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Opia by _SarahSandquist_
Opiaby Sarah Sandquist
A woman with weaponized eyes teams up with a frenemy to stop her father from killing Probers a.k.a her fellow human lab rats. This novel is Christian Fiction with action...
The Guy Through My Window by JF_Abraham
The Guy Through My Windowby JF Abraham
{Completed} Judith Williams a Christian girl is been forced to help Luke Marshall the football lout in knowing her best friend Hannah his crush. He learns that the only...
I Love You I Do (under construction) by enigmaangel
I Love You I Do (under 𝑨𝑵𝑮𝑬𝑳
A young woman who lives on the streets keeps her faith in GOD. Praying for a home and for love. GOD healed the deep scars in her heart and she is renewed and joyful. A w...
Crush on a Church Boy by RoyalThaGoddess
Crush on a Church Boyby Royalty
Tekinya Usidan was known was the school's party girl. She was at every scene and always had a way of being the life of the party. Derek Robinson was know as the "ch...
The Dragon's Scale (COMPLETE, EDITING) by Cross-Warrior
The Dragon's Scale (COMPLETE, 𝓒. 𝓦. 𝓚𝓷𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽
Classic J-RPG and anime elements collide with the Young Adult fiction writing style in this modern fantasy book following Josh Davidson, a teenage boy whose life flips u...
A College Seeress' Diary by PeculiarPraise
A College Seeress' Diaryby Praise Abraham
⋋✿ ✿⋌⋋✿ ✿⋌ The Supernatural Diaries Series: Book Two ⋋✿ ✿⋌⋋✿ ✿⋌ McCheynne College turned out to be more daunting than Radiance had expected. She had hoped for a peacef...
SILVER LININGS (Christian Romance) by -thehappywriter-
SILVER LININGS (Christian Romance)by Comfort A. Shie
"Every cloud is silver lined." When Jane gets pregnant in high school, she becomes the black sheep in her family, all filial ties are cut and she has to drop o...
Mail Order Bride and The Mix-up (A Western Romance Book)(COMPLETED) by ashleywalt
Mail Order Bride and The Mix-up ( ashleywalt
Sometimes being a mail order bride means uncovering secrets you'd rather leave hidden... Belle Reid ran away from her old life only to find her new one lacking. Her abus...
JEMIMA by oluwayanmife__
JEMIMAby Chosen🏵️
Meet Jemima, a christian and a lover of God. Born by Christian Ministers and raised in the way of the Lord. But then Jemi's lovely family is crashing, her parents are op...
Warrior Of Light [Complete/Editing] by EEPhoenix
Warrior Of Light [Complete/Editing]by E. E. Phoenix
Having a Gift is supposed to be good. But Edileth's feels more like a curse. Vowing to hide her abilities post-catastrophe, she leads a simple, disciplined life as Capta...
Leaving the 99 by writingforChrist
Leaving the 99by Writing for Christ
COMPLETED~*Sequel to With All Your Heart* Ty and Annie are back along with the rest of their friends from the island. A lot has changed in the past year but their advent...
Of Dust and of Dawn by im_golden_rose
Of Dust and of Dawnby Kayleigh
WIP "Lil?" She was the last person he expected to see. A million questions race through his mind. Why is she here, in a railroad town in a U.S. territory for g...
Twirl by damadrench
Twirlby Damaris Siyanbade
Tomini is faced with the challenges that come with final year of secondary school. Her cold and strict father doesn't make the journey any easier. In the middle of her s...
Underland and the Forehidden Kingdom by FeetForThoughts
Underland and the Forehidden Stephen A. Davis
As a multiethnic kid, Keon Wesley has always had to straddle two worlds. He just never expected that metaphor to become a literal reality. Ever since his dad left five w...
SHATTERED by Joisonia
SHATTEREDby Joyce Marvel
Ethel Clifford, a young English girl hasn't yet recovered from the shock, that her own biological father is a criminal when her mother marries another man who molests he...
The Purple Dyer's Daughter by Sundancer16
The Purple Dyer's Daughterby Dannielle Norwood
In the heart of ancient Greece, Lydia, the spirited and independent daughter of a prosperous Jewish purple dyer, defies an arranged marriage and escapes to Philippi. The...
Lightning and Thunder by PeculiarPraise
Lightning and Thunderby Praise Abraham
When Nisha receives her diagnosis of terminal breast cancer, her perfect world is shattered. Her best friend, Judith, is unwilling to let go of her so easily but Nisha k...
Fortitude by WamboPopo
Fortitudeby IamPopo
Completed (Will be edited soon) Fictional Christian Romance ♡ Mental health awareness ♡ __________________________________________ Picture a world where everyone sees yo...
Walking the Right Path by Roseisfullofthorns
Walking the Right Pathby 𝑹𝒐𝒔𝒆𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒆 𝑮𝒊𝒇𝒕𝒚
Daniel Monroe growing up in a Christian household has felt the pressures that come with leading a righteous life in a world that represses it. With the weight of it beco...
A New Me by Wannabe_Writer21
A New Meby Wannabe_Writer
There are a few things you should know about Aniyah Williams: One is that she's a prostitute. Two is that her parents died when she was 16 and her older brother left he...