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Praise The Semblance! [Crusader x RWBY] by KiriKiwiS
Praise The Semblance! [Crusader KiriKiwiS
Bah, Back off Heathens! In the name of our true god and by the power of the sun itself, I SHALL RECLAIM THE HOLY LAND! Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY. All art/vids/music...
(Completed)Sith Of Mandalorian by ARC655
(Completed)Sith Of Mandalorianby ARCERET
Anakin, Ahsoka, Quinlan Vos and Shaak Ti are banished for going to the dark side. thought to have lost there way, they ironically have been exposed to the truth of the J...
Journey to Joseph by rhymeswithfry
Journey to Josephby Brian J. Rhymer
A transgender medieval adventure: Abandoned while disguised as a boy, Hildegund's journey home will lead to unexpected destinations. Twice Featured: - Wattpad Editor's C...
King Baldwin IV by Kellannetta
King Baldwin IVby Kelly Blanchard
Year 1174, a boy at age thirteen is suddenly thrust into power upon the death of his father, King Amalric. He inherits a kingdom at war--the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Howeve...
The Old Guard: Eternal Blades by Travelling_Writer
The Old Guard: Eternal Bladesby SAM
There is a group of elite warriors who work in the shadows. They have been around since the beginning of civilization. They have fought evil from the darkness, keeping o...
Die Zeit Reich by DerAchteZwerg
Die Zeit Reichby DerAchteZwerg
The Reich and it's European allies as of March 6th 1945 have been sent back to 1268? What will happen next? You'll have to read to find out,
The island King of Fodlan (Fire Emblem threehousesX Medieval history) by TheGreatSummoner
The island King of Fodlan (Fire TheGreatSummoner
Somewhere to the west of Fódlan a secret great kingdom was lived by the king named Henry. As King Henry died from illness his son Kyle become the future king. Kyle Lionh...
Total War Emblem battle in Fódlan ( Fire Emblem THX Total War medieval)  by TheGreatSummoner
Total War Emblem battle in Fó TheGreatSummoner
This is fanfiction of this story about England, France, and other kingdoms in Europe in history. Basically Edelgard's kingdom is like Rome, Dimtri's like the holy Empire...
Deus Vult!  by The_Cloaker
Deus Vult! by The-Cloaker
(Crusader x Multiverse) (Based off of A Crusade Through The Multiverse) I do not own anything but my OC
A New Order in Fódlan ( Fire Emblem Three Houses X Teutonic Order X Fates)  by TheGreatSummoner
A New Order in Fódlan ( Fire TheGreatSummoner
In the year 1185 Fódlan is consumed by war as the noble lord in Nohr named Y/n had returned to Nohr after a 5 year trip to the the west. He discover a kingdom that is in...
The Guild of Ends by OnlyTheDeadKnow
The Guild of Endsby Only The Dead Know
In the deepest depths of the Crusadium, a place where the guilds train their recruits to become legendary crusaders, lays a solemn sanctuary. The historians haven't take...
Donald Trump:  The Last Crusade by The-Abyssal-Queen
Donald Trump: The Last Crusadeby Jason Kartopawiro
In 2018 President Donald Trump was assassinated. Hillary took over and created new world order. Along with SJW, Muslims, Feminists, antifa started taking over the world...
Geralt's Origin by MetallicGears99
Geralt's Originby MetallicGears99
The origin of Geralt, how he became a great assassin .
Adventures in Acre by johnnedwill
Adventures in Acreby John Nedwill
Grieg Chapian's Golden Knight returns in a tale of medieval swords and sorcery. The Golden Knight - Richard of Warwick - embarks on the Crusades; his destination: the ci...
Fire Emblem: The Great Holy Crusade ( Fire Emblem X Crusader Kong's X Crusades) by TheGreatSummoner
Fire Emblem: The Great Holy TheGreatSummoner
In the year 1180, where Kingdoms where in war. Y/n a Knight who his religion is towards a God who created Human life. Y/n did not like dragons as their gods because he t...
Personal Crusades by RCFletcher
Personal Crusadesby RCFletcher
A group novel. Set in the time of King Richard the Lionheart, a group of unfortunate people are brought together as Prince John seeks to eliminate supporters of his brot...
Crusade by lulu2la9la
Crusadeby lulu2la9la
Journalist taking photos and writing stories about soldiers fighting for America and falling for a soldier
The Great Escape: Crusade Edition by YA_book_lover13
The Great Escape: Crusade Editionby YA_book_lover13
Set in 1212, the Children's Crusade has began. A view point if what had happened on the ships in Mediterranean Sea. (Originally a history assignment) One-shot
Genevieve the Crusader by Liviarram
Genevieve the Crusaderby LiviaRam
When Genevieve's father finds out that her brother made a pact with the local caliph instead of fighting against him, he is devastated. The noble name of Armagnac is soi...