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Ennard X Reader: Tubes and Wires by DoorkBob
Ennard X Reader: Tubes and Wiresby DoorkBob
When Baby lets you stay at Circus Baby's Pizza World, you uncover some bone-chilling things about the band of party performing animatronics. All FNAF™ related char...
{Complete} Genderbend Baby X Genderbend Ballora X Reader (Female Reader) by Oliviamulvihill
{Complete} Genderbend Baby X Gende...by mommymilkers
Your brother Micheal died years ago. You thought you knew what happened... ~Swearing ~Fluff ~Lemons/Smut ~Gore -I will be putting warnings-
Fnaf (any game) smut 😮‍💨 by RopeMeInMommy
Fnaf (any game) smut 😮‍💨by •_•
Request a character and I'll make it. FIRST CHARACTER DONE IS MONTY They're gonna be female readers unless requested otherwise, enjoy <3
Afton family/ fnaf x reader one shots. by CutieToyMangle
Afton family/ fnaf x reader one sh...by CutieHumanToyMangle
Hello there my lil cubs!~ Welcome to my Afton Family X Reader one shots book!~ I hope you enjoy!~ - Everything you need to know will be in the first chapter, see you the...
Unwanted love by lolcram11
Unwanted loveby lolcram11
Bonnie x Toy Bonnie. The two bunnies hated each other from the start. They would do anything to one up each other. But when something unexpected happens, the two find f...
My Funtime Fred by RandomFnafFanLol
My Funtime Fredby Randomfnaffanlol
You are eighteen years old and you found yourself in a pizzeria. You find wonderful animatronics and make great friends. Then one catches your eyes. You start to have fe...
Revamped (Funtime Freddy X Reader) by JustNylah
Revamped (Funtime Freddy X Reader)by Nylah Hickson
Can you take the pressure of kids and animatronics, you will have a fun time. What has happened to your life from this job.
Living like a Human [A Sister Location Story] by Samuel152
Living like a Human [A Sister Loca...by Mr. Samuel
Samuel completes his first few nights in Circus Baby's Pizza World but he never shocked the animatronics. They notice that and wonder what to do with him. What will happ...
Broken Wills ("Save Her" Remake) by TheLostLegend06
Broken Wills ("Save Her" Remake)by Anubis
(This is a rewrite of my first story, Save Her. Cover art by Ganxer) A couple years ago, Will Emily's sister, Charlotte, died. Murdered by someone who was thought to be...
Funtime Freddy x Reader by xIsabell_Yayx
Funtime Freddy x Readerby Isabell / Malachi
Hey y'all. I've been pretty into FNaF SL lately so I decided to write a story about FT Freddy. Anyone else think he's adorable af? XD (if any of my friends are reading t...
Trust No One...Except Him - Funtime Foxy x Reader by Purpleypop
Trust No One...Except Him - Funtim...by Purpleypop
You needed a job and just so happened to come across an ad for Circus Baby's Pizza World. Interested, you applied for the job and were excited to begin your first night...
Fnaf Texts(COMPLETED) by KittKattGirl
Fnaf Texts(COMPLETED)by ✨Fre sha voc ado✨
Hehehe... :3 Fnaf Texts... Exactly the title... XD Just the Fnaf gang texting each other. Simple.
Michael Afton Meets Gregory by Totally_Player8
Michael Afton Meets Gregoryby Totally Eight
A short story about time travel and killer rabbits. Gregory finds himself in Michael Afton's apartment following the events of FNAF 3. (This story includes the GlamMike...
One For All (Five Nights at Freddy's) by DatPinkTomboy
One For All (Five Nights at Freddy...by DatPinkReptile
'One for all' is the story of four friends working in the loved 'Freddy Fazbear's Pizza'. Gabriel Flores, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Susie Cowan and Michael Schmidt,or Afton, ha...
[REPOST] ~A Bear Above All~ (Funtime Freddy x Reader)  by SleepyBearCubxX
[REPOST] ~A Bear Above All~ (Funti...by 💜Sleepy J💜
This was originally on a different account but Wattpad shat on it and deleted it, so this is a repost. I'm the same person behind this account, I'm sorry if this seemed...
Michael afton x male reader [one-shots] by MontyWh0r3
Michael afton x male reader [one-s...by Gross_corpse_chic💀
some of these will be 18+ so here's your warning. this book is dedicated to a whore that I love, you know who you are ;] anyway I only own the story ideas and concepts i...
 A FNAF SL Story Circus Baby x Male Animatronic Reader(COMPLETED) by Baby_The_Baby
A FNAF SL Story Circus Baby x Mal...by Baby
You just arrived to a new pizzeria the name of it is Circus Baby Pizzeria World.And you met a girl named Circus Baby and you have falled in love with her.
Fnaf Wedgie Location by juegodmentaledj
Fnaf Wedgie Locationby xseth adrenalinex
Well first of all this story is not my authorship this is "FIDUDHRBDBD " Although it may have changed the name well this story is translated by Bing (so there...
FNAF High: Freshman Year by TheForceProductions
FNAF High: Freshman Yearby LightForce2147
BOOK 1 OF THE FNAF HIGH SERIES Mangle Bellavance is a transfer student from a normal public school into a special public school, she transferred to her new school durin...