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Poems And Some Deep Thoughts by affkff
Poems And Some Deep Thoughtsby affkff
"Writing feels better than speaking" The pictures I used in this book are not mine. Credits to the respective owners... #4 in poetry - 20/05/2022 #1 in freever...
𝐏𝐎𝐄𝐌𝐒 : 𝐅𝐑𝐎𝐌 𝐌𝐘 𝐒𝐎𝐔� Kate the dork
Sonnets and cinquains, seasons and colours, flora and fauna, the bad and the good - all in this collection of original poems. Several are written about the author's p...
" Collection's of poems " by angeialm
" Collection's of poems "by IAM
My collection of poems
Words Of Value by CLmauve
Words Of Valueby CLmauve
An experiment in diamond shaped Cinquain poems centered on our most priceless gems and materials.
Poetic Rants By Akram Sadiq by most_bay
Poetic Rants By Akram Sadiqby most_bay
**Winner of (Poetry Prize Awards) for (Best Poet) & (Best Poetry book) categories... **Winner of (Le Book Award) for (best Free Verse Poetry Read) **First place winner o...
love poems by graypogchamp
love poemsby gay gray
idk just some random poems because i like poetry and my english teacher says i should write poetry more bc i'm good ig lolz idk might not all be abt love but chances are...
The Butterfly Book by JoyeEverett715
The Butterfly Bookby Joye Everett
A compilation of all my poems, put into one book for easier access.
Wishing Upon a Star by Xara_Cross
Wishing Upon a Starby Adelyn Stark
When I shared this book, which was once a rough-draft People criticized my work so much that others laughed. But now as I publish my works, which are full of courage and...
My Poetry by writer2471
My Poetryby Sara
Apparently, its poetry month on Wattpad, so I figured I'd share some of the poems that I've done. ^_^ I hope you enjoy them!
Ink It Up by theyoungwritress
Ink It Upby Frances Wint
This year I participated in Inktober 2021. Inktober is a drawing challenge which gives a list of words that artists are prompted to use for a drawing everyday from the...
Cinquain: His Birth by CottonJones
Cinquain: His Birthby Olan Smith
"His Birth" is an Adelaide Crapsey style cinquain (five line poem). The title is incorporated as a sort of sixth line to give the poem a certain meaning. For...
Tanka and Cinquain by swayyy
Tanka and Cinquainby C. Nealy
A collection of tanka and cinquain.
Short stories and Assignments by pshycomooshroom
Short stories and Assignmentsby Jack
I've had to write a bunch of stories in English class and in my Creative Writing Class, and I've decided to transfer them here. Enjoy!
My Original Poems by PranprixiaG
My Original Poemsby Song Haneul
Poems about love, heartbreak, friendship, life and etc. It has different types of poem that will give you cries, laugh and you'll enjoy. Check out this book.
SNAKE : MEDLEY by gailrunschke
SNAKE : MEDLEYby Gail Runschke
This medley consists of a tempoem, a limerick, a Haiku, an acrostic and a cinquain. The five forms are on the snake theme. This is my sixth medley on the Wattpad site...