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WRITER IN THE DARK ⋆ Names by clinquaant
Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark. NAMES CLINQUAANT © 2021 / COMPLETE
Poison Apple 。 Plot Shop by pepperronys
Poison Apple 。 Plot Shopby 𝓚.
POISON APPLE. [ plot shop | open ] [ pepperronys © 2017-2021 ] [ cover by @pepperronys ]
Writing Your Best Story. Tips & Tricks by kndlntsva
Writing Your Best Story. Tips & Daria Kand
Everything you need to know to make your reader crave the next chapter. Are your villains villainous enough? Are your heroes heroic? How to make dialogues sound believab...
BrainStorm by maplefoot
BrainStormby maplefoot
This is a community book. By sourcing your knowledge and ideas, to make chapters for the Designing Characters Book. Come inside and have a brainstorm and add to a commun...
Author's Files by GodOfMagics
Author's Filesby 𓆩♡𓆪
I will post here whatever story/ies comes to my mind.
Resources to Better Writing (ReOrganizing & Editing) by Spiritwulffe
Resources to Better Writing ( G. Spiritwulffe Stephens
I have done a considerable amount of research over the years in order to improve my writing abilities. Decided it might be a good time to share them with all the writers...
Fluff/Smut Prompts by BellaGlistaria
Fluff/Smut Promptsby BellaGlistaria
This is to help me brainstorm, mostly, but I hope it helps you too!
My Hero is Unbreakable (Breakdown) by SimonClean123
My Hero is Unbreakable (Breakdown)by Simon Klein
This isn't a AU per say. It's more like my ideas on a JJBAxBNHA crossover. (I don't own any characters. JoJo's belongs to Hirohiko Araki, and My Hero belongs to Kohei H...
IYA RUWA FIDDA KAI[the love saga] by Siyamaibraheem
IYA RUWA FIDDA KAI[the love saga]by Siyamaibraheem
Ta kasance kyakyawar yarunya mai illimi da kwazo wanda ilimin ta zai kasance mata abin alfahari a gare ta,bata da isasshiyar lokacin kan ta kuma bata da lokacin sauraron...
Snippets [boyxboy and girlxgirl shorts] by julensi
Snippets [boyxboy and girlxgirl RB
A collection of short stories strung into a book; each chapter is a different story with new characters, ranging from 500 words to 3500 per chapter. I take requests! No...
Moonlit Maladies by reverieofthestars
Moonlit Maladiesby jasmin
short stories on romance, soulmates and being a muslim ♡ welcome to yet another adventure! ✨
Brainstorm/story planning and ideas by JayKrueger
Brainstorm/story planning and ideasby Jay Krueger
This is mainly where I keep things about future stories I want to write or am in the middle of writing. I'll make "Parts" so after I write the story you can go...
Creative Writing Things by sophia_holmes221b
Creative Writing Thingsby Sophia Holmes
Just a collection of random scenes. NONE OF THEM ARE RELATED TO ONE ANOTHER IN ANY WAY!!!!!!!!!
Story Ideas  by st0rmh3art123
Story Ideas by st0rmh3art123
I'm just gonna write random story ideas that I get. you can use them as a storyline if you want, but please tell me if you do because I want to read it. also, if there i...
Prewriting • Brainstorming by kagehinakeepsmealive
Prewriting • Brainstormingby shobio
This is not a fanfic, nor any type of book; this is where I'll be plotting my ideas for the next work I write. I'll be updating ideas and asking whoever is here their th...
Tarot for Storytellers by Holly_Gonzalez
Tarot for Storytellersby Holly Gonzalez
A guide to using the Tarot as a tool in crafting characters, plots, and settings. Included are various spreads and interpretations I've come up with over the years, for...
Story Inspiration Ideas For Writers  by CagziKaren
Story Inspiration Ideas For Carrie
STORY INSPIRATION AND CHARACTER INSPO If you would like to use any other pictures for inspo, I regularly add pictures onto my pinterest boards my username is cagziseal. ...
Random Writing Things by Anan0408
Random Writing Thingsby Anan0408
Some OC's, writing prompts, & short stories. The stories can be elongated and made into a book too. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE IDEAS ARE MINE. Feel free to use them but plea...