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A New Start by Kbgillespie
A New Startby Kaitlyn Gillespie
A girl who ran from her past gets herself put in a jail cell. When she is bailed out by Da Kine Bail Bonds, not only does she meet the people who have saved her, otherwi...
Neighbors || ON HOLD || by GoneBeyondRepair_
Neighbors || ON HOLD ||by GoneBeyondRepair_
"I met Leland about two years ago, the day I moved in....I might have punched him in the face." I laugh a bit at the great memory. CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT TO APPR...
Falling For A Bounty Hunter by a_man_duh22
Falling For A Bounty Hunterby Amanda
Jamie Pilar is 27 years old and just got hired on with Da Kine Bail Bonds as their newest bounty hunter. Dog, Beth and the team already treat her like family. What happe...
Bait & Tackle by JessaMichelle88
Bait & Tackleby JessaMichelle88
Bait & Tackle: A Leland Chapman Fan Fiction Fable, fabrication, fantasy (also phantasy), figment, invention How's it. My name is Alianna (Ah-LEE-Ah-Nuh) it's a mixture o...
My love by lunachristian0
My loveby lunachristian0
Jennika is a women who lives with her boyfriend but barely goes home home because she is scared of him. she's scared because he gets drunk and high at the same time and...
Life on the big island by morganandrachael2118
Life on the big islandby therealme2015
Parker's mom died. She was all she had left . Parker is sixteen and can't live on her own. Her mother requested she live with her mom closet friends. Beth and Duane chap...
in love with him by lunachristian0
in love with himby lunachristian0
Isabella Blaine Watters
The Chapman accident  by eharland04
The Chapman accident by erharland04
read this story where Duane and Beth Chapman accidentally fall in love with a child who is all alone after the child's mother goes to jail. read more two find out life w...
Duane Lee's Daughter by dracomalfoy23
Duane Lee's Daughterby Dogs Girl
I'm horrible at these. please just read.
meant to be by lunachristian0
meant to beby lunachristian0
Jamie and Leland have been best friends since she was born and he was 2. when they're out on the conjoined family camp trip what happens when they do something and he le...
Secrets In The Night by HarrietLucy
Secrets In The Nightby Harriet :P
Things get complicated after Tony Stark's baby sister gets adopted by The Chapman family (Dog The Bounty Hunter) and needs serious help. Who is going to save her?
His Flower ( Leland Chapman ) by WhiteWolfLife
His Flower ( Leland Chapman )by Cookies and cream
Lola Brookins just moved to Oahu in Hawaii to help her sister, Kobi. Kobi was charged with drug possession of ice and is running from Dog the bounty hunter. Lola doesn't...
Broken (A Leland Chapman Love Story) by JoyceWyant
Broken (A Leland Chapman Love HeelBrieMode
Tiffany Love is a 21 year old girl who lives with her abusive boyfriend Derek,She is caught up in drugs and is just not in a good place. What happens when Dog The Bounty...
Dating Leland Chapmen by liambear123
Dating Leland Chapmenby IloveOnedirection
Darcy Black is 31 years old and she lives in Colorado Spring and they come to her hometown and they look for her brother and she helps them find him as the mean time she...
Little birds dog fight by KellsABiach
Little birds dog fightby Kells A Biach
What do you do when the man you love cheats? Tatum Joy Teller doesnt know the answer to that but needs to figure it out fast... Leland Chapman/ OC, Duane Lee/ OC... Slig...
Love me Always and Forever by LonleyEmoStories
Love me Always and Foreverby Sarah
A bounty hunter and a singer fall in love with life be kind to them and show them light or with the darkness of life tear them apart read and find out
my bounty hunter heart by lunachristian0
my bounty hunter heartby lunachristian0
i don't own any of the Chapman family
Loss of a Life Can Lead To Happiness Leland Chapman love story (One-Shot)  by irod5223
Loss of a Life Can Lead To irod5223
Glee x Dog the Bounty Hunter In which a girl flees to Hawai'i to get away from her family with the help of her best friend and his family. Leland Chapman x Fem. OC A/N:...
meemaw x dog the bounty hunter. smut/lemon/fluff  by Stacey557407
meemaw x dog the bounty hunter. Stacey
this is the most beautiful love story between a terrorist and a bounty hunter enemies to lovers trope
Bounty Hunting by NicolaBarrett5
Bounty Huntingby NicolaBarrett5
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