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A collection of mini Bapa fanfics (And One-shots) by NaniNossi
A collection of mini Bapa Nani Nossi
This is a collection of mini Bapa fanfics, not mini moments. There will be a lot of funny and cute stuff, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it!)
Love Me Better (Bapa powerless AU) by bapajukethatsall
Love Me Better (Bapa powerless AU)by bapajukethatsall
Chapa is the new kid her Junior year of highschool. She transferred because of family issues and is now staying with her cousin. School for her is hard as she's not much...
ONE SHOT DANGER FORCE (ENGLISH chaelisashipper4ever2
Compilation about one shots on HD and DF that I will write in my account
Danger force x reader one shots/imagines by UrFavOllie
Danger force x reader one shots/ Oliver/Orion
Am i just jumping from hyperfixtatoin to hyperfixtatoin? Mmaybe
𝗯𝗮𝗱 𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗮 𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁? • � ISABELLE 🫀
chapa de silva imagines!! pov: you wanna read chapa de silva and havan flores imagines and i got your back NO SMUT! ALL MY IDEAS!
Bapa|Incorrect quotes by Vahahavan
Bapa|Incorrect quotesby Vahalivesly
This is just tons of bapa from danger force
SMART BOY (danger force.) by einsteinfraud
SMART BOY (danger force.)by bones & flesh
» SMART BOY ꒷꒦꒷꒦ IN WHICH odd kid gray paxton finds himself joining a group of super, in order for him to bring his father back (a danger force fanfiction) (season on...
Sparks Fly 💖 by Bapala
Sparks Fly 💖by Charli Tripii
Chapa has been dating her best friend Bose for a year now, But when a new girl, Joey Madison, shows up to the mans nest, Chapa starts doubting her and Bose's relationshi...
Is this what is called love? -Chapa De Silva- by astrosphysicol
Is this what is called love? May
Skyler, a girl considered by all to be strange because of her genuine ways is finally admitted after a one-year probationary period to Swellview School, there the seemin...
Do I really need him to be afraid of me? by NaniNossi
Do I really need him to be Nani Nossi
This is going to be a bit of an interesting mini-fanfiction. The events take place at the beginning of season 1. After reading it, you'll find out why Chapa decided she...
School In Swellview by NaniNossi
School In Swellviewby Nani Nossi
This story, as well as my previous work "Exemption," is a parallel universe to Danger Fors. In the story, Bose is not a local resident of the city of S, but w...
Baby Bosey by NaniNossi
Baby Boseyby Nani Nossi
Because of certain circumstances, Bose will turn into a little 6-year-old boy for an unknown amount of time He will need someone to babysit him, and Chapa will gladly ag...
❤Exemption💙 by NaniNossi
❤Exemption💙by Nani Nossi
(+16)This is not a simple story about Bapa. I'm sure it's not like any of those fanfics you've read in the DANGER FORS universe. This is basically a story that is built...
🔥 He's grown up a lot 🔥 by NaniNossi
🔥 He's grown up a lot 🔥by Nani Nossi
Bose has just turned 18 and Chapa is 17. He has matured a lot and changed a lot, not only externally but also internally. He has overcome most of his fears and phobias a...
We started war(A Bose and Chapa love story) by Bopa_lover0708
We started war(A Bose and Chapa Ariel
We started war on the day of Volt and Brain Storm's wedding the day Couldn't be better until 5 familiar face walked in Doctor Maniac,The toddler,Drex,Rick Twittler and...
trust me | henry hart by WatGenius
trust me | henry hartby WatGenius
Luna de Silva and Henry Hart have a rocky past. And when Luna comes back to Swellview to keep Ray company, things only get worse. Especially when a bounty hunter is on t...
Speed-Kick by NutsaGagoshidze
Speed-Kickby Matilda
Madison Hart is the younger sister of Henry and Piper Hart. She's not exactly goth, but usually dresses black, like it's her signature color. Her super power is super sp...
Phoenix (Chapa x O.C) by NutsaGagoshidze
Phoenix (Chapa x O.C)by Matilda
Jada Hope was just a normal 15-year-old girl in Swellview... Until one day... The girl discovered her fire powers the day Kid Danger "died." She kept it a secr...
Why You? (Chapa X Reader) by AtlantaSereph
Why You? (Chapa X Reader)by AtlantaSereph
Just a Chapa x Reader because there are not enough of them yknow