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The Princess & The Vampire ✔ [KTH AU] by Krystalishappee
The Princess & The Vampire ✔ [ Krystalishappee
"You smell like blood, fresh new blood," he says, loosening the hug, fondling his lips. "Fresh new blood?" I ask him, bewildered. He licked his lips...
My soulmates are vampire princes ?! by Bizarekitty28
My soulmates are vampire princes ?!by Bizarekitty28
[slow updates] Y/n has always felt alone. In her heart and also in life. Adopted at age 6 by her mother's best friend after her parents passing. Will she ever be able...
I Know I Sound Crazy - Min Yoongi x Reader (Vampire AU) by GeorgeCrimson
I Know I Sound Crazy - Min George Lane
"Okay, listen, I need you to hear me out and please do not leave, I'm going to sound crazy, I know, but please... just listen." "I make no promises."...
Our Bloody Lover ➳ Vampire『Reader x BTS ー FF』 by lalalalisathedoll
Our Bloody Lover ➳ Vampire『 ⋆𝓛𝓪𝓵𝓪𝓵𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓼𝓪𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓭...
What happens when seven boys fall in love with the same girl? One more deeply than the other. What would the girl do since she needs them, but emotionally she can't affo...
『 soul trapper + jjk 』 by dwe-jin
『 soul trapper + jjk 』by tin
"who are you?" i asked, holding up my blade. a sword, forged for blood thirsty vampires to fear, no matter how strong they are. but why isn't this cold blooded...
Royal Blood | JJK ✓ by Lov3Mochi
Royal Blood | JJK ✓by . ˚.•༄ Luna ༉. ‧˚• .
"You're bonded to me. You know what that means right? It means you can never escape me no matter how much you try." "I'm not trying to escape you, Jungkoo...
Cold-hearted | Jungkook | ✓ by _little_BTS_ARMY
Cold-hearted | Jungkook | ✓by ༆ Team_Selena
[COMPLETED] _ ❝ you're mine, Princess ❝ _ Sam, a hardworking girl trying her best to leave her past behind, unexpectedly becomes the target of strange Bloodthirsty crea...
e c l i p s e | jjk by thisaccountisdead101
e c l i p s e | jjkby thisaccountisdead101
"once they get a taste of blood they never forget it" "they lose themselves to the mental high and sexual rush." "human blood is just like a nar...
BTS Vampire shorts/one shots by LampArmyFan
BTS Vampire shorts/one shotsby LampArmyFan
Just a collection of BTS Vampire "short" stories or one shots and maybe some boyxboy stuff.
Blood Lust // BTS Hyung Line Fanfiction// by slothsuga07
Blood Lust // BTS Hyung Line Katherine
" Running away from us??" " please let me go.... " " Tsk!! Tsk!!! No!! Not that easily!!" " let us have your sweet blood" "...
Vampire kings  Brothers by bt_fanfiction
Vampire kings Brothersby BT.. Forever
7 Vampire Kings kidnapped a girl named Y/N. They didn't kidnapped her because of sexual desire. They didn't kidnapped her because of blood. They didn't kidnapped her bec...
||BLOOD QUEEN||JJK FF||X BTS|| COMPLETED ||✔ by parkmono
Park Moyeon was a Normal girl who started to work as caretaker at The Jeons after her parents death. Life was pretty simple and smooth sailing with less work and less ta...
Alpha's Bloodsucker | +  by sagaskm
Alpha's Bloodsucker | + by livie ♡
In a world where vampires and werewolves are each other's strongest rivals, what happens when a kicked out vampire boy comes to a village filled with werewolves unknowin...
Under the red moon | Jungkook ff by ArmyGirl044
Under the red moon | Jungkook ffby 𝓣𝓪𝓫𝓲𝓽𝓱𝓪
You were saved by a mysterious man, not knowing it was a blood thirsty vampire who is now looking for you. *This story is inspired by the Twilight saga*
BLACK BLOOD - KIM TAEHYUNG (ongoing) by Taenetto
angst + vampire + taehyung, are you ready? warning: incomplete ~~~~~~ (includes fluff ^3^ as a bonus) Thanks to @mydarlingkookie on instagram for the beautiful cover!! 😍
Vampires Mate- JJK, KTH, PJM, KSJ ff by btslovers2010
Vampires Mate- JJK, KTH, PJM, Disha Singh
This is a supernatural fanfic... A blacktan fanfic, Ships-Jinsoo, Jirose, Taennie and Liskook A prophecy that will change the vampire kingdom forever.. What will happen...
~SugaMon~Just One Bite by quinniika
~SugaMon~Just One Biteby quinniika
It's a cold winter evening. Snow is falling strongly, blurring up Yoongi's sight. Suddenly the street falls to silence, deep, absolute silence. Yoongi turns on his heels...
𝙃𝙚𝙞𝙧 | 𝕡𝕛𝕞 by seokjooniebaes
𝙃𝙚𝙞𝙧 | 𝕡𝕛𝕞by excusemehjhoe
"The heir has two left feet, what a joke" - Y/N "The heir might have two left feet but her only heart belongs to me alone" - Jimin VAMPIRE ROYALTY 👑
Fιςтισиαℓ яєαℓιту |втѕ אָ яєαdєя| by Luvaracci
Fιςтισиαℓ яєαℓιту |втѕ אָ яєαdєя|by x|| Luvaracci ||x
"Welcome Author-nim to the world where Fiction Becomes Reality, I hope you enjoy your stay." "If you're not the REAL members of BTS, then WHO are you?&qu...
Sweet darkness ~J.JK FF by jungshock_4ever
Sweet darkness ~J.JK FFby shockiie
On the outskirts of Busan there is a town, hidden among trees and mountains, always in the shadows. Jeon Jungkook has been living there peacefully for years, until thing...