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Courage (Partners in Crime Book 2) by kierak26
Courage (Partners in Crime Book 2)by kierak26
Grace Wagner lives a simple life as a hostage negotiator. Well, as simple as she can get for being a hostage negotiator. She has her moments. But the trials of her job a...
His Perfect Love by LenaKubat
His Perfect Loveby Lena Kubat
The year is 1885 and Clayton lives in the American West with his younger sister, Allison. One night Clayton finds a young woman literally on his doorstep, looking for he...
Sold (Christian Romance)  by LeeleeKez
Sold (Christian Romance) by Lily Orevba
(Featured by wattpad)Highest ranking #4 in spiritual. Sold for nothing Sisi finds herself stuck in an abusive marriage to a man whose purpose is to break her down. Fifte...
Haven by JasmynTailor
Havenby Jasmyn
Set in 1900 - Haven; a place of safety or refuge - He gave her a place to hideaway and find comfort. She gave him the love he didn't think he needed. Under the bond of h...
My Wife, My Man? by AlwaysLuCi
My Wife, My Man?by LuCi
Two stubborn people. One secret. An unwanted union. And God who put them together. When Jack and Perli marry, there's no doubt that at least one of them has fallen in lo...
Undercover Hero (3B Hero Series) Book 4 by _Becca_Lynn__
Undercover Hero (3B Hero Series) Rebecca Lynn
Homicide Detective/Profiler Brittany H. Blanton and her partner Tina M. Jones have been investigating a string of serial killings for months now. Each victim bares a str...
CHENGELO  by Jachinwalusungu
CHENGELO by Jachin Walusungu
Contains scenes of violence, Emotional and mental abuse. Still a work in progress.
Miserable by ellemoira
Miserableby Reychelle Moira
(completed) Despite her name being Joy, her life is anything but Joy. It's all miserable no matter what she tries to do to fix it. Until... (Not edited. And thanks for...
LOVING THE RAPIST CHILDby Emmauel'ella Omodunke
Bright has had a great share of life and everyday for the past seven years she is constantly reminded of what bad choices life has dished for her, her son Jake. Although...
Above the waves by ellemoira
Above the wavesby Reychelle Moira
(completed) "And I will call upon Your Name and keep my eyes above the waves..." Savannah's physical conditions limit her from doing what she used to love. She...
Chosen (Partners in Crime Book 1) by kierak26
Chosen (Partners in Crime Book 1)by kierak26
FBI Detective Dominic Wagner is a workaholic. His loud, rambunctious family might be the cause. As one of five siblings who does something like law enforcement, he is al...
A Heart's Desire - Book 1 of the Crossing Midian Series - A Christian Romance by cynthiafrederick_91
A Heart's Desire - Book 1 of the Cynthia Frederick_ Author
Wesley had always struggled with breaking away from his family's expectations, but now he's made a big decision that will change everything. He's finally taking his stor...
Crushed (Partners in Crime Book 3) by kierak26
Crushed (Partners in Crime Book 3)by kierak26
Olivia Wagner is one of the top CSI's in the state. She's worked many tough cases before. But this one is different. It's taking the lives of those who deserve to live...
God loves the sinner  by niyatoofunny
God loves the sinner by Niya
Some of y'all claim you gangsta until judgment day 😬
The Girl Who Fell In Love With A TikToker - The Benji Krol Story by Godlover54673
The Girl Who Fell In Love With A Godlover54673
This is a captivating tale of love, faith, and the transformative power of human connection, reminding us that sometimes the most unexpected encounters can lead to the g...
Ruth: Reimagined  by purpleskiesanddreams
Ruth: Reimagined by DeeDeeAngel🌹
"I want you to belong to someone Ruth." Adira said, her voice softer. "I want you to be able to breathe in a world where everything is placed on a woman's...
The Peacemaker by XandraMorris
The Peacemakerby Alexandra
Into Their Own Book 2 (Sequel to The Peasant) Lysana has spent most of her life keeping the peace among her family and friends. Now if only she could do the same with he...
Bus Station - A Short Story by merrydee
Bus Station - A Short Storyby Mae Otto
In 11 hours, Unar is sure he has met the love of his life, on a bus. A little too quick one would think, but not Unar. He was in love and ready to move between cities to...
Foreign : Faith Or Fear by Thefaithbasedgirl
Foreign : Faith Or Fearby Esther Olayemi Thomas
🌼 Foreign explores the lives of certain youths and adults alike whose childhood were mostly battered which turns them into broken adults, difficult to be healed, mended...
It's You And Me by evathewrxter
It's You And Meby Eva K.
Nariah Makena, a high school junior, searches for love in her sweet city. Her love life has been... let's just say not one you'd want for yourself. Despite doing everyth...