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And All That Remains is Ash by Drarry112112321
And All That Remains is Ashby Drarry112112321
*Completed* ~ "You're late, bird." "Y-yeah, I got distracted." "With what?" "Hero stuff- you know, you gotta keep up appearances!"...
Dabi x Hawks smut by ZackFoster877
Dabi x Hawks smutby Zack Foster
here's the hot wings you sinner asked for~ now enjoy~ * * * I might write more in the future so don't worry
Caged. Dabi x Hawks smut by DirtyC0keWh0re
Caged. Dabi x Hawks smutby moomoo
Dabi x Hawks after the league finds out that Hawks is a double agent. (COVER FROM @OvsyanArt on twitter)
Dabixhawks by ajtoxic
Dabixhawksby ajtoxic
There will be smut but it's gonna be a love story and my first every story too
I Can Hold You When No one Else Will by InsaneForJ
I Can Hold You When No one Else Wi...by A:)
{part 2 to, 'Love Is Deadly'} "Who are you?" "Who do you think I am, birdbrain?" Written in January 2020
Todoroki family group chat by Sleeie
Todoroki family group chatby Sleeie
Ships it will contains: Dabixhawks ShotoxSero Manga spoilers Endeaver trying to change? Todoroki siblings being little shits Rei is out of the mental hospital Chaotic...
When Two Lines Meet (Dabi x Hawks) by Todoroki2329
When Two Lines Meet (Dabi x Hawks)by hannah sims
dabi x hawks omega verse, read for more :) :) :)
My Baby Bird by deuce_tiberius
My Baby Birdby Deuce
Pro hero Hawks was classified as a little, a secret he has worked hard to protect. But when it all comes crumbling down will it be as bad as he thought?
Dabihawks by beebxmb
Dabihawksby Nunyo
I don't know how much longer I can take this, thought Dabi. When I look at him im just overwhelmed with lewd thoughts. I want to know what his skin tastes like, how he w...
Chance (Dabihawks kids) by zzzcc6
Chance (Dabihawks kids)by zero
This is Omega verse au After Hawks betrayal from the league of villains after they trusted him especially dabi who marked him. Dabi left japan after what happened to ta...
Long time no see by SunshineCj9
Long time no seeby SunshineCj9
Four childhood friends grew apart. Now one is a Pro Hero at the ripe age of 22. The other is a villain age 23. The other two no whereabouts for them. Now when hero's and...
Scared Love (Dabi x Hawks) by ThatOnegurlDen
Scared Love (Dabi x Hawks)by ThatonegirlDen
⚠️ SMUT, VIOLENCE ⚠️ This is a Dabi x Hawks story!! -Ps of you know me don't read and don't even say anything leave me TF alone and we never talk about this shit!
Dabi X Keigo, down in the dark, playing with fire. by silent-theory
Dabi X Keigo, down in the dark, pl...by silent-theory
Keigo Takami, number two Hero, and nationally missed. having gone missing three days ago there is no sign of the missing, loved hero. no sign of him, not a sighting in t...
One Word (A dabi fanfiction) by LewExists
One Word (A dabi fanfiction)by Lew Weight
"I realized I've never seen you use your quirk, what is it?" In which Hawks somehow has never seen Dabis quirk and has no idea what it is, which leads reunitin...
First Burn...(My Hero Academia Fanfiction) by ShihoFujioka
First Burn...(My Hero Academia Fan...by Gothic Geek💀
Family are people who will always love you, support you, and stay by your side. However... For the Todoroki Family...Things were different. The Pro Hero, Endeavor has ab...
Dabi x Hawks by s1qrzq
Dabi x Hawksby Kayy
A very CORNY DabixHawks story
FLIGHTLESS by theskyisfallingup
FLIGHTLESSby theskyisfallingup
This is a Dabi x Hawks fanfic~ One where Dabi is Touya Todoroki and it's angsty forbidden love :3 people have said that I need to post it somewhere and so I choose here
I'm Not Who You Once Knew (DabixHawks) by Gojo21mp
I'm Not Who You Once Knew (DabixHa...by Rye
Hawks x Dabi Started June 15th 2022 Dammit. Is it wrong of me to think that you could be hurting too? Am I insane for thinking like this? I cant believe..how pathetic I...
Dabi x hawks by Dixie1092
Dabi x hawksby Dixie1092
It's a mha ship and my fav one so it's gonna have some smut this was based of my and my bff texting a rp
Another Chance ~Dabihawks~ by _Tubbo_Kinnie_
Another Chance ~Dabihawks~by _Tubbo_Kinnie_
Spoilers for chap 266 (and onward?) After the battle with Dabi and, being unable to tell Dabi he was soon to bear a child Hawks falls into a sadness. He hides his face a...