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Only You  by volleyball238
Only You by volleyball238
It's been 5 years since 18 year old Aubrey D'Amore has been Home. She comes home to the family that she left years ago. She also comes back to the man that she thought...
Love the Impossible by SilverHuntresses
Love the Impossibleby SilverHuntresses
How do you handle someone as horrible as Octavian being back from the dead? How do you handle living with nightmares after narrowly escaping the underworld? How do you h...
~Discontinued~ Sosuke Aizen • Reader• Grimmjow Lemon by vairday
~Discontinued~ Sosuke Aizen • esan
Read if you want to imagine a bit of smut with the said men...
RESIST by Silvie_Dea
RESISTby Silvie Dea
✴Previously named 'M.I.N.E.'✴ "Excuse me. I have to go for the date. It's getting late Eric must be waiting." I said politely trying to reason with him. He be...
Family Code by JustBEfreEtoLivE
Family Codeby JustBEfreEtoLivE
"Just remember, no matter were you go, no matter what you choose to do you are a Giovanni and a member of the Tosseti family. That is not something you can run from...
Trapped in The Wilderness  by moran_2020
Trapped in The Wilderness by ❤vandita❤
hey everyone what if monu is a ghost and karan fall for her. did they will ever get together or there Journey will be stop there If you want to know peep inside
Dragneel's maid (NaLu fanfic) by BungouBoo
Dragneel's maid (NaLu fanfic)by Bungou_Trashxoxo
Lucy's no good dad sent her a letter saying that she should pay her father's debts to the Dragneels', furious she goes out to find a job but is unsuccessful so she goes...
The One and Only by booklover0823
The One and Onlyby booklover0823
Sophie Foster had left. She had left everything and everyone. She had left her almost-cognate. Her best friend. Her new friends. The jokester. The princess. The gossiper...
Coming back (an unOrdinary fanfiction) by VMK_21
Coming back (an unOrdinary Jeraphina simp
Starts in Ch. 194. This story is about what could have happened if John saved Seraphina from Zeke instead of Blyke. After seeing his former friend in danger, how will he...
Dragon Prince book 2 (alternate sequel) by DeadlyShad0w
Dragon Prince book 2 (alternate Deadly Shadow
Here is the link to the first book ("Dragon Prince book 1 : Rise of the Prince" by @Nickdabeast03) If you didn't read it and you...
My Love, My Life Completed by BoingxGorgeous
My Love, My Life Completedby Estelle Du Plessis
Maya made a decision long ago and she kept to it. She loves Joshua Matthews no matter what. Suddenly when something does happen she has to make a decision. When he enter...
The Return of the Heiress by QueenieJeyyy
The Return of the Heiressby Jeyy.
Date Started: June 12, 2021 Date Finished: She's back. She's back with a revenge, not a Fontes, but a Villamorsoza. She came back stronger and smarter. Can they still o...
I Hide It To You by Tae_Bear1995
I Hide It To Youby Taeigh Rogue
He will going to know my secret... That we had a child??? ANOTHER KOOKU STORY... ^.^
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Returned from the Dead ⫶ A Potter Fanfiction⫶ by HermoineGranger69
Returned from the Dead ⫶ A ✨Hermoine✨
This is a story about Dead people coming back from the dead. like Lily and James Potter, Sirius, Alice and Frank Longbottom, Marlene McKinnon, ect. This takes place at t...
The Way We Fall Appart by dancer_madi
The Way We Fall Appartby dancer_madi
It is human nature. we fall off. everyone. nobody is absolutely perfect. & no relationship stays flawless forever. it is my job to show you, the way we tend to fall ap...
Coming Back? by chipzahoj
Coming Back?by juni
She died, for almost a century. Then what? Someone needed her back, how he did it? Who knows?
My Stories by crybabychelsea
My Storiesby Chelsea
My experiences,my hardships,my memories, My Stories
Find Peace In Pain by thirstydawn
Find Peace In Painby Thirstydawn
1 of 3 Find Peace In Pain
the day where it all changed. by xx_taken_by_wine_xx
the day where it all chetna_chaudhary
LUCY JAMES a average height girl who loves to be free and is open minded she gets more attractive due to her smart mouth. she goes for a interview at the parker industri...