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The Prisoner Project by bincus
The Prisoner Projectby muna
When a strange advertisement appears on the local newspaper asking for compliant females willing to interview and connect with the minds of the worlds worst serial kille...
A girl named Krishzel Vish Amethyst who possess every power that exist in the world who will act as a nerd and will enter the world she forget for the past eleven years...
The Puppy Project by ElaBearXx
The Puppy Projectby ℰunice
"Give me my puppy!" I demanded, my eyes ablazed with fiery anger. "Correction, it's not your puppy. It's our puppy," He smiled, but it was anything b...
What...Just Happened? by Lady-Anubis
What...Just Happened?by Anubis
Stuff happened and Naruto has no idea.
Dangerous  by euphorianmother
Dangerous by j<3
Leila Ransom moves to the suburbs from the city and meets a new and 'dangerous' boy named Nate Jacobs. Everyone warns her about him but she doesn't listen. all rights g...
Chupky Chupky by amilqateen
Chupky Chupkyby Amil Qateen
A collection of short stories Main leads Shehnaz Gill Siddharth Shukla A series of Short stories Romance ,mafia ,czns love, arrange marriage or many more Plzz give a...
🌹 Red Roses 🌹 ( YiZhan Ongoing FanFiction ) by Erandikahansi
🌹 Red Roses 🌹 ( YiZhan Ongoing Erandika Hansamali
ආදරණීය ආදරයක හදගැස්ම...🥀🖤
M A S Q U E R A D E || About: BrightWin, MewGulf, TayNew|| by Alpha_TierXen
M A S Q U E R A D E || About: Alphatierxen
He wears Mask, And so am I. This is our fate Place and time will play its part to redeem our connections. This is where it all began... This is how we fall inlove. *...
Two agents. A mysterious stranger. A parallel universe mystery. Raven has always lived a shattered and traumatic life in the hope that it will assuredly be a bit more ha...
Sick Tails the Fox (Old) ~Completed~ by CogaPlush
Sick Tails the Fox (Old) T.L On The Case
Tails was born with a sickness that could kill him at any moment, he had no friends because he was homeschooled. One day, he was allowed to explore the world on "hi...
ᴍɪɴᴅ ɢᴀᴍᴇs || ғᴀɴғɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ || by MinjasKim99
ᴍɪɴᴅ ɢᴀᴍᴇs || ғᴀɴғɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ ||by MinjasKim99
A story of a Spy, A hitman , An Esper, and A normal kid Is he really normal? A child that has been expose to the horrors of the world can never grow up nor live normal...
The CEO's secret [COMPLETED] by ghali_pop
The CEO's secret [COMPLETED]by Gelly_ace
"Just because the past is painful doesn't mean the future will be." - Ashimori Caspian Warning : This story consists of only fictional characters. Events and...
It all started with her Curiosity  by yakelin2906
It all started with her Curiosity by Yake2906
Miyeon a 16 year old who suddenly gets curious and wants to know about sex and her best friend is the one she wants to help her Minnie a 15 year old that knows more tha...
If She Knew by nabs_xoxo
If She Knewby — ❝Nabila❞
[The Wattys 2021 Shortlisted Finalist] One case, two detectives, three friends, and a thousand emotions. Sometimes nothing is a coincidence, but then again, everything...
Not one of Them?  (A SCP fan story) by PastryVicar
Not one of Them? (A SCP fan story)by Ash Reese
Viola was a curious nineteen year old who loved exploring websites that she wasn't allowed to see. She stumbled upon the SCP website and read many SCP files, without kno...
REVERIE ( BTS X Male reader ) by nataliexxkth
REVERIE ( BTS X Male reader )by Natalie
M/n, A 22 year old yet charming, perfect boy who had pretty eyes, which attracted everybody around him. He is a model, an Instagrammer who has around 50+ Million follow...
Above the ocean (Mermaid reader x Creepypasta by Bi_Pride629
Above the ocean (Mermaid reader LGBTQIsNotASin!
Just another day in Atlantis, you would always follow your fathers rules but there is one rule that you refuse to follow. Which is to never go above water, but you alway...
All About Feelings by iamwolfxdx
All About Feelingsby Wolfy Logan
This is a compilation of my Poems I'm also going to put descriptions on when or how did I write that poem my motivation and such. I want this to be something productive...
The Bad Boy Has A Daughter by sarasosa13
The Bad Boy Has A Daughterby Sara Sosa
Have you ever looked at the schools bad boy and ever thought 'do you have a nice side?' Jade always wondered this about her schools bad boy, Ryker Kaldens. What happens...
Choosing Fate by RimUranium
Choosing Fateby Rim
Elementals, Destinies and Time Guardians. Three races gifted with powers that exist to maintain peace between humans and themselves. At birth, every child is given the d...