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How Poseidon became a father by percyOlympians657
How Poseidon became a fatherby percyOlympians657
Sally gives birth, but dies leaving her daughter with her abusive husband. Gabe never wanted a child, and good thing too cause it's not his, so he never took care of the...
Todoroki family headcanons by Randomfandom300
Todoroki family headcanonsby Todoroki-kun
Just as the title says - Todoroki family headcanons that are too cute for this world. Book began: 28/02/21 Book finished: ??/??/?? Highest achievements: #2 in fatherlylo...
Agape ~ Father! Boris x Child! Reader  by The_CringeShow
Agape ~ Father! Boris x Child! Rea...by The_CringeShow
**READ THIS BEFORE STORY; This is NOT a canon x reader story in a romantic kind of way; it's a fatherly kind of love. I know most of you probably know this, but still I...
Dad and Me  by LoneWolf_0220
Dad and Me by LoneWolf_0220
Lilly and her Dad are as close as they can be, but after having a fallout on Father's Day she rips her Dad's card to pieces. Upon waking up the next day, she realizes th...
Silent Scream by Uniquedoll602
Silent Screamby Uniquedoll602
When the Octonauts all met, there was one of them who wouldn't say a word. He just stared off into space, and didn't speak. How long will it take for the Octonauts to ea...
Rain || Suicidal Shoto Todoroki by Randomfandom300
Rain || Suicidal Shoto Todorokiby Todoroki-kun
"Do you ever get a feeling that this life isn't really yours? That you have no control? That everyone around you is just living and you're just: Breathing. Watching...
Tea Cakes (My Hero Academia)(Boyxboy) by QuixoticQuill
Tea Cakes (My Hero Academia)(Boyxb...by Quixotic Quill
Matsu Takenaka, a seemingly ordinary boy with a reserved spirit, was adopted by a wealthy family at a young age. Raised alongside their birth children and without need t...
Who am I by slippingomni
Who am Iby —•••—
Connor wakes up in an unfamiliar room without his memory. He was connected to tubes and pipes in a room with computers and such. It wasn't very big, but it was pale and...
 The Three Of Them|A Sbi Adoption Story| by tortlelover123
The Three Of Them|A Sbi Adoption...by Tortle
Probably gonna think of a new title soon but yeah! Purpled, Tommy and ranboo are brothers and are adopted but something happens... Credit to: @H0n3y_Fl0w3r for the idea...
Honesty || Todoroki Family Oneshots by Randomfandom300
Honesty || Todoroki Family Oneshotsby Todoroki-kun
Todoroki family Oneshots, mainly angst, revolving around the siblings and how they cope. {Cover image does not belong to me} ____________...
My dad the dentist my fear by AlphaWolfOfWar
My dad the dentist my fearby Stiles Stilinski
hannah is 6 years old with a very rare condition after years of treatment she is free of cancer but that faithful day she gets her teeth hurt and tends to hid it from he...
Little Penguin Bits by Uniquedoll602
Little Penguin Bitsby Uniquedoll602
Just some random ideas I had, mostly surrounding Peso. I might throw in something about the other Octonauts every now and then. These just struck me, I hope you enjoy th...
X-Men: Project 23 by LivAlice23
X-Men: Project 23by Mz. Hyde
She came to the school without anything, only a name. Laura. She was beaten down and broken. What happens when the cold hearted Wolverine becomes attached to this girl...
I'm a Little Penguin by Uniquedoll602
I'm a Little Penguinby Uniquedoll602
This is a human Octonauts story, since those seem to be so popular. One day, the Octonauts wake up human-but why is Peso so small? And why is he so pudgy? And why is he...
The secret child by Batjunior
The secret childby JessicaLee
Danhy Mikaelson was only sixteen when his grandmother turned his entire family into vampires, at first, he was scared of the things he could do, scared of the horrible e...
My Flowery Path by anaelscafe
My Flowery Pathby Azra
Image by Simon Cecere
Part Of Me : Prison Break  by paztab0515
Part Of Me : Prison Break by Miss101Queen
this story is basically S5 of Prison Break where Michael Scofield comes back from the dead and Sara and Michael fight Poseidon to get Little Mikey back and to finally be...
The Sin's of the Past Haunt Those in the Present by the_potions_master
The Sin's of the Past Haunt Those...by Mary
The sins of the past continue to haunt the Elric brothers, but especially Ed. Ever since that night that they tried to resurrect their mother, Edward is haunted by night...
Wink Of Winter by B00kw0rm17
Wink Of Winterby 🤓🤓🤓
One of Haku's happiest memories with Zabuza locked in his heart and of which, only he had the key to.