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Bad Boy Brothers, little sister by EllieH1997
Bad Boy Brothers, little sisterby EllieH1997
Maya is a 17 year old rebellious teen, that always seems to be getting into trouble. She has just been sent off to live with her older brothers so her parents can trav...
The Boy Who Can't See ✔️ by thejokerone
The Boy Who Can't See ✔️by 🧸
Have you ever read a book about a nerdy boy and a bad girl? Oh, Yes? Well what about a blind nerdy boy and bad girl who meet and slowly fall in love. However, there's a...
Eres Mío by flowerbook9
Eres Míoby Lune_928
Il travaille pour la mafia et se fait arrêter pour un meurtre qu'il n'a pas commis. Elle le juge et le fait mettre en prison pendant 1o ans. 10 ans plus tard il la retr...
Cat got your tongue?  by loulou717
Cat got your tongue? by loulou717
Cat valentine gets deported due to physical assault against robbie shapero, she moves in with fellow mentally ill teen, Britney s peirce, and starts attending McKinley h...
Fixing broken things  by shamelessimagines
Fixing broken things by shamelessimagines
Edie roberts life is about to get a whole lot harder, living in poverty is nothing new to edie but when shes put in prison for attempted murder her world is turned upsid...
Weed ~quntion Griggs~ by ____AshMarie___
Weed ~quntion Griggs~by ____AshMarie___
Hi I'm Ashlyn hall ash for short. Yes you heard me right hall I'm 15. Bryce is my older brother. I'm known for not listening and fighting I smoke,drink,and hook up with...
The Alpha by g09743
The Alphaby Angle Egotrip
Thalia Grace Esposito She ran away for home and became something no one expected from her... She became powerful and deadly, however still beautiful. What happens when...
Intro girl by nevereverella
Intro girlby E L
"My therapist told me not to bury my problems but it feels great"
The wrong side of the law  by viiolamay
The wrong side of the law by viiolamay
After her father was killed on a job at work when She was ten ever since then she's always wanted to do right by him so here She is being initiated into one of the most...
The golden dove  by ON3SH0Tz
The golden dove by VampyViola
After being unexpectedly placed in hufflepuff instead of slytherin Natalia goldheart struggles with her relationship with her childhood best friend Narcissa black. It ma...
The secret mission.  by DabAraki
The secret mission. by DabAraki
Y/N made by thanos sent down from the Soul stone, she became suspicious to the Avengers. What will happen next to her....
I used to by StillBadChoices
I used toby Lisa milton
Politeness, self- control and untouchable smile. Growing up with so much expectations hasn't been easy for the introvert Beatrice. So when she meets the sulfurous and un...
She Hunts by cravedalines
She Huntsby Alicia 🦋
Isabella Garcia lived her teen years training,hunting and killing she has been taught to defend herself in worst situations What happens when the most wanted man in Amer...
Dive Into Me by Diveintodiamonds
Dive Into Meby Diveintodiamonds
How do you help save a disrupted mind? It's simple; you don't. I swallow people up, just to spit them back out. They become obsessed with the idea of me being theirs, an...
I know what you did at Bradford - girl x girl smut by ilovemarvelmovies
I know what you did at ilovemarvelmovies
Bradford Lucas a prestigious boarding school where everyone has a " talent " or they have money . In Alexis coopers case , She happens to have money . Not so r...
Don't Look Back by FaveFanfic
Don't Look Backby FaveFanfic
Eden was a troubled girl, no friends, no other family, no one to stand beside her. She distances herself and became extremely lonely, her heart was filled with hatred fo...
maybe one day by ur4liferrrrr
maybe one dayby ur4liferrrrr
Just a lonely girl who is living her lonely life with the company of her books.  Everyone thinks lonely little Bernadette will become nothing but a failure. But will...
BTS x reader by btsloverxoxoxox
BTS x readerby btsloverxoxoxox
keep reading if your up to the suspension and commitment that this ff will offers you😁 Good luck
love since for ever by storieswga
love since for everby storieswga
a girl name Anjola liked a boy named Andre she liked him since grade 4 lol Smut warning