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The First Wave by OneTimeWrighter
The First Waveby OneTimeWrighter
Charlotte is off on her journey, in the first chapter we meet Charlotte McKenna and her mother Kelly McKenna as they set off, or in better words doze off on there trip t...
The Toxic Arrangement by Dreamy627
The Toxic Arrangementby Dreamy627
TOXICCCCC Royal Grey made a... business deal. If he could take and keep Dalton Mae's daughter with a marriage he could live. Dalton Mae, the rich, greedy man he was, to...
Knight | ongoing by booksby3mily
Knight | ongoingby ᴇᴍɪʟʏ
- Book two of The Knight Series - 𝐌𝐚𝐱𝐞𝐧 𝐏𝐚𝐮𝐥 𝐊𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭; the devil's little brother. He wasn't always the coldhearted person you know him to be. He was once l...
Why is it you? by lavalisa
Why is it you?by lavalisa
A girl that has been bullied her whole life just to find out she was starting to gain feelings for him but does he feel the way?
Broken hearts by episodereader_
Broken heartsby episodereader_
Miles Ashford: I know I'm not supposed to want her. Shes's forbidden, a nobody, someone I know I'm not suppose to seen or associate with. Yet, I want her only her. With...
In Charlie's Arms by evettevanstrong
In Charlie's Armsby Evette van Strong
ONGOING-ALMOST COMPLETED He was entranced by her, wanting to hear her voice in his ear, feel her touch on his skin, smell her scent on his clothes . . . but with secrets...
Where the Truth Leads  by kaitlincarroll6
Where the Truth Leads by kaitlincarroll6
The 7th book in the "Truth Behind the Lies" series.
His sweet Devil  by psychotickisses-_
His sweet Devil by psychotickisses-_
What if the dangers at Hawkins hadn't stopped even after the mall explosion? What if there was a new girl with a odd aura? What if Eddie took a liking to her ? What if E...
It's just A Dare by AnniePeterson9
It's just A Dareby _.dazzled
"Guys I can't believe it's our final high school year" says Ann "Me too I can't believe we are seniors .. we have to make lots of memories together th...
My brothers bestfriend  by i_love_lanadelrey4
My brothers bestfriend by i_love_lanadelrey4
Jessica Smith. she has a heart made out of gold. she loves bunnies. she always sees the good in people. Zane Miller. He's popular and is a fuckboy. he doesn't care abou...
I am not Veronica Gates by lifeisdynamite_
I am not Veronica Gatesby Itohan
In which a girl leads a double life. Hailey's life takes a thrilling turn when she moves into a new town to meet Veronica Gates -her look alike- who happens to be the qu...
RM AND ME  by namjoon_fan_boy_club
RM AND ME by Brooklynn Pierce
🔞🔞🔞this story has 18+ parts in it the story is mostly rm And you but sope, Jinmin and taekook is also it the story🚨🚨 WARNING 🚨🚨 sexual punishments, kinks and mat...
Hell's Angel by TeresaGreys5
Hell's Angelby Teresa Greys
"You're not what I expected." "You're not what I expected either. You're less of a saint, more like hell's angel." ☆ Cindy Cunningham was the cool gi...
I need you  by karienbl14
I need you by karienbl14
"I need you I want you only you" Lucas Miller the bad boy says
The girl with the yellow front door by TrevoraintSUS
The girl with the yellow front doorby TrevoraintSUS
⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️My first story so be warned, cringey, grammatical errors and typos! Whoo
Lustful Letters. by Norissa_xo
Lustful Norissa 🖤
A bad boy who can't express his true self, Grows a connection with a good girl who can't break her image. They share the same interest of music and writing, But can't se...
The Davis's by user825119
The Davis'sby SlutForDaddy
Kate goes into a new foster home and is curiously intrigued by her new roommate, Chloe.
crazy in love by kay12xx
crazy in loveby Kayley <3
maddy thinks she has one job on this earth and that is to make people happy, after coming back from a trip with her brother things take a turn for the worst, as she find...
Adorable Heart by Sonali61
Adorable Heartby Sonali61
Manik Malhotra is the Captain of Elite High School's Basketball team. Tall height , an amazing sports car, late night parties are his things. Nandini Murthy is an intro...
Their Secrets (complete) by itsmyaswrl
Their Secrets (complete)by Mya
Tears fell rapidly down my moms face my mom said "one month Av" I respond "for what mom?" "Your life" Avalon is a 17 year old girl with can...