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Period Face Claims by starksolo
Period Face Claimsby ;-;
face claims from medieval and other time periods • Started July 15, 2016
The Queen Of X's by ShanayeBS
The Queen Of X'sby Shanaye BS
I am absolutely sick of every single story on Wattpad being of the dominant male and submissive female, something should change. Get ready for a new sexy, murderous, un...
Hacker (Book 1) by yodapumpkin
Hacker (Book 1)by Sam
Veronica is a computer genius, who doesn't always obey the rules. When she gets thrown out on to the abandoned streets of what used to be America, she meets Sebastian, w...
Meis deaths  by BryanHickok
Meis deaths by Hannah lily loud 07
Mei is gonna pass away soon
The Protectors; Book 2 by BeaBerri
The Protectors; Book 2by BeaBerri
Restart --------- This is book 2 out of 4, so if you haven't read book 1 I suggest you do so! --------- This series is based off of Fnaf Adventures made by TheInvisibleD...
A Thick Travel (chapter two) (Jesse X Demones) "DISCONTINUED"  by Gfighters99
A Thick Travel (chapter two) (Jess...by The G-Reader99
After these love birds manage to survival the horrific nuke like fart bomb That Demones made they both decided to go deeper into the "city" or what they seems...
Warning: Don't Look at the Moon by CWell101
Warning: Don't Look at the Moonby Carla W
For 5 years the sky as we know it has changed. No-one knows how, no-one knows why, but we've all been instructed. DON'T LOOK AT THE MOON. For fear of consequence, humani...
Osorubeki Gadian: Chapter 1: Death These Day by ZEROTWOO0
Osorubeki Gadian: Chapter 1: Death...by ZERO TWOO
Name: Elixes Nickname: Exile Age: 14 years old Animal characteristics: a black male wolf with 2 tails Description: Her parents won't let him go to high school because he...
The Future's Tale of Teenage Love by yrustalkingme
The Future's Tale of Teenage Loveby yrustalkingme
I was finally of age. This day was famed to be both the most important day of any prodigy's life, but also the most degrading and humiliating. Today would be the day th...
Destiny by imadumbie
Destinyby imadumbie
This set in a future setting where technology is way better than it is currently, medical wise and weapon wise The government has given up on protecting its people (its...
Lost by Bm_jace
Lostby Bm_jace
In a futuristic world Thé kidnapping of a Ruler's Love sends him Through trials and tribulations too get her bak but turnz out thingz are more twisted than he thought
SEPARATED by daddysdirtylaundry
SEPARATEDby daddysdirtylaundry
When the government mysteriously separates the world in gender camps, Arista and Biron must find their way back to one another and resolve the mystery of it all.
Limitless  by dengioo
Limitless by dengioo
Year 11110 the world has became an advanced planet to the point that human physical and mental capabilities have increase Exponentially A group of teenage students figur...
Baby Ranbob RP by ProbablyLilac
Baby Ranbob RPby OH GOD NO!!!!!-
this is a rp for me, @HeartsYeallow, and @ . if you like to join us, you may, but just know that the current lore must be stuck with. you may rp as past creatures for ex...
Storm Force: The War of Two Worlds by Ever_Dragon
Storm Force: The War of Two Worldsby ✨Ngitar✨
Some 700 years in the future, a war ravages the once peaceful world known as Earth. Alien terrorists have invaded the planet, taking lives of innocent humans and destr...
AWAKE by novice_caution
AWAKEby novice_caution
A collection of short story's, poems and discursive essays.