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Mix-up at summer camp by Bibliophilio
Mix-up at summer campby Bibliophilio
Once upon a time, in a small suburban town, there lived a teenage boy named Alex. He was a typical young boy, full of energy and always seeking adventure. One summer, ho...
My 4 Older Brothers... (BABIED)  by brigcee23
My 4 Older Brothers... (BABIED) by brigcee23
THIS STORYING IS HIGHLY INSPIRED BY "4 brothers 1 sister (babied)" !! Brianna is a 13 year old girl who live with her abusive and manipulative step-mom, and he...
Ava's Family Vacation by soxfan08abdl
Ava's Family Vacationby soxfan08abdl
13 year old Ava Williamson is a bedwetter. No big deal, right? What happens when she forgets to pack her goodnites for her family's annual road trip to the beach? Read a...
Going back to diapers by SuiramNat
Going back to diapersby Suiram Nat
After Suzie starts wetting again, her mom decides to get some... "protection". THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS WERE INSPIRED BY ANOTHER STORY THAT WAS DISCONTINUED AN...
Diaper Duty by DNJE394
Diaper Dutyby DiaperDelinquent
After being kidnapped and extorted by the mafia, Amy must take a very "interesting" job at an underground cafe.
Alex - teen boy to baby girl  by ClaraJaneDiapers
Alex - teen boy to baby girl by ClaraJaneDiapers
Alex is a teen boy and the eldest sibling. he is on break from school when things take a different turn during a trip to his aunts. Read more to learn how he goes from o...
My Soul Mate  by AriaIsTrash
My Soul Mate by Aria
Warning! This story contains heavy references to ddlg. If you're not okay with this, don't read it! "Do you like what you see?" He tried again for attention. H...
Neighbour's Mama by kinkyforu
Neighbour's Mamaby Sk
a story about an angry looking lady, priya and a kind hearted girl , Alice
Lila's Life by Unfabu1ous
Lila's Lifeby Unfabu1ous
Lila was going about her normal life with her anxiety issues, until everything goes wrong, well... more wrong. Maybe some good things come out of it? Details: This is c...
Boyfriend Troubles and Diaper problems by Diapergirl_bbg
Boyfriend Troubles and Diaper prob...by Diapergirl_bbg
Kami finally puts it pass her self and breaks up with her toxic boyfriend. Brett, being the toxic ex he is, plans his revenge and it gets a whole lot easier when he find...
why me? (short) by kaylababysitter
why me? (short)by Kayla
trying to do her mom a favor, Kayla has a surprising evening.
Mila's accidents  by ilikesoopyay
Mila's accidents by ilikesoopyay
Mila has been having embarrassing accidents at school and she doesn't want anyone to find out. Luckily her mom has an idea. This is my first story! I'd love to know what...
marys accidents by juicybbyx
marys accidentsby juicybbyx
mary suddenly gets accidents at night. her mom decides that diapers are the only solution to marys bedwetting.
Erica's Diapered Summer by diaperlover64
Erica's Diapered Summerby diaperlover64 .
After school gets out, Erica shares her house only with her maid and she plans to experience her recently discovered diaper fetish.
A Child's World by axolotlluver
A Child's Worldby axolotl luver
This is a spin off of the "My Little" series I've been writing, except this book is about Jessica, Lilly's big sister. Comments appreciated :) 20 year old...
Freya's Little Life by _thatannoyingguy_
Freya's Little Lifeby _thatannoyingguy_
Freya Sanchez is a secret diaper lover. What will happen in her little life?
All My Mother's Rules by MinnesotaABDLWriter
All My Mother's Rulesby MinnesotaABDLWriter
Sarah's mom is a strict disciplinarian, with rules for anything and everything. When the 14-year-old girl begins to wet her pants again, will she be able to avoid gettin...
The Girl Who Wore Nappies To Class by WritingABDL
The Girl Who Wore Nappies To Classby WritingABDL
James came back to school to find that the new transfer student has a stinky little secret.
The Diapered Vacation by TrevorDean11
The Diapered Vacationby TrevorDean11
When Emma and her two best friends go on a two week vacation to the beach, a lot of things change, for the better, or the worst.
Forced to use diapers because of my baby sister by DiaperStories122
Forced to use diapers because of m...by DIAPER STORIES
Eva was a 15 year old girl in high school living with her mum dad and 2 year old sister Ella. After Ella is refusing to put on her diapers Evas parents ask her to wear o...