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BBB One-Shots  by ZelZen_
BBB One-Shots by Senesky
New One Shot, you can check in. will probably put Scenarios/One-Shots/Incorrect Quotes/ and just random so yeah. hope you enjoy your read in
Element Ships UwU by ice_whale_plush
Element Ships UwUby ❄ice_polarbear❄
its a book were i ship all elements with eachother or your requests! Or the wheel who disides the ship. There is yaoi in it! Warninhs included for when the parts happen!
I'm not him by Cyber_Fira
I'm not himby Cyber_Fira
Previous title : You are no longer my opponent (Rework Proses) Boboiboy dimension X soul lan world + my own fantasy world. Kebanyakan nonton soul land, ide dari otak, ka...
Elemental BoBoiBoy's by ArianaFlame
Elemental BoBoiBoy'sby MiariMisako
I created these for fun because I love BoBoiBoy so much and I have a big imagination... I hope you guys will enjoy! There are Ask n dares, one-shots and reactions! do re...
Changing My Mistake (bbb fanfic) by Diana_nightcore
Changing My Mistake (bbb fanfic)by Ditto :v
He was hurled through a glowing portal just before it closes, looking disheveled. He glanced around the room and sets his eyes on the other boy who was clutching a bowl...
Random stuff by itsmarshylol
Random stuffby 𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚜𝚑𝚖𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚠ツ
I'll be putting boboiboy pics (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
lost my memory by ice_whale_plush
lost my memoryby ❄ice_polarbear❄
wat if an accident happend and blaze was unable to remmember his brothers, he only remmembers himself. but he sees blurry people, maybe he will find out there's somthing...
wanting to die by ice_whale_plush
wanting to dieby ❄ice_polarbear❄
wat if blaze din't wanne tell his brothers on how much he hated living and wanded to die. even tho there were happy moments in life blaze just wanded to die. how many tr...
protecting the fire boy  by ice_whale_plush
protecting the fire boy by ❄ice_polarbear❄
"I- im a monster!" "Hes alive again!" "Take my hand and you will get peace forever" "Im....sorry"
stuck in a Sleep by ice_whale_plush
stuck in a Sleepby ❄ice_polarbear❄
Wat if blaze dint wake up animore. Read the book for more info pr for fun cus im lost. Book has been end!
a cold version of blaze 👀 by ice_whale_plush
a cold version of blaze 👀by ❄ice_polarbear❄
idea from @justina_chan223 Thank you so much for the asume!! Im trying my best for this page just like ani other books.
wish you were still here by ice_whale_plush
wish you were still hereby ❄ice_polarbear❄
this is a story winout blaze! he had died but how will his brothers go on with there lives? will they ever meet blaze's kind of carackter again?
boboiboy elements X y/n by ice_whale_plush
boboiboy elements X y/nby ❄ice_polarbear❄
this is my first ever book made like this! so please tell me for futur ideas! !¡ slow updates¡!
a sad api/blaze  by ice_whale_plush
a sad api/blaze by ❄ice_polarbear❄
wat if blaze began to have only sadness as jis spirit for each day.
students with unknow powers by ice_whale_plush
students with unknow powersby ❄ice_polarbear❄
boboiboy elements au! blaze and ice were new at school, how will they survive till vacation starts? But wat if horribol things happend? Wat if sombody ran awey from pres...
Happy Days! by ice_whale_plush
Happy Days!by ❄ice_polarbear❄
If you know me, i like to write angst books but i thought about maybe trying to make happy memmories with the elements! !¡slow updates¡!
my random book ideas by ice_whale_plush
my random book ideasby ❄ice_polarbear❄
you can use the ideas but do warn me about it as i would love to read them! maybe i even make them myself! They will al be based of the boboiboy elements, boboiboy hims...
Past is past (Buisness and still with powers Also Highschool AU) by -Bunny-Dek-
Past is past (Buisness and still Curious Bean 🥦
Thunder is the oldest of the 7 brothers which means he will be the next CEO of the buisness of their Father. Their mother died after giving birth to their youngest broth...