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Killer Singers by cathrinejones
Killer Singersby cathrine
Luna and Harry have a weird dream and face the truth. Dumbledore has a weekly talent show and Luna and Harry take that to their advantage. Harry meets his red dad and ge...
I'll show you! by TDSB_2020
I'll show you!by Akshita Nittala
Percy Jackson. Betrayed. When his own girlfriend cheats on him, what will he do. Will he succumb to darkness or learn to love again? Follow him through his journey as he...
Son of the Dark Lord by piratelovingdemigod
Son of the Dark Lordby Hana
What if Voldemort's attack on Lily and James was to get his son back? THIS STORY IS NOT DRARRY OR SNARRY OR VOLDEMORTXHARRY DONT TAG IT AS SUCH. Originally written by...
harry potter: deal with the darkness by jexishere
harry potter: deal with the darkne...by the dragon samurai
harry potter has died and through death the darkness has offered him a chance to redeem themselves will he accept i'm on a harry potter cringe now and am a massive kamen...
Year 1- The Sirens Call by TheHufflepuffTARDIS
Year 1- The Sirens Callby TheHufflepuffTARDIS
Previously titled, The Little Siren, Harry Potter. On a trip to the beach, Harry finds a dying Siren. She gifts him with her voice.
Our Cub by Slytherin_Bandnerd05
Our Cubby Those_German_Siblings
Soulmates are a sacred thing; it doesn't matter if the two are the same gender, hate eachother or have never met you will rarely find love in someone who isn't your mate...
The Moon and the Lightning by luna_MoonWriter
The Moon and the Lightningby luna_MoonWriter
A love story between Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter- GINNY BASHING NUMBER 4 IN HUNA | NUMBER 95 IN HARRY POTTER
The New Golden Trio by Heavensangels23
The New Golden Trioby nevaeh fletcher
Harry finds out about fake lying friends and one lying headmaster. He starts talking to Neville and luna more and finds out more about them and their home life . So he m...
Random Harry Potter One-Shots by SlytherinErudite
Random Harry Potter One-Shotsby SlytherinErudite
One-shots featuring various characters. Taking requests.
The Very Best by BrilliantLady by PhantomSlytherin
The Very Best by BrilliantLadyby Sam Phantomhive
This fic was inspired by two challenge prompts by Crystal M. Key on fanfiction dot net; firstly that belief makes anything possible, and another where Harry has a life g...
Harry Riddle and the Song of Death. by Everything4Everyone
Harry Riddle and the Song of Death.by Indigo
Book #1 Hadrian Charles Riddle was born unique. He never cried or screamed, just sat quietly in his crib, watching everybody with very adult-looking eyes. Until the att...
harry x luna shit gets real by AaronEaston16
harry x luna shit gets realby Papa Stalin
shit gets real at hogwarts during harry's 5th year. read to find out how.
A loony love story  by Dreambigandbold
A loony love story by Elizabeth
Harry x Luna ,because they would be perfect for each other
Harry Potter after Hogwarts by create_er
Harry Potter after Hogwartsby Siffrin
This is a book that takes place after the Hogwarts books, it doesn't follow canon. Harry isn't with Ginny but with Luna. I'll give a warning of there's a smut chapter bu...
Draco Malfoy and The Dark Mark by KyokoRen
Draco Malfoy and The Dark Markby KyokoRen
I don't own the Harry Potter books. Only Draco point of view This takes place in Harry Potter in the order of phoenix (As you can see, I made a lot of changes in my st...
Nargle's Dreams: A LunaXHarry Story by msvalerierose
Nargle's Dreams: A LunaXHarry Storyby valerie rose bagalini
A Tale about Hogwarts' two most mysterious characters. Both alienated and misread by their peers, Harry and Luna find comfort in one another's company. In the midst of V...
Harry Potter Fanfiction dịch - Luna's Hubby by Shijimi_Karin
Harry Potter Fanfiction dịch - Lun...by Shijimi Karei
Summary: Cô nhóc 7 tuổi - Luna muốn có một người chồng NGAY LẬP TỨC. Cùng với sự trợ giúp vô ý của người cha lập dị, cô bé đã bắt cóc Harry Potter. Ý tưởng và chap 1 thự...
Luna Lovegood and the Broken Relic by Jadeite8
Luna Lovegood and the Broken Relicby Jadeite Puzil
What if, after Voldemort's defeat in Deathly Hollows, he wasn't finished. What if, after the events in the Chamber of Secrets, he remained in Ginny's mind. What if, afte...
My opinion on ships by prongs_71
My opinion on shipsby eli
hey besties this is just where i write my opinion on hp ships so yea
Secrets To Keep by huff_la_puff
Secrets To Keepby bess
Harry finally tells everyone he loves about his past--with the help of his best friends of course. He also makes ammends with several people, saves others, makes new fri...