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Queen's Adviser by AgeregressionKitten
Queen's Adviserby Kitten is little
Elizabeth has been ruling her kingdom for 3 years now. She's gone through countless advisors in those 3 years. When she's finally ready to give up on finding herself one...
EXHAUSTED (BakuDeku) by Itsjustmoi07
EXHAUSTED (BakuDeku)by ✨𝙎𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙮 𝘼𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙧✨
Katsuki Bakugou, a massage therapist, struggles to find himself a romantic partner before turning thirty. When he comes across a cute greenette, he knew for sure he love...
Kuroko no Basket - Kuroko's Exhausting Week by rinrinlen12
Kuroko no Basket - Kuroko's Exhaus...by Rinny
=Based from Kuroko no Basket or Basuke, whatever you call it~ =w= It was just another day for Kuroko... Or was it? This week is gonna be full or surprises for Kuroko! An...
Dollhouse ~ Ghostbird Fanfic  by StAl2LiGhT
Dollhouse ~ Ghostbird Fanfic by 🌊🏛Brooke 🫧🪼
"See no evil. Speak no evil. Listen carefully." A family akin to a modern Adams' Family moves into the derelict house across the street from Kota. Intrigued by...
Destroyed By Words - Completed - Editing by ThatBrokenGirl18
Destroyed By Words - Completed - E...by ThatBrokenGirl18
Carina Davis is a girl who goes where she needs to everyday, hiding from everyone what really happens at home. Her parents hate her, and they have no problem with displ...
A Land of Nothing  (Shingeki No Kyojin Fanfic as of ch 136) by TahneeFaulkner
A Land of Nothing (Shingeki No Ky...by Tahnee Lea Faulkner
I'm sure this will be dis-proven by Isayama Sensei himself. But it was gnawing at the back of my head to the point I could think of little else, and I have a month befor...
Syncope {Jungkook Hurtfic} by SSears90
Syncope {Jungkook Hurtfic}by SSears90
{Requested}{Oneshot} Jungkook tries to keep up with his busy schedule but the exhaustion catches up to him. Hyungs panic when their maknae won't wake up.
Sleeping habits by Malikook96
Sleeping habitsby Malikook96
Namjoon has a habit of checking on his sleeping members before going to his own bed
sick by Mxnon24
sickby •||m a n o n||•
just a bunch of enhypen sick/hurt os bxb only (mostly p l a t o n i c) requests are open so don't hesitate 🧡
Gravesend by Kiyoshiki_Nishimura
Gravesendby Kiyoshiki_Nishimura
In the remote and mystical corners of South Korea, renowned shaman Hwa-rim and her eager protégé Bong-gil are summoned by a wealthy Korean American family to uncover the...
Broken by be-kind-kid
Brokenby be-kind-kid
Story of loneliness and hope. "Never give up hope."
my chaotic mind by aurevoirxoxo
my chaotic mindby Aura
I'm exhausted. This is a collection of my thoughts on life. Poetry, random words, run on sentences, anything goes. If you have something insightful to contribute, I'll q...
LOST  by silver__shade91
LOST by Anushka
Short Poems on heartbreak From familiar path to unfamiliar path, From us to me and you, From being in the same world to being LOST.
You Choose How To Lose by StillinWinmode
You Choose How To Loseby Romeo’s Loss 🍀
Always random. Always a choice, to lose, or win.....every second...every blink.... every single thought, you think . Be aware: my writing is not always cheerful
Suffocating Bliss by NeedHolyWaterASAP
Suffocating Blissby Blessed
Faking everything can only take you so far. --------- Too ugly; too fat, too this; to that. ---- Based on a true story 🤷‍♀️ ***NOT MY ART/PICTURES***
Collection of poems by cornyrex
Collection of poemsby cornyrex
Here are some poems based on short stories. Enjoy!