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Love the Impossible by SilverHuntresses
Love the Impossibleby SilverHuntresses
How do you handle someone as horrible as Octavian being back from the dead? How do you handle living with nightmares after narrowly escaping the underworld? How do you h...
My Love, My Life Completed by BoingxGorgeous
My Love, My Life Completedby Estelle Du Plessis
Maya made a decision long ago and she kept to it. She loves Joshua Matthews no matter what. Suddenly when something does happen she has to make a decision. When he enter...
~•°🌖My Tiny Mate🌔°•~ by PuppyFreckles
~•°🌖My Tiny Mate🌔°•~by Eliana
⚠️UNDER MAJOR REVISIONS⚠️ -POV Change -Added Detail -Editing Kyle Holden, an alpha who just wants to be with his Angel. His Dylan. His tiny mate. #244 in Werewolf, as of...
~Discontinued~ Sosuke Aizen • Reader• Grimmjow Lemon by vairday
~Discontinued~ Sosuke Aizen • esan
Read if you want to imagine a bit of smut with the said men...
Coming back (an unOrdinary fanfiction) by VMK_21
Coming back (an unOrdinary Jeraphina simp
Starts in Ch. 194. This story is about what could have happened if John saved Seraphina from Zeke instead of Blyke. After seeing his former friend in danger, how will he...
Dragon Prince book 2 (alternate sequel) by DeadlyShad0w
Dragon Prince book 2 (alternate Deadly Shadow
Here is the link to the first book ("Dragon Prince book 1 : Rise of the Prince" by @Nickdabeast03) If you didn't read it and you...
Whirlwind Girl 3 by Jhanvi_3210
Whirlwind Girl 3by Jhanvi_3210
What happens after Bai cao is selected for world championship? Will she forget Ruo Bai or story will take unexpected twists? A fan fiction of godly drama . This is my o...
Family Code by JustBEfreEtoLivE
Family Codeby JustBEfreEtoLivE
"Just remember, no matter were you go, no matter what you choose to do you are a Giovanni and a member of the Tosseti family. That is not something you can run from...
Do You Know How? (COMPLETED) by Macouronne
Do You Know How? (COMPLETED)by S.V Tacubanza
Hazel Ann, a girl who's been dreaming to be a professional astronomer, was transfered to a public school. She wasn't used to attend public school because she was raised...
My best friend has changed by jess221199
My best friend has changedby jess
Maya is enjoying her life until her old best friend comes back into town. Freddy left years ago when they were both eight. Now he's back it causes Maya's life to go upsi...
The One and Only by starofatlantis
The One and Onlyby starofatlantis
Sophie Foster had left. She had left everything and everyone. She had left her almost-cognate. Her best friend. Her new friends. The jokester. The princess. The gossiper...
Second Chances /Nagireo/ by luuu33390
Second Chances /Nagireo/by LouLou
" But even as he felt a sense of freedom and excitement, even as he felt a sense of possibility, Nagi knew that he had lost something, something that he might never...
Waiting for Us (MinChan: Part II) ✔ by Nyxx_CB98
Waiting for Us (MinChan: Part II) ✔by Nyxx
Fifteen months. One missed birthday - the twins seventh birthday. One missed anniversary - their tenth wedding anniversary. One broken tradition - the empty chair on the...
The Return of the Heiress by QueenieJeyyy
The Return of the Heiressby Jeyy.
Date Started: June 12, 2021 Date Finished: She's back. She's back with a revenge, not a Fontes, but a Villamorsoza. She came back stronger and smarter. Can they still o...
Returned from the Dead ⫶ A Potter Fanfiction⫶ by HermoineGranger69
Returned from the Dead ⫶ A ✨Hermoine✨
This is a story about Dead people coming back from the dead. like Lily and James Potter, Sirius, Alice and Frank Longbottom, Marlene McKinnon, ect. This takes place at t...
Leaving by baitlee
Leavingby Anna Mariee
Hello, this poem is about someone i like, he moved away and i was sad, and still till this day i miss him dearly
My Animals I Have by MLPcreepypastafan
My Animals I Haveby MLPcreepypastafan
This story is about me showing people my pets I have.
how we meet by Skyrahpaw
how we meetby Ploupa
Ok I'm not going to edit the other chapters so deal with it ok
Camille wants to take revenge on the one who hurt her before, He had a good life and finished his studies so he wants to get back at the people who hurt him