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Erica by Prickly_Thorns
Ericaby Sam
They say her voice was once bewitching to all who heard it. She was like a siren luring sailers to their deaths on quiet nights... Those are just rumours that once were...
Falling from Grace - Bridgerton by watermeloncherrypop
Falling from Grace - Bridgertonby watermeloncherrypop
Taking place during and after Season One of Bridgerton found on Netflix. ~Anthony Bridgerton enemies to lovers story~ Grace and Simon Basset are each other's only true f...
Shadows and Flames by book_lover12321
Shadows and Flamesby book_lover12321
Aria: I have hated Elliott Costelli ever since I can remember. He is my twin brothers best friend (I know- ironic right?) and is constantly looking for something to do...
Sinful Cinderella (Dark Fairy Tale Queens - Book 1) by AnitaValle
Sinful Cinderella (Dark Fairy Anita Valle
I'm not who they think I am. A docile girl who meekly obeys her stepmother and stepsisters. Some kind of sick angel who cheerfully bears their mistreatment. That's what...
A Stark Mismatch by greenwriter
A Stark Mismatchby J.D. Ruiz
Determined to stay blissfully unmarried, Lady Angela Worthington hires club owner and secret matchmaker Gerard Stark to find a match for her best friend who plans on pro...
Lightening by Lovelypanda03
Lighteningby Gracie :)
You ever know someone for a long time, and have no feelings for them whatsoever? Yea? That's Lucy and Laxus. But suddenly, almost as if lightening strikes, love bloom...
The king can't help it ~  ( Billdip )  by im_obsessed_321
The king can't help it ~ ( :)
Dipper a peasant boy trying to make money in the shack for his family one day bill throws a ball because he was bored and soon dipper got invited what will happen? 𝔽𝕀...
Unwittingly by happyperson081
Unwittinglyby CJ Powers
"All of the noble ladies, aged 18-20, and all of the noble lords, aged 18-25, are invited to attend a betrothal celebration. On the first night, a masquerade ball s...
On Your Throne by Ihavenicefeet
On Your Throneby iLiketoast
As you spare me a glance. And hold my hand. Then I can rest. . .
A storm with skin by Marvelfan28
A storm with skinby Haha*idek
Lilura Winters and her brother were left by their parents at a very young age. This left Lilura and her twin brother Phobos to fend for themselves, and look after their...
Trollhunters Fashion Lookbook by GrossRF23
Trollhunters Fashion Lookbookby Sirenheart
Since I won't be writing a big fat book series about these characters, it now stands as what they would have looked like some of these looks are necessary in one of my c...
My Lovely Prince & I {Book 1}  by JustinBelieberlove18
My Lovely Prince & I {Book 1} by Emily H. Devine
After Oxford, Hailey Holland never thought of expectations, ballgowns, crowns and castles to come into her life. But an ambitious, beautiful hardworking woman who desire...
Triangle Park by CarrieLarsen9
Triangle Parkby Rococo_Rampancy
It was all balls, satin, a charming fiancé, and popularity for Lady Viola Knighton-the most beautiful and sought after woman in society-until a mysterious disease hits h...
The Agreste Gala by jemmaswritings
The Agreste Galaby Jemma
(A Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir fanfiction) Marinette has won an invite to a Gala at the Agreste Mansion, which will be attended by many of her role models in the fa...
Seeking a Happily Ever After by turningXpages
Seeking a Happily Ever Afterby Alex
A mischievous prince, and a gentle merchant's daughter. An odd pairing, really, but a real love. For Stella and Damien, everything that could have gone wrong since the d...
Ghost by oxi_clean19
Ghostby O. Kop
Just a short story I wrote back in April during the quarantine. I wanted to upload since I haven't uploaded in a while.
Cinderella by killingem3h
Cinderellaby killingem3h
This is the new version of cinderella. It's a short story. Do stop by and read it thanks :*
In Another Life by blu_skyyy
In Another Lifeby sarah
The life of a maid has been the only one Lana has ever known. Cleaning floors, scrubbing dishes, and dusting until every corner of the Royal Palace is sparkling is what...