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You Broke Me First ~Sirius Black~ by thesiriusblackswife
You Broke Me First ~Sirius Black~by ms
Jayde Potter is James Potter's twin however, they do not get along. They hate each other -- have hated each other since their third year. Jayde has a fun, bubbly persona...
THE ONE SUMMER ❀ James Potter by HayleyAnnaPotter_420
THE ONE SUMMER ❀ James Potterby Hayley
COMPLETED: 03/19/21 ❝ I PROMISE TO LOVE YOU ONLY FOR THE SUMMER ❞ There's a moment in everyone's life when everything finally makes sense, all the unanswered questions o...
Code Geass Reacts by BulletZoid
Code Geass Reactsby BulletZoid
I'm not writing a CG reaction to the show but rather a reaction book of desired material. For example: Cornelia (and others) react to SAZ-BTS(behind the scenes), the Eup...
Code Geass: The Ability of Change by Zairrif
Code Geass: The Ability of Changeby Zairrif
It started in August 2017 in Area Eleven, formally known as Japan. Specifically, in Ashford Academy, a private academy that is quite extravagant, where (F/N) Crowel atte...
Code Geass: Forces of Destiny by CedricBarrameda
Code Geass: Forces of Destinyby StormRider
C's World, also known as the Collective Unconscious of Mankind, is amazed by Lelouch's progress to change the world. What if the Gods send a Code Geass user to help the...
Requiem For A Dream by Ashe_Hime
Requiem For A Dreamby Synclaire Battle
Lucia Sai Fante,Princess of the Fante Kingdom is forced into a marriage with Prince Schneizel who is a mass manipulator. Little does he know Lucia cannot be easily used...
~Slave To Your Affections~ {Yandere!Lelouch X Reader} by VilliansRule
~Slave To Your Affections~ { VilliansRule
Y/n L/n is a 16 year old girl who was once a slave to the royal family of Britannia. She doesn't remember much except for the young boy who helped her escape. Several ye...
𖣔 𝕀 𝔹𝕖𝕝𝕠𝕟𝕘 𝕋𝕠 𝕐𝕠𝕦 𖣔 (Suzaku x Reader) by Lil_Idol_Chan
𖣔 𝕀 𝔹𝕖𝕝𝕠𝕟𝕘 𝕋𝕠 𝕐𝕠𝕦 𖣔 0-0
Princess Y/N Vi Britainia was the identical twin sister to Euphimia just with shorter hair. She was a very weak and sickly child so she was never allowed outside the pal...
The Potters  by Harrypotterfanfic31
The Potters by Malfoydracomalfoy😉
Hiya, Potterheads!! So as obviously all the characters belong to J.K Rowling (Queen👑) This is just a piece of my imagination where Harry never goes to live with the ho...
Code Geass 30 Day Challenge II by _euphie_chan
Code Geass 30 Day Challenge IIby ❄️ 싸넨 ❄️
The title says it all. The prompts are not mine. I just found it on tumblr. Book cover made by: @JuliaVeronik8
Code Arc by CloneCaptainBriggs
Code Arcby TheBenduJedi
Jaune Arc was betrayed by his so called friends after his transcripts into beacon academy exposed, during a mission to protect a village. Jaune died at the hands of the...
Code Geass Crackshots by BulletZoid
Code Geass Crackshotsby BulletZoid
A CG Crackbook with oneshots full of crack, ridiculous fanfiction and I'm willing to work on suggestions! All my headcanons will be in here. It can contain all types of...
A visit to Ashford Academy by Pattonkesselring
A visit to Ashford Academyby Pattonkesselring
Euphemia convinces Suzaku to give her a tour of his school, and she gets a surprise from who she meets. This is not canon, it's AU, and I thought it would be a cool id...
The Evil Noble(Moriarty the patriot/yuukoku no moriarty x code geass)  by lamprouge
The Evil Noble(Moriarty the lamprouge
Lelouch Vi Britannia and William James Moriarty. Both of them decided to sacrifice their lives to the world. They care for their family and friends. They are each other...
Throne of Sin (male child reader X mother Cornelia Li Britannia) by ChrisReiniger
Throne of Sin (male child reader Shadow Nexus
Some have greatness thrust upon them, others are born into it. For (y/n)it was both. Being the son of Cornelia Li Britannia the second princess of the Britannian Imperia...
Perhaps It Was First Love by FranziM7
Perhaps It Was First Loveby Franzi M
Lelouchs palms were sweaty as the music began to play. It was a slow, Britannian song, perfectly fitting for the atmosphere. As soon as the pianist played the first note...
The Massacre Princess by erzellete02
The Massacre Princessby Raissa Zarina Nilo
Euphemia li Britannia is the Third Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire. She wished to be away from the empire's and palace's walls and decided to study in a normal sc...
Fire and Gold ~ Tom Riddle AU II by 888AthenaBlack888
Fire and Gold ~ Tom Riddle AU IIby » αтнєηα »
Much to Horace Slughorn's dismay, Artemis Potter and Tom Riddle seem to have drifted apart a little despite having spent the summer holidays with each other. So, of cour...
Lonesome Hymns by IamOwl
Lonesome Hymnsby N.B.Sarmiento
To those who enjoy poetry. This one is for you. "To make the most of what I have. Not to crush it down, not vainly to wish that it was something else, but to cultiv...