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The Love Virus ||| A Danger Force Bapa Story by Super_Sisters
The Love Virus ||| A Danger ♥︎SuperSisters♥︎
The Love Virus ||| A Danger Force Bapa Story written by @Super_Sisters (@justMimimarini & @MuffinMootje) our first collab story! all rights® deserved. One day, Chapa got...
Mid-Evil by beezeylsc123
Mid-Evilby beezeylsc123
this episode of Danger Force is called 'Mid-Evil' in this episode, Lula Elena Chapa De Silva AKA Chapa De Silva AKA Volt and Bose O'brien AKA Brainstorm turns evil..I DO...
Bapa Oneshots by Luvmylipgloss719
Bapa Oneshotsby Audrey Van-pelt
Rules-Bapa only!!! Bomika makes me cringe( Sorry if this offends you 😭😭) Description-The title says it all(Just cute oneshots of Bapa because I got infected by the Bap...
Bad Blood by dangerforce5
Bad Bloodby Alexis
Chapa is a normal girl with superpower but some bad attitude from her sister then she started go to a school called swag where she meet some friends but she started havi...
One-shots of Bapa (DangerForce) by DaShipper_15
One-shots of Bapa (DangerForce)by Nikki P
basic one-shots of bose and chapa. I take ideas from anyone...if ur willing to give and also if u feel like. Enjoy
Bose X Chapa Oneshots! by blizlady
Bose X Chapa Oneshots!by Gail Holcomb
Just a bunch of Bose X Chapa Oneshots.
what fate do you choose-under Editting by amb234
what fate do you choose-under amb234
my name is hanna horizen and I found my mate the one who fate chosen to be with me,my other half.... but my mate already had a another mate who he had child with and is...
Bapa one-shot book (on hold) by Ella2121D
Bapa one-shot book (on hold)by FandomWriter2121
This is for everyone who is a fan of the ship, just a book full of Bapa. I take requests (Currently fixing my poor grammar.) Rankings 2 in Chose (3/03/2022) 1 in Dangerf...
Truth or Dare? by havanah_banana
Truth or Dare?by havanah_banana
When Chapa is confronted by horrors from her past, she must choose between her love, Bose or danger force or her only family left, Harkan, meanwhile battling her own mix...
Bapa/Chose Oneshots  by Dangerxforce
Bapa/Chose Oneshots by Zoe Visagie
In this book there is a mash up of oneshots, some are second parts to the actual episodes(like what could've happened but didn't) And others I got from my amazing Danger...
Breathe. ||| A Danger Force Bapa story by MissQueenMimi
Breathe. ||| A Danger Force Bapa 𝐌
Breathe. A Danger Force Fanfic Written By MimiMarini All rights ® deserved. Chapa's Phone was stolen, and she was mad, all the time, until she got a Crush. it didn't ma...
School Of Swellview by NaniNossi
School Of Swellviewby Nani Nossi
This story, as well as my previous work "Exemption," is a parallel universe to Danger Fors. In the story, Bose is not a local resident of the city of S, but w...
Searching For Love ||| A Danger Force Bapa Story • DISCONTINUED  by MissQueenMimi
Searching For Love ||| A Danger 𝐌
DISCONTINUED Searching For Love ||| A Danger Force Bapa Story Written by MimiMarini all rights® deserved. "once i search for my love, i won't give up until i foun...
❤Exemption💙 by NaniNossi
❤Exemption💙by Nani Nossi
(+16)This is not a simple story about Bapa. I'm sure it's not like any of those fanfics you've read in the DANGER FORS universe. This is basically a story that is built...
Crimson Dawn  by nightfury107
Crimson Dawn by Night
"When the dawn turns the sky crimson we will take back what was ours." Thorne never asked for this. All he wanted was to lead a peaceful nation, one that war...
Bapa VS Chika by Dangerxforce
Bapa VS Chikaby Zoe Visagie
I know everyone one ships Bapa or Chose, but what happens when Mika starts catching feelings for her best friend, will Chapa decide to be with Mika or Bose. I do not ow...
Forever Claimed by niceabbs
Forever Claimedby abby
At a time where She-Wolves were able to challenge a Males claim in certain territories. Best Friends, Meghan and Charlotte, the daughters of their packs Alpha and Beta...
Half Human by Bapa_4ever
Half Humanby Rose/Amoy
Everyone knows chapa has the mean, scary and creepy girl, but what happens when she found out she's half human?
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Warrior Cats|| Choose your own Path(UNDERGOING EDITING) by EclipticWolf140
Warrior Cats|| Choose your own
Choose the path of your warrior cat! One wrong move and you'll be wooshed to Star Clan! Can't believe I finished writing this book in under a month! Probably cause I pul...