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ក្រសោបស្នេហ៍ចាស់ by YxMinYxMin
ក្រសោបស្នេហ៍ចាស់by YxMin
ស្នេហាគឺអាត្មានិយម.. បងអាត្មានិយម ព្រោះបងស្រឡាញ់អូនពេក
Reincarnate (TFP) by thechunkysquirrel
Reincarnate (TFP)by ʜᴇʟʟᴏ, ᴏʟᴅ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅ
There's a fourth human that the Autobots meet. Ellie. And she's eerily similar to a deceased loved one of Optimus'. - ✰I do not own Transformers nor the cover art.
Szkoła by majansa
Szkołaby Majasna
Kacper największy bad boy w szkole Julka miła ale nie dla wszystkich, szybko się denerwuje
Family | Tfp AU by BeesAvenger33766
Family | Tfp AUby Evilyn Rez
Bumblebee can hardly remember a time without his foster sister, Firestar, in his life. He and his father took her in when he was only 10 and she was 8, so they've been l...
Taking Care Of Baby Bumblebee by ShanmusPrime
Taking Care Of Baby Bumblebeeby Chillin' With My Autobots
Bumblebee is a baby now and he is a orphan and Optimus prime looks after him as his own but all hell breaks loose when the decepticons find out about bee.
𝔬η тн𝕖 βг𝔦𝐍𝔨 σƒ ι𝐧s𝓐Ⓝ𝔦тƳ 𝓑𝓾𝓶𝓫𝓵𝓮𝓫𝓮𝓮 𝔁 𝓐𝓻𝓬𝓮𝓮 by Wolfie569
𝔬η тн𝕖 βг𝔦𝐍𝔨 σƒ ι𝐧s𝓐Ⓝ𝔦тƳ �...by Wolf
FIRST 15 chapters completed (and under severe editing) No one believed the Decepticons and Autobots fued.. No one believed that Megatron would cause a violent outburst...
I'm in Love with an Autobot  by azzy32
I'm in Love with an Autobot by azzy32
Okay y'all I've decided I'm not going to rewrite this story anymore I want to leave whats left of the original writing. Two Worlds ...
Sparks Connected (On Hold) by CosmicLuigi
Sparks Connected (On Hold)by CosmicLuigi
This my first ever fanfic, so I hope my readers will be able enjoy this story! This fanfic is dedicated to two of my favorite ships, Bumblebee x Arcee, and the other one...
The Misadventures of Little Smokescreen (One Shots) by BeesAvenger33766
The Misadventures of Little Smokes...by Evilyn Rez
[In conjunction with "Family | TFP AU"] "Daddy, will Smokescreen stay little for always?" "No, honey. He'll grow up just like you and Jazz."...
♡Elita Harkov Oneshots♡ by crrentlycxrying
♡Elita Harkov Oneshots♡by crrentlycxrying
Emma Harvey Oneshots (Elita Harkov, Emma Harvey, Yungelita) It's GxG You can request Literally nobody writes about her soooo ima do it
Transformers "First Kiss" One Shots [COMPLETED] by LostToTheRiver
Transformers "First Kiss" One Shot...by LostToTheRiver
A collection of Cybertronians sharing their first kisses with each other! If you would like me to write a scene about two characters, please put a comment under the &qu...
Aspen Heights, Book 1: Chosen by writingaspenheights
Aspen Heights, Book 1: Chosenby Ellie Oliver
This book is my written interpretation of the YouTube series, Aspen Heights, by: AGsmiless. All credit goes to Alexis. ☆ Elita Carpenter, a seemingly average foster chi...
west coast ☆ joji miller by velvetbabe
west coast ☆ joji millerby 💌
❝ our eyes will disguise dirt on purpose ❞ or venus loves a murderer
TFA along came a spider reverse  by AngeliqueAllen5
TFA along came a spider reverse by Angelique Allen
when elita one fell in Optimus prime didn't save her what if Optimus and elita fell in and sentinel prime blamed lickety split for leaving them behind
Highschool Sweethearts||k-12|| by melspowder
Highschool Sweethearts||k-12||by Albert!!!
An Angelita x Crybaby story! 🪷 This story has no smut since these are real people. (elite harvok and Melanie Martinez) This is definitely not the best story and this...
The Ice Girl by MetteAndersen8
The Ice Girlby Mette Andersen
Sophie Lancaster, sister of Miles Lancaster, is an ice skater with a good looking future. But what happens, when her brother introduce her to people with fancy cars, whe...
Dares? Questions? I don't know by BayverseElita
Dares? Questions? I don't knowby Elita-1
I'm elita. The oldest of my sisters. Arcee, and chromia.
Akademia by ImportantPigeon
Akademiaby ImportantPigeon
Trzech kolegów, którzy nie mają za grosz powodzenia u kobiet, postanawia wziąć sprawy w swoje ręce.