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life is ok - a Life is Strange parody by Joltix
life is ok - a Life is Strange Joltix
I'm Max Caulfield, and I'm an everyday hero. Now, you may think this is your typical white-girl with superpowers and less than average breast size that somehow catches t...
Life is Strange Group Chat. by estlbrty
Life is Strange Group lee lee
| c h a t m e s s a g e s | Max, Chloe, Rachel, Warren, Kate, Victoria and Nathan start a fun group chat. These are their messages. DUN DUN.
Abridged Max (finished)  by TherealestVC
Abridged Max (finished) by TherealestVC
A normal day at Blackwell Academy turns into an adventure for our they try and figure out why Max is talking in a Welsh/Scottish accent and insulting everyone...
Dear Kate Marsh by pricefield101
Dear Kate Marshby Pricefield
"Dear Kate Marsh, I love you with all of my heart." Kate Marsh was just a normal student at Blackwell Academy, until she went to a party and got drugged. While...
The Caulfield Twins (Life Is Strange AU) by RinkuWolfe207
The Caulfield Twins (Life Is RinkuWolfe207
Maxine and Maximus Caulfield have always been together since they were kids. They've been through so much, making their bond incredibly strong. When they move back to Ar...
Kate is Strange by Stayno_knightsintodr
Kate is Strangeby Stayno_knightsintodr
Pretty much everyone chooses to kiss Chloe when playing Life is Strange. But what happens when Kaitlin Witcher, a staunchly heterosexual Youtube letsplayer, refuses to k...
Multifandom One-shots by TransBoiSam
Multifandom One-shotsby Sam
I'm multifandom trash sooo. One-shots of the following fandoms: DBH, Mean girls, Life is strange (season 1 and before the storm), Atypical, Heathers, The perks of being...
Legally Selfie //Life is Strange Fanfiction: Based on the Musical "Legally Blonde"// by TheGothicBeauty101
Legally Selfie //Life is Strange Edith Elizabeth Evermore
Maxine Caulfield is at the top of her class, and when I say class I mean "high class!" She has it all, money, friends and lives by the ocean water. //Arcadia B...
Chasefield by chloehellaprice
Chasefieldby Chloe Price
Dis is for all the Victoria and Max shippers (The I don't)
envy is a sin, vic // under a lil bit of construction  by laurmanifiles
envy is a sin, vic // under a angel
After Max sacrificed Chloe, she finally heads back to Blackwell after a week, though she's lost without Chloe, but will she gain a new, unlikely interest(s)? Thank you...
We are the 21 Pirates by Sejwinters
We are the 21 Piratesby Sej.Winter
based on an AU I saw on tumblr, a life is strange parody version of 21pilots. Max Caulfield build a band while taking photography, keeping their identities secret until...
Maximum Victory: Blackout by Prakorimas
Maximum Victory: Blackoutby Nomi
Max lost her consciousness in Victoria's arms. For Max's surprise, the outcome completely changed their relationship. [Some Chasefield fluff] © [Cover by 胆 @Nepi97864971...
Swirling Tide by pandafanfic13
Swirling Tideby Maybe
Mas has been fighting her feelings her feeling for Victoria and fighting the memories of the week she had with Chloe. She chose to save the town or more importantly Vict...
Life is Strange Short Stories by RinkuWolfe207
Life is Strange Short Storiesby RinkuWolfe207
One shots with many characters of Life Is strange, mainly Max and Chloe.
Word to the Chic, Max Isn't Meek by SecretGeneration
Word to the Chic, Max Isn't Meekby SecretGeneration
When Max Caulfield starts to attend Blackwell Academy, she runs into a familiar face. Victoria Chase. Given their one and only troubling previous encounter, and their op...
Crossing Cliques(Life is Strange) by PidgeSteve
Crossing Cliques(Life is Strange)by The Fandom Child
In 2015 a teacher named Mark Jefferson created the Guide. The Guide spilt his school's students into Cliques. It also said which Cliques could or couldn't interact, Cros...