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Azur Lane:The Lost Bismarck Class by shadowgamer254
Azur Lane:The Lost Bismarck Classby Shadowgamer
There were 4 factions,united to fight against an evil that came from another world,The Sirens a unknown force that came from another world,bent on destroying humanity an...
Pride of a nation. (Bismarck Male reader x Azur Lane Harem) by Koreilly03
Pride of a nation. (Bismarck koreilly
A boy wakes up in a lab with a woman telling him to get out as fast as possible, once he escapes to Japan he learns his place as the king of the ocean, a beast made of s...
Azur Lane: Knight Fall by Ghuzt_D_Bloodedge
Azur Lane: Knight Fallby Dead Weight
HMS King Arthur is the fourth class of Queen Elizabeth, The first shipboy to be created in existence and know for as the Kings of Knight's and also one of the strongest...
Better Days (OC x Azur Lane) by DeLunaticAngel
Better Days (OC x Azur Lane)by TheRogueCovertHunter
This will be my first Story of Azur Lane, so please don't criticize me as much ok? Plus I never wrote a story before so I'll try my best on this. All right's go to there...
Tale of The Forgotten Ship by ollieboy27
Tale of The Forgotten Shipby
What would you do if you found yourself in the middle of the ocean, equipped with machinery you've never seen before and a face you do not recognise? This is the fateful...
Azur Lane x Halo M/Reader) by ObsidianWolf2591
Azur Lane x Halo M/Reader)by Obsidian Wolf
After being blown up in the middle of a battle, you wake up on Earth, but not quite your Earth [Best I can come up with]
The bloodied chains REWRITING by KMS_Hindenburg
The bloodied chains REWRITINGby Your friendly O-class
Having been forced out by the Sirens from Deutschland, KMS Bismarck and the rest of the Ironblood encounter a sudden storm that sends them to the World of Azure Lane. Up...
The Future of Warfare (Azur Lane x OC faction) by PixyTokisaki14
The Future of Warfare (Azur Lane
After the great financial meldown of the entire world back in 2020 along with the pandemic. The leaders from each nation that was left standing formed the O12 Council. F...
The King will Rise! by thimssherc
The King will Rise!by Ranger
Brianna Marie Peréz, a 16 year old died in the line of duty. A sacrifice however that will forever change her life as she is sent to the world that Andy and Damian playe...
Code Name: Hawk: Azur Lane x Male reader by GASTLY42957
Code Name: Hawk: Azur Lane x Rhogar
Entry 3: our team has successfully managed to locate Bismarck and removed a small fragment of it. Our second team has also managed to sneak though Eagle Union, grabbing...
Bismarck: king of the seven seas ( male Bismarck reader x Hood )  by gg012108
Bismarck: king of the seven seas ( Mr. Bismarck
Before Bismarck and Hood's world was completely destroyed by the Sirens, they where transported into an other world. Will they stay together or will the other factions t...
Beloved Commander [Azur Lane]  by KaboomKook0
Beloved Commander [Azur Lane] by Kaboom Kook
Commander is the title for someone leading the soldiers Someone people can put trust in Someone people will show loyalty Someone people will follow Can this Commander ac...
Modern Day Warships to Another World(Azur Lane x OC's) by Horten141A
Modern Day Warships to Another
(Rewrited Description!) As the war has ended 31 year ago, the world now peace... US began to make a good relationship with Russia Korean Peninsula now is unite as United...
Terror of the Seas by N7Captain
Terror of the Seasby N7Captain
What if a battleship from an alternate dimension came over? What if this ship was the strongest anyone had ever seen? Why does he look so evil but isn't? Let's find out!
Azur Lane: The Hotshot Pilot Turned Commander by AwesomeNinja1027
Azur Lane: The Hotshot Pilot Wilfredo M. Fernandez
Not related to Symphony of the Heart. Lt. Cdr. Wilfredo "Maverick" Fernandez is a hotshot Top Gun fighter pilot with a reckless personality. He always has a kn...
Azur Lane Super (Azur Lane X Male Saiyan Reader) by Rick_N_Rollen
Azur Lane Super (Azur Lane X Rick_N_Rollen
You are a Saiyan male who was training under Beerus, God of Destruction. When you were doing a spar, your power caused you to break the reality barrier, causing you to f...
I will die in the dark to finish what we couldn't do.."Contain The Bismarck" by TheCoolWinterHusky
I will die in the dark to finish TheCoolWinterHusky
SCPS Pentagon, a battlecruiser for the SCP Foundation's Naval Forces, she's avoided death multiple times but most of them were against the beast of the seas, SCP-4217 or...
Rommel Der Große Fuchs (Azur Lane: The Demonic H-Class) Main Story by JohnnyFire117
Rommel Der Große Fuchs (Azur JohnnyFire 117 or 17
(This is my first ever fanfic I ever made, I had this in my head for a long time now and thought making a story about it) The battle between the Azur Lane and Crimson Ax...
Azur Lane: The Matriarch of Eagle Union by AwesomeNinja1027
Azur Lane: The Matriarch of Wilfredo M. Fernandez
She's America's oldest functional warship in service. She is over a hundred years old and yet she is still in one piece. Fully functional and can still sail on the might...