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The Castle Of Sand by themanas_ranjan
The Castle Of Sandby Manas Ranjan Biswal
It is a play, revolving around the murder of a child. Going deep into the mystery, a policeman works tirelessly to find out who was the real culprit of the incident. Wit...
Silent Poetry by seven_hues
Silent Poetryby Sreeja Naskar
At late nights, I could see those choked words rushing out of my throat--shouting their presence in the ink of the broken pen. They're awake to be in my heart and on...
The Universe is Our Poetry by writebysyllable
The Universe is Our Poetryby Kriselle Niña Pantig
Every poet is trying to send a message to someone in secret. If you would only learn to listen, you'll know it's for you.
The Echo Awards - Poetry Contest by echoawards
The Echo Awards - Poetry Contestby The Echo Awards
"A voice, not an echo." At the Echo Awards, we want the emotional, the raw, the moving. We want everything you're afraid to share. We want the truest things yo...
Nier Automata: [Alt]ternative Novel by SeraphimNoUta
Nier Automata: [Alt]ternative Novelby ミスル[ND]
During the events of Project Gestalt's collapse, one human was able to survive the apocalypse and kept safe in cryogenic sleep for millennia, only to reawaken to a decim...
Proses with its Roses by Alasxs
Proses with its Rosesby ace
We all have pain inside us, inside those softhearted yet tough hearts and it's on us on how to express it, how to ease it, and how to control it. Painters grab their bru...
butterflies on battlefields by wingedgirI
butterflies on battlefieldsby braylee
| natsukashii. by MoonCohem
| Moon Cohem
Natsukashii is the first poetry collection written by Moon Cohem as she unfold her path to different perpectives she had witnessed in her youth. For Elle.
somnium by titanically-
somniumby Mic
For what seems to him to be forever, he's been the personification of human fears. Every day is the same; he paints their fears according to the things that scare them t...
cherry sugar || bokuaka by vistalune
cherry sugar || bokuakaby ayden
"what an interesting turn of events." bokuto says, letting his eyes glide over akaashi's honeyed skin, thinking he looked really nice when the sun hit him like...
Atlas by aeroplanets
Atlasby scar
I found myself in a motel, in a place where nothing was real. I found someone there, someone that I knew. [Open fanfic inspired by the BTS Music Videos "Boy Meets E...
| march and phantom. by MoonCohem
| march and Moon Cohem
March and Phantom is the second poetry collection written by Moon Cohem. Diving into depths of despair, the poems she have written dwells in melancholy to discover a bea...
Silence ||poetry || by dew_of_fire
Silence ||poetry ||by Angel
A wise woman once said nothing. #1 in poetrylover :- 29/11/2020(GC) #1 in poetry:- 08/03/2025(jk)
Express The Distress by Pelton02
Express The Distressby Cheyanne
Smiles are deceiving, feelings are hidden. What a beautiful facade you have.
FRAUDULENCE by satinbones
i squeeze the tar out my brain
Skeletal Words Of A Dead Heart  by ElfriedeWestWood
Skeletal Words Of A Dead Heart by ~£|f~
A needed love to quench the thirsty feeling of a sore soul for 22,000 years.The heart is pale and dead yet the gene it possesses, is still longing for a love like oxyg...
Metaphors Beneath the Riptides by EosPleuvoir
Metaphors Beneath the Riptidesby Eos Pleuvoir
"Your I-love-you was like a scribble in a sand- At first it was there then next it was not" Metaphors beneath the Riptides An Anthology By Eos Pleuvoir 2020 Co...
December Drizzle | First Draft by pomalo_
December Drizzle | First Draftby u p o m a ✨
Nakamoto Shuichi was a bored boy of 18 with no interesting stories to tell the world. But when fate encounters him with an eccentric stranger in the middle of an untimel...