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The woman in captivity by the villain by ClarissaSim0
The woman in captivity by the Fen
Not mine.. 被反派圈养的女人 作者:西瓜灯 She lost her memory and was told by the system that as long as the villain loves her, everything can be solved! So, she set foot on the daily...
Quick Transmigration: Host Dada, This system can't keep up! by B0btheDog
Quick Transmigration: Host Dada, bob
Bai Wei was a hacker in a star pirate crew in the 3rd century. He died after being betrayed by his comrades. In the afterlife he was contracted by a system to go to vari...
Is the villain darkened again (fast wear) by ClarissaSim0
Is the villain darkened again ( Fen
MTL, NOT MINE 《反派又黑化了吗(快穿)》作者:般若罗 raw: In the time and space of dogma novels, there is a group of villains with tragic lives and...
Quick Wear: Take Advantage of the Void (PART 2) by jade_22V
Quick Wear: Take Advantage of jade_22V
MTL NOVEL The military commander who lost his fiancée vs. his cheap step-sister (Republic of China)
SOAHMTLH (MTL) by Xxirpaxx
SOAHMTLH (MTL)by Xxirpaxx
She Only Allows Motherland To Love Her Cen Miao is an important weapon of a great country, she is bound to the fast-passing system of that country, and she has become a...
[Comprehensive British and American] Super British American Dream by Kt31yn
[Comprehensive British and Kt31yn
Disclaimer: This is not my story. Credits to the original author. Used for offline reading! MACHINE TRANSLATION!!! Author: 玫織 Title: [綜英美]超英美夢 In order to get the energ...
QT - My Purpose by EvaRutherford
QT - My Purposeby Bhawana Gupta
Kai Bright is an ordinary person... Well, if you ignore his side job as a hacker and the fact that he won an international hacking competition at the tender age of 18, a...
Why by PilarSurgawi
Whyby miuu
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Zhentaxia : 300 by GehennaMortem
Zhentaxia : 300by Gehenna Mortem
Amaranthine Eiryls, a young girl gets partnered up with a mysterious system that allows her to traverse various realms and don different identities. Her quest is not jus...
Because It's You by runexi
Because It's Youby runexi
Park Jeong Hyeon did not have any regrets. He had lived his whole life adhering to the principles behind the name that he had been bestowed with. ['Jeong 正'] which means...
The Strategy of That Scum [Quick Transmigration] (MTL) by ClarissaSim0
The Strategy of That Scum [Quick Fen
NOT MINE (MTL) For offline reading purposes. (slow update) credit to the author. 《攻略那个渣[快穿]》作者:唐宓 Author: Tang Mi Female gender, the scum attribute Rong Yi often wal...
whitewashing skills [quick wear] by ygbrale
whitewashing skills [quick wear]by Blank__
When he was selected by the system, he had nothing, and even his memory was vague. There is only that mechanical electronic sound in my mind, "The only sss-level pr...
Novel Terjemahan Manual Serangan Balik Cannon Fodder (Fast Wear) 炮灰原配逆袭手册[快穿] by zeeryan
Novel Terjemahan Manual Serangan zeeryan
炮灰原配逆袭手册[快穿] Penulis:红叶似火 Shen Rong mendapat "sistem asli", laki-laki terak dalam ribuan suami dan kekasih terus, anak itu ingin mati untuk tiga anak pere...
Send A Wife To The Villain [ Quick Wear ] by kimrokso_o
Send A Wife To The Villain [ ally
COMPLETED MTL Author: Ling Xin Status: Completed ( 100 Chapters ) Raw Link: DESCRIPTION The Quick Wear Office recently l...
Fast wear-on boyfriend's patchwork technique by ygbrale
Fast wear-on boyfriend's Blank__
Some people are born with a good decks of cards, but they make mistakes, misread their opponents, and lose the whole game. Some people, obviously childhood sweethearts...