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The Alpha Meets The Rogue by xXdemolitionloverXx
The Alpha Meets The Rogueby Olga Guevara
Leila lived with her pack all her life. It was until she was forced into an arranged marriage that she ran away from home. She turned into a rogue and while running away...
Escaping the Monster's Embrace by Mentally-Insane
Escaping the Monster's Embraceby Ari
Everything changed when they came out of hiding, terror spread across the world as people began to question if our presidents and our global leaders lied to us and weren...
Escape The Night, Wilbur x Reader by _breathnotfound_
Escape The Night, Wilbur x Readerby ✨Oxygen not found✨
"Your all invited to a dinner party Friday night at my castle house." An invite gets mailed to Y/n and Sapnap. But some others also got one. Will they survive...
In His Hand's  by Seylaaa15
In His Hand's by 🍃Seyla Mesic🍃
Thomas is 16yrs old teenager.. His life is kinda boring, but for his wish he get some exciting finnaly..he gets kidnaped..and for a moment he thought he will be free.. B...
KILL ME by Tootsieswoots
KILL MEby Tootsie
☆DOTTIE LAMALA☆ A nineteen-year-old who is quiet and keeps to herself. She loves playing in the pouring rain, reading any genre of book, writing, drawing, music...
Toxic Paradise by hagreen6
Toxic Paradiseby Haley Green
We've all had bad days, but when Jayna Mitchell gets dumped by her long term boyfriend AND loses her job in the same 48 hours, she believes she's hit rock bottom. While...
No Idea by Hurlldom
No Ideaby Beauty
different kind of love
The Genetidam by Liabellewrites
The Genetidamby Liabellewrites
This is the edited version of my first story on Wattpad, The Genetidam. Three orphans escape Fair-Chance State-Home. If they get caught then they'll be sent to The Gene...
Escape The Night : Return to 1978 by neargle7
Escape The Night : Return to 1978by neargle7
Inspired by Joey Graceffa's Escape The Night - Season 3 streaming on YouTube
Vague Questions by mastermind_jay
Vague Questionsby Jayla Atsher
⚠️Under editing⚠️ - --( ► )-- - 0 - - -● - - - - - - - -100% ━━━━━━━...
Welcome to Cavalon by awkwardpenguin3
Welcome to Cavalonby awkwardpenguin3
When Charlotte is shipped off who knows where to Cavalon, a 'correctional facility for troubled teens' that specializes in disabilities and injuries, she doesn't know wh...
LOVE OF VENGEANCE by crush_on_sid
"Listen to me, Mr Martinelli. I am not going to be yours. And I mean it..." Nandita shouted at top of her voice. "Are you challenging me, Amore? I smirked...
Bad Liar (SCP x Reader) by MagicGamePlays
Bad Liar (SCP x Reader)by MagicGamePlays
You are a 21yo who found yourself in an orange, sticky, situation... You were born in the Facility by a Female doctor, with the help from SCP-049, in the process, your m...
Kidnapped | RAINBOW98 by Paton98
Kidnapped | RAINBOW98by Paton98
Casey is having the time of her life. She's 18, allowed to drink and she's ready to hit up the night clubs. One night, Casey parties a little TOO hard and a unknown man...
The Scout  by mikehurleytamy
The Scout by Shattered Dreams
'The Scout' is a post apocalyptic storyline, a little Twilight Zone alternative dimension, and most of the current CBC Heartland characters. My favorite characters; Amy...
His Other Half.. || Ray x Reader || The Promised Neverland || by slthyx
His Other Half.. || Ray x Reader | ✎
You were a normal 13 year old girl you just transferred to Grace Field. You had intelligence, beauty, and soon close friends. Mostly including Emma, Norman, and Ray. Yo...
The Alpha's Human (book2) by wolf158
The Alpha's Human (book2)by Wolfy
Sequel to "The Alpha's Huntress" Avery Powers. Adopted by a harsh and cruel man when she was 3. She was abused by him at the age of 10. She finally has enough...
Voices Deep Inside (Book I) by JulieGranger
Voices Deep Inside (Book I)by Julie Granger
His chilling cry that night touched her soul, and this time Talia ran toward the sound. The corridors of the castle were filled with cries of desperation. His voice had...
This Is Not A Story by C2Spring
This Is Not A Storyby LostHerCrown
Loving someone takes so much patience and understanding. It must be balanced because it takes two for a relationship to work. But will your relationship last if one of...
Clemency (Reiner x reader x Bertholdt) by iiivizh
Clemency (Reiner x reader x ☑ ⓋⒾⓏⒽ ☑
You heard something you shouldn't have heard, the consequences are massive You are captured by two traitors. Will you try to escape? or will you fall into their charms...