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The Literature Club (Male!DDLC X Reader) by Confetti-Cupcake
The Literature Club (Male!DDLC X sara!!
When (Y/N) is forced to join her best friend Satori's club, she's thrown for a loop when she sees the club is full of incredibly handsome boys! As with any other school...
Just You and Monika. by lunaisnotaboy
Just You and Luna
You have been obsessing over this game since it's release. What disappointed you the most, is there was no way to get Monika regularly. However, when Monika stepped in...
Doki Doki Literature Club X Female Reader (Club Members X Female Reader) by G0r3p0rn
Doki Doki Literature Club X Brynnie
I don't own the photos. This is a mature story and it contains mature content. This story is a girl x girl story, if you don't like that this isn't for you. I don't own...
Yuri's Afterimage (A DDLC Fan-Fic) (Yuri x Male Reader) by DarkFictionDude
Yuri's Afterimage (A DDLC Fan-Fic) DarkFictionDude
You have been in Yuri's class ever since grade nine. You've always wanted to get to know her better, but because she is anti-social, you've never had the chance. One day...
Sunshine [DDLC - Monika x Yuri, AKA Yurika] by Excellent-Homo
Sunshine [DDLC - Monika x Yuri, Some gay lad
I like Yurika, it's my second-favorite ship. And since I had trouble finding any good Yurika fanfics, I decided to make one. As I said in the description of Just Thought...
I Love You So Much - A Doki Doki Smut/Lemon Fic (Yuri x Natsuki x Reader) by ger0006
I Love You So Much - A Doki Doki Cerebral Forest
This is a Yuri & Natsuki X Reader Fanfiction. A new kid (That's you, dummy) goes on school camp with Yuri, and they have all kinds of fun. Then Natsuki decides to join...
𝐃𝐎𝐊𝐈 𝐃𝐎𝐊𝐈! by AngelAnimeImagines
𝐃𝐎𝐊𝐈 𝐃𝐎𝐊𝐈!by 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥
DDLC Girls ♡ reactions, headcanons, oneshots, drabbles. highest ranks: #27 in DOKIDOKILITERATURECLUB #7 in JUSTMONIKA ...
Monika x Fem! Reader Oneshots  by Sugu14
Monika x Fem! Reader Oneshots by Sugu14
Title says it all. Mostly angst and fluff. Not sure about lime and lemon though. Who knows~ PS: I do not own Monika nor the Doki-Doki Literature Club. Credits go to Team...
Gamer Yuri by Victoriousboss
Gamer Yuriby Victoriousboss
After pass time with MC, Yuri is becoming more lazy...
Love storys......||Yuri x Monika DDLC fic by cutie_yandere_baby
Love storys......||Yuri x Monika Saiko-chan
monika liked yuri for a long tiem but does she like her back? monika finds out in this story when she sees yuri after school and hangs out with her and changes the scrip...
Don't Forget About Us! Doki Doki Literature Club by Bobbybedore34
Don't Forget About Us! Doki Doki Bobbybedore34
First off, hi! Thanks for reading! Secondly, this story is about Doki Doki Literature Club! What happens when {Y/N} hacks his way into the game, and suddenly, the realit...
natsuri one shots ! by cunfuzeds
natsuri one shots !by cunfuzeds
• ;3 some natsuri fluffy one shots!! i will also include some lemon in there as well but i will make sure to warn you before each chapter for your sake!! i will also mak...
Saturday Savior by Strawberrycheescake2
Saturday Saviorby Strawberrycheescake2
Direct sequel to Cheering Her Up: Yuri's sleepover with Natsuki was a wonderful night, but when the next morning rolls around, she's determined do whatever she can to re...
I'll Love You Forever: A Monika x Reader by anonymousreads_
I'll Love You Forever: A Monika aesthetic
You wind up in a literature club with 4 lovely girls, which all want to win your heart, but your heart only pumps one name.
Greencube's Fem!Character x Male!Reader Collection by SgtGreencube
Greencube's Fem!Character x Male! The Grand Foreigner
Long ago, in a remote corner of Wattpad, I SgtGreencube, omnipotent master of memes and relative darkness decided to post all sorts of Male!Reader inserts that I have cr...
The literature club (dsmp x reader) by Weird_Artist_Girl
The literature club (dsmp x reader)by Abby
(y/n)'s neighbor promised the club he was a member of that he'd bring a new member. So he brought (y/n). Then all of the members began to catch feelings for her. TW: t...
Sweet Cupcakes || Natsuki x Yuri ♡ by dokidokialena
Sweet Cupcakes || Natsuki x Yuri ♡by ♡ Alena ♡
Just another DDLC ship fan fic ♡ I hope you enjoy!
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Our Reality (Doki Doki Literature Club!) by Crash5020
Our Reality (Doki Doki Crash5020
Shujinkou is your average high schooler. When he isn't indulging in manga or video games, he's usually loses himself to scenarios in his head. That's how he figured he s...
She's not for me, is she? by Otokojukus_Wrestler
She's not for me, is she?by J. Brahman
Yuri once thought joining the literature club would be the best thing that happened to her, but after meeting one of their members whom she'd develop a bizarre rivalry w...
Natsuri ~~ Natsuki x Yuri by AwkaEve
Natsuri ~~ Natsuki x Yuriby Eve
Opposites in a world controlled by Monika's programming. Will they escape? And will Natsuki and Yuri find love? Read to see! I ship this more than anything!!! I love Nat...