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Sailing Forever by pankajakshan
Sailing Foreverby pankajakshan
Two Best friends in the school face a lot of hardships and obstacles due to rote learning. They prove that no matter what life throws at you, one can definitely move for...
The Roots Of Our Dreams [A Fantasy Story]   by VaibhavGilankar
The Roots Of Our Dreams [A VaibhavGilankar
Mohit wants a shovel that will turn every grain of soil dug in its blade to gold, so he goes to a witch. What will he need to make his wish come true? Read this story of...
Emøtions by aceofspadesIV
Emøtionsby lol no
Two sisters on a journey. Following there dreams. Will they make it? Or will fate miss them up? Inspired by Honaki Imapct 3rd WOAH #1 creative story! 03/15/21
Mind magic  by phili_tops
Mind magic by phili_tops
This is a story, about you! The reader is having trouble being inspired to draw, so allow their mind to wander far...
Save me by Star_gazer46
Save meby Star gazer
It's a love, hate, jealousy and twisted story between 2 friends, which ends in a big mess. This story is something I've been working on for a bit but hasn't had the cour...
Brambles and Berries by Annbannas
Brambles and Berriesby Anne-Marie L.
A 19-year-old fae halfbreed makes her way in a mystical world that is riddled with danger, death, romance, and magick. Can she make the right choices when she is faced...
The Smiles that Disappear Behind Closed Doors by tararaaaaa
The Smiles that Disappear Behind T
Aiden is a young boy looking for help and a sense of security, can this mystical land give it to him?
The life of princess Amelia by pankajakshan
The life of princess Ameliaby pankajakshan
This is a story, where two countries of shapes fight so many battles and a country emerges victorious. The story potrays the life of princess amelia, who was on the losi...
Stray to fight  by CatDeimos
Stray to fight by cuteDei
A kit born of the streets of main town with its mom and siblings but when tragedy strikes he loses his way round and meets someone who helps em on his quest, will he fin...
A Sight For Sore Time [A Fantasy Story]   by VaibhavGilankar
A Sight For Sore Time [A Fantasy VaibhavGilankar
The Time wants to prevent a catastrophe and for that, he asks help from his friends, an intelligent squirrel and her Rubber Robot. Read to find out what solution the squ...
Out of The Clearing by U677potato_
Out of The Clearingby Rexy Rox
This is a story i wrote because I was super bored. My English Teacher suggested to me I could write a creative story since school is shut down for a while and I did.
Overload by ChocoAllStar
Overloadby ChocoAllStar
Hello fellow people, this is the story Overload. There will be "were-animals" and things such as magical powers. Also DEEP STORY Is included within this well...
The Mysterious Place by XxXWolfieGutsXxX
The Mysterious Placeby Nobody Here
Short side note before the actual summary of the story: I wrote this story in my freshman year of High School. It was supposed to be a short story but I ended up writing...
Madness by ScottishFreakShow
Madnessby ScottishFreakShow
My world like wonderland, full of mysterious and mad things. My adventures big and journey long. The friends I meet along the way, as mad as me. An original story by En...
A Cry for Help  by pankajakshan
A Cry for Help by pankajakshan
On February 1st 2018 all the detectives of a city disappears. A single person comes to the rescue!!
English prompts by pineapplebitchm3
English promptsby TF_jesus_help
Just a collection of stories I've written
A Warriors Nightmare by TomFinney
A Warriors Nightmareby Tom Finney
When one man goes so far to only fail, his world gets destroyed.