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Sinful life in DC universe by True_Genesis
Sinful life in DC universeby I am Him
Abnormal is a word you could summarise my entire life from the day I was birth to the moment I died, My Father was the head of a well-known Mafia organization, Something...
Sword of The Lanterns by Lizardgurl
Sword of The Lanternsby Lizard aka "Stealther Gurl"
Jaina is an human alien. No one, not even the Guardians of the Universe, know where she is from. And she can't remember. Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart found...
☆☆𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓻𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓜𝓪𝓰𝓲𝓬☆☆ A.Curry by NanaTheeCreator
☆☆𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓻𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓜𝓪𝓰𝓲𝓬☆☆  ❝ IRISES ❞
Zatanna Zatara ❍ Pietro Maximoff by pawdfoot
Zatanna Zatara ❍ Pietro Maximoffby 𝒎
❝Maybe backwards is my native tongue.❞ Avengers: Age of Ultron #62 in Fanfiction - 12/8/16 © 2016 Mar.
Daughter of Superman by MadineLaneKent
Daughter of Supermanby Madine Lane Kent
An Alternate Universe where Superman had a daughter when was 21. Now she is a teenager who always wanted a brother, and won't let superman ignore superboy after hearing...
A New Life by gamergirl0409
A New Lifeby Sleepdeprived_writer_09!
Dick left the young justice and the bats a while ago and now has a new life with a new team and some challenging things. What happens when the Young justice comes and lo...
One batch two batch penny and dime  by Carnageking
One batch two batch penny and dime by venom
A young justice punisher crossover
Slightly superior: Betrayed Spider-man by Crimsonsector98
Slightly superior: Betrayed Crimsonsector98
So after that stupid brain jack by Doc Ock everyone hates peter now. But then they regretted it after it was too late. Good news is that some people stood by him.
Bluejay: The Protégé of Black Canary by supergirl501
Bluejay: The Protégé of Black supergirl501
A Young Justice and Dick Grayson fanfic. Jackie Hamilton's life turned upside down after the car accident. After waking up in the hospital, she discovers the incident l...
DC SuperHero Girls - #Zero-One by BioBrony
DC SuperHero Girls - #Zero-Oneby Roland Cabral
A fan movie in Season 1 (DC Superhero Girls) Set between after Episode 16 and before Episode 17(Kamen Rider Zero One) When a new hero appears in Metropolis, the Superhe...
Double Trouble by gotthatbrainrot
Double Troubleby gotthatbrainrot
((Young Justice//Maximoff Twin cross over)) Twin meta teens Pietro and Wanda Maximoff have no one in the world but each other and they would do anything to stick togethe...
The Thunder - Boku No Hero Academia x Male Reader by FlashingBlueNeon
The Thunder - Boku No Hero Neon
You and Midoriya were best friends up until Year 6, you'd help him against Bakugo and would hang out with him until you were both unfortunately separated due to your par...
Half demon hero by dontbeamoron
Half demon heroby dontbeamoron
In this alternate universe, when Azarath was destroyed Raven escaped her father when she was young. Constantine took her in and raised her. Now she's seventeen and at th...
Into the Multiverse (DC Superhero Girls x Spiderverse) (Episodes 1-6) by AlecAmmerata
Into the Multiverse (DC AlecAmmerata
After the events that have taken place in the Spiderverse trilogy, (Only 2 movies released, will update once the third one is out) and the events of Mayhem in the Multiv...
DC Young Justice: Hero Of Heroes[Young Justice x Ben 10 OC Fanfiction] by nigeljones1999
DC Young Justice: Hero Of Heroes[ Nigel Jones
Nathan McKnight discovered an alien device since he was 10-years-old. It could turn him into 10 different alien heroes, each with unique abilities. With this newfound po...
Dc Superhero Girls And Spider Man (ON HOLD FOR NOW) by MatthewMalysza
Dc Superhero Girls And Spider Matthew Malysza
The series follows the adventures of teenage versions of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Bumblebee, Batgirl, Zatanna and Jessica Cruz and Spider Man, who are students of Metrop...
Becoming Blue (Green Lantern's Prótegée) by Dark_Phoenix789
Becoming Blue (Green Lantern's Pró ShadowPhoenixx
Ever since she was a baby, Alya Vivani felt neglected. With a deceased father, and an alcoholic mother, all she could do was hope. Hope that things will get better. And...
The tales of Drago (Dc Superhero girls 2019 x Male Dragon reader) by CQuinn309
The tales of Drago (Dc Superhero CQuinn309
You are a blue dragon that can do fire magic and had a twin sister, you and your sister always be there for each other, but when your sister betrays you where lonely and...
The White Wraith by Arrowbolt5
The White Wraithby Arrowbolt5
Madison Greene was a 16 year old orphan who practically ran the orphanage in Metropolis under the lazy supervision of the owner. The other orphans know her as a kind and...
Werewolf by night. Dc superhero girls x male Werewolf reader by Fearmaster101
Werewolf by night. Dc superhero Fearmaster101
In this story you are an ordinary teenager who recently moved to Metropolis to start a new life and hopefully meet new people and maybe start a relationship. However you...