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Savant Awards May 2022 by TheSavantGirls
Savant Awards May 2022by Savant G. Community
The Savant G. Awards held in May 2022 This round's theme is positivity hence, we brought you clouds and candyfloss-coloured feathers, if you can ignore the green sky mea...
Reverie Reviews by TheSavantGirls
Reverie Reviewsby Savant G. Community
*Status: Closed. Will open on 1st July (check out our Message Board!)* Our community's review workshop. If you're looking for reviews for your books, you've come to the...
Their Blue And Grey || KTH.MYG .IU 🟠[On HOLD] by moon_bloom7
Their Blue And Grey || KTH.MYG .IU...by AUTUMN🍂
"If we were together back in the day, can it be called as "Us"?" Ji eun grin widely and chuckled. "We already "Us". Are you a fool?&qu...
Autumn Delight | complete | Unedited by S_Bhagat
Autumn Delight | complete | Unedit...by S_Bhagat
His slow yet deep kiss, made me forget what was right or wrong. "I love the way, your body reacts to me." He touched my jaw sensually. I pushed him trying to...
Crazy in Love by Xxdreamer06
Crazy in Loveby Xxdreamer06
"So have you ever had boyfriend?" He asked. I didn't know why but I quickly replied,"Oh! God! No..never!" He chuckled and asked again,"Why?"...
The UnEnded Love   by LiXiaoXin
The UnEnded Love by ZoyAaf
Lee Ara, a girl who had no friends was noticed and given attention by her Sachon (cousin). Park jimin. They become best friends for 3 years but something happened which...
Is This Relatable or is it Just Me? by jcdwriter
Is This Relatable or is it Just Me?by The Doctor ✨
This is a book of things that's filled with my randomness and quirks. It will have some pretty random stuff in it- so yeah, BEWARE, I'm just a teensy tiny bit insane...
MateoTheUnknown's Art Journal by MateoTheUnknown
MateoTheUnknown's Art Journalby Mateo
All art shown is made by me. :) - The first quarter of the book is messed up, and the dates are all jumbled. Due to that, I put dates on the drawings to secure the exact...
A small collection by icebear_likes_sweets
A small collectionby Leo
This is not a graphics shop; just some edits for the stories that've touched me to the core. All images belong to the respective owners. [If you wish to contact; pleas...
My Diary by FishGoBloop
My Diaryby WAP
Like it says in the title, it's a diary. But people can read it. I thought this would be a funny idea and make my future self question what the fuck was I thinking. I'l...
The long road to success by loverofpandas24
The long road to successby Dianna
This is going to be a book for teens going through high school Some other things may happen in this book I am being creative as I go and picturing it as I go not really...
Photo Book by BiBiAmericanPi
Photo Bookby Rosie
A bunch of photos brought to you by a teenager with no atuall photography experience but a bunch of crappy photos and a mediocre phone camera to take them on. I suck at...
Let's Learn Basic Japanese by Kirarinani
Let's Learn Basic Japaneseby Kirarinani
Sana pagtiyagahan niyo muna ung meron. Salamat. :) Learn to introduce yourselves, know the basic question and answer patter, count in Japanese, read in Katakana , Hiraga...
Done Chasing You (Under Editing) by lilgi4n
Done Chasing You (Under Editing)by Gillian
When he doesn't want you what will you do? Are you still pursue to Chasing Him until the end?. Toriana Dela Cruz At the young age fall in love to the son of her parents...
Character Index For Winx Club by Lumna10
Character Index For Winx Clubby Lumna10
All bios for all characters of Winx and their children and more....
My favorite nerd❤💙 (Ultimate Spider-man)  by AubreyLong5
My favorite nerd❤💙 (Ultimate Spid...by Aubrey Long
Peter Parker x Flash Tompson I'm trying something new so hope y'all like it so have fun reading.
Me, Myself and I by _isha2000_
Me, Myself and Iby عشاء
Completed♡ To check next part of my artwork, visit my profile @ishhh22🖤