osana (DISCONTINUED) by ToastedParagraphs
My love - Ayano x Osana (DISCONTIN...by your mom
Osana starts to develop feelings for Ayano, but who's the yandere? Do they turn into an official relationship? Who knows.
Ayano Aishi x Reader by Holler324
Ayano Aishi x Readerby Razvan Catalin
Y/N, his past was not a gentle one not in the slightest. At one point a war occured in his early life resulting into an eye loss and injuries over his body, but he lucki...
STRONG ONE || Umeji Kizuguchi x F!Reader[YanSimStory] by emzeesan
STRONG ONE || Umeji Kizuguchi x F...by A Weeb
⊹ฺ⊰ C O M P L E T E D ⊰⊹ฺ ¡!STORY COVER MADE BY IONICA FROM YOUTUBE!¡ Hi, I'm Author Emzee, call me Raphael-sama. This is your typical enemy to lovers story. This book i...
Gimme Love! | Male Rivals x Yandere-kun by IoukoMiku
Gimme Love! | Male Rivals x Yander...by officially maris
A collection of short one shot of rivals with one Ayato Aishi! Ayato only wished for Senpai to notice him. It was almost impossible, but wait- why were the ten men who s...
We Were Meant To Be (Budo x Taro) by Gem_Duckling
We Were Meant To Be (Budo x Taro)by Gem_Duckling
The leader of the Martial Arts Club, Budo Masuta, has developed feelings for his fellow classmate, Taro Yamada. After Budo befriends him, Taro starts to fall for him bac...
To Be Loved (Ayano x male rivals) by WantToBeFriendWithMe
To Be Loved (Ayano x male rivals)by A person
This story starts when a broken girl, Ayano Aishi met a boy named Taro Yamada. The girl was in love...no, she was obsessed with him but in the end, she was heartbroken. ...
Twisted Obsession by 8_sunnymoonlight_8
Twisted Obsessionby your local weeb
[𝚢𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚜𝚒𝚖𝚞𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚘𝚛 𝚡 𝚏𝚎𝚖!𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛] in which you move to a new school and befriend 10 different females, a brainless boy and a normal girl - or so...