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Sofia the First:  Elena and Esmeralda and the Secret of Avalor  by a_fandompr1ncess
Sofia the First: Elena and Esmera...by Fandom Fan
41 years ago, Princesses Elena and Esmeralda had turned 16 and lost their family. With Shuriki invading Avalor, their parents gone, and not knowing what happened to thei...
The King's Niece(A Sofia the First fanfic) by Oncer121598
The King's Niece(A Sofia the First...by Shannon Brunicke
Everly is the 13 year old niece of King Roland. Her father, who is Roland's younger brother, knew his brother would be King, so he did his own thing. He became the best...
Sofia The First : Is the Time Right? by Xelia_Layr
Sofia The First : Is the Time Righ...by Xelia_Layr
Sofia just turned 18, which is the right age to choose a suitor. Hugo, Sofia's best friend isn't actually in favor of this. What does a prince have to do? 1st in #sofiat...
Hugfia: The One That Got Away by envisionfirelizards
Hugfia: The One That Got Awayby envisionfirelizards
Betrothed to a man she hates, while her heart longs for another. When Princess Sofia was 16, she was engaged to Prince Hugo, and she couldn't have been happier. After a...
What are we? (Hugfia fanfic) by shqrmqine
What are we? (Hugfia fanfic)by Le sunset skies✨
(Rushed ending, Discontinued) "Oh Hugo, i dont know anymore." Sofia said in a panicked shaky voice "Its okay Sof, take your time" Hugo said holding b...
A Bit of Love by Xelia_Layr
A Bit of Loveby Xelia_Layr
A harmless piece of paper caused all of these. As Sofia and Hugo were working on a project together for Potions 101. They got a book regarding on Human Behavior Spells...
Sofia the First: Truth or Dare? by moretla
Sofia the First: Truth or Dare?by carved in your mind
✨NEW EPISODES OUT NOW!✨ Join the official gang of Sofia the First to their comedic and romantic journey through truths and dares! But here is the twist: YOU get to give...
Sofia The First : Protector In Training  by Maria146
Sofia The First : Protector In Tra...by Maria146
Sequel to my story Sofia the first: Sofias father my sister cant help but love this series! Will include the other Wicked Nine NOT included in the show. Full list is i...
I LOVE YOU TILL NOW 2 - HUGFIA FAN...by 𝐈𝐧𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐃𝐨𝐫𝐤
She's back, but not alone. After Khole escaped from the hospital, things started getting weird around Sofia. Words written with blood on Sofia's mirror, people claiming...
The Other Amulet by queenmal4life
The Other Amuletby Steph
It's Clio's 12th birthday and her parents give her a special gift, a necklace that looks like Sofia's but a very dark pink, she promises her parents that she would neve...
Diplomatic Trouble by TimoteoMontenegro3
Diplomatic Troubleby TimoteoMontenegro3
When Princess Elena and her Royal Council, and Wizard visit Enchancia again for diplomacy and good relations, Trouble hits. But not a war or anything. This was unexpect...
[Book 11] Sofia The First: A Star is Born by LeonaMherize
[Book 11] Sofia The First: A Star...by Leonaein
Date: January 18 A popular singer named, Countess Coloratura, will be having a concert at Royal Prep and has met up with her childhood friend, Sofia, the princess of Enc...
Sofia The First: The Enchanting Princess  by memyselfmythoughts
Sofia The First: The Enchanting Pr...by memyselfmythoughts
Princess Sofia is all grown up,navigating a new lifestyle, attending Ever Realm Academy with her stepsister Princess Amber. Love, Drama and so much more awaits for her a...
[Book 2] Sofia The First: A Friends Company by LeonaMherize
[Book 2] Sofia The First: A Friend...by Leonaein
This is a remake version of my first story, "Friends Company" :) Date: September 22 Princess Sofia is sick and had to ditch their playdate with the 3 young Wel...
[Book 9] Sofia The First: A Christmas Tale by LeonaMherize
[Book 9] Sofia The First: A Christ...by Leonaein
Date: December 25 The royal family of Welshire are off to celebrate Wassalia at Enchancia. Leona thought how to celebrate Christmas. The royals helped Leona celebrate Wa...
Sensational by darkmisstress18
Sensationalby KrisKringle
Princess Myra from the dilapitated kingdom of Northmount has come to Enchancia with her family to discuss ways to improve their kingdom's plight. When she meets Enchanci...
Forever Royal (Sofia the First FanFiction) ||Hugfia|| by Rainbwoah_Erin
Forever Royal (Sofia the First Fan...by Erin Krew
Sofia the First Spin-off Story takes place after the graduation of the students of Royal Prep and when things went back to normal after Vor, who tried taking over Enchan...
Sofia the First - The Secret Library: The Tale Of Princess Zooey by Expralisa
Sofia the First - The Secret Libra...by Exprallian
(Updated October 2022) When the Secret Library calls upon Storykeeper Princess Sofia of Enchancia to try to persuade her hesitant friend Princess Zooey to go through wit...
Sofia The First NEW CHAPTER OF LIFE by SndrNq
Sofia The First NEW CHAPTER OF LIFEby SaNdreaNique
The Story happens a few years later after Sofia defeated Vor... She haven't been in contact with all her Royal friends including her ultimate crush Prince Hugo Will thei...
Because I Knew You: The Life of Sofia and Hugo  by CandyFloss537
Because I Knew You: The Life of So...by Candy Floss
The winds of autumn blow. The snowflakes of winter dance and play. The flowers of spring bloom. And the heat of the summer .... is hot. Life's a cycle. Roland was once a...