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The Dating Game (COMPLETED - REWRITING) by s0giia
The Dating Game (COMPLETED - Gianna Marie
Michelle Adams is nowhere near popular, and she is completely okay with that. She has her best friend Isaac, her life-long desire to get into a good college, and a drama...
me and my husband by carbonbrine
me and my husbandby carbonbrine
It is without a doubt that Dream and George really do want to see each other to the point of desperation. COVID-19 seems not to be letting down at all, further insisting...
Foreigners of Humanity (Trolls x Reader) by AWSOMEwh69A
Foreigners of Humanity (Trolls x AWSOMEwh69A
As the Trolls try to escape the Bergens, a mysterious entity pushes them into a hole in the forest. They find themselves in a very unfamiliar place, and only one thought...
A Protogen's Misadventures by Skillz2Play
A Protogen's Misadventuresby Skillz2Play
What happens when a Protogen and a Human meet for the first time? Apparently, quite a lot. Find out what happens in A Protogen's Misadventures. Credit to Vitrex#0184 for...
Cozy here with you ✔︎ | Kiribaku \ MHA | by miloqu
Cozy here with you ✔︎ | Kiribaku \ <3
Cover art not mine, I just edited it slightly. Katsuki Bakugo is a young Male of whom attends UA in japan. A while ago, when he first started, he was befriended by a boy...
Foreigner of Trollmanity by AWSOMEwh69A
Foreigner of Trollmanityby AWSOMEwh69A
You remember when the Trolls were stuck in the human world with (Y/n)? Well now (Y/n) is stuck in Troll world with the Trolls! With no fucking clue on how to get back! T...
𝒴ℴ𝓊𝓇 𝒸ℴ𝓂𝒻ℴ𝓇𝓉 ♥︎ by jaimeboog
𝒴ℴ𝓊𝓇 𝒸ℴ𝓂𝒻ℴ𝓇𝓉 ♥︎by crystalic
Sapnap moves in with Dream and Dream realized that Sapnap love language is physical touch which Dream isn't use to physical touch. Dream doesn't know how to handle it an...
Two Hearts by siyasarasaga
Two Heartsby Sowmitha
#38 in General fiction on 3.8.18 #36 in reality on 25.10.18 #33 in reality on 10.9.18 #26 in reality on 12.9.18 #25 in reality on 3.10.18 #1 in hugs on 17.10.18 #19 in r...
My Love For You | THE LION GUARD | Kion x Rani by StoryTimeGirl2021
My Love For You | THE LION GUARD | 𝐋𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐋𝐚𝐥𝐚
**This story happens when Kion is grown and after episode "Friends to the End"** Rani is leader of the Night Pride and Kion is leader of the Lion Guard. But af...
Yandere Huggywuggy x reader by hekkeno
Yandere Huggywuggy x readerby hekkeno
You know what this is. Yes, I do have headcannons :) HAHAHAHHA Goodluck you guys are seriously simp ing over the sour patch kids Thing? ( But simply I mean for this so...
Girls night out! by VioletPurple824
Girls night out!by Violet Purple
Friday after school three friends have a sleepover plus three guys and truth or dare gone wrong what can happen?
Sidneet One Shots (Siddhart & Avneet)  by white_tigeress
Sidneet One Shots (Siddhart & White Tigeress
these are random one shots of sidneet written by me, checkout Manan one shots too on my profile and also check my other works too updates can be slow as I will write it...
Human★Robot by miniworldsandcake
Human★Robotby MilkCake
Unit VI42, Better known as VIVI, is raised by a foster family after the killing of her scientist. She soon faces the government and realizes that they'll change her way...
Him | Completed | by morgan_amber_99
Him | Completed |by Idk
Reader x crush (Most of these are if your crush was your boyfriend so enjoy anyway) This is a bunch of cheesy crap that I think about when I see my crush and it makes me...
The babysitter 🚼 by tyannahowlett
The babysitter 🚼by tyannahowlett
When a drug addict mother sells her transgender 15 year old to a man. Read it it's good💙💜❤💚💙💜❤💜💚💙❤💜💛💙💜💚💛💜💙💛💚💛💙💜💚
For The Light Of My World by YewonC
For The Light Of My Worldby Blue Cheshire Cat
I send love poem letter to my girlfriend everyday.... This is the collection of it. It's ongoing and I hope it never ends.
Oneshot fem take by 0fclove
Oneshot fem takeby 0fclove
Female Takemichi one shot make request Will try to update every day
My big and scary mom (G/T) by B0unT_Hunt3r
My big and scary mom (G/T)by Donny
Adam was a normal 18 year old until one day, when he was in the woods, he encountered a giantess. But little did he know, the giantess would be his really overprotective...
A Protogen's Tale by WillisDaCool
A Protogen's Taleby VilSlav
A prequel to The Great Heretic Crusades, a nerdy mechanic becomes a criminal mastermind and best friend after meeting a Protogen from, who know the hell where. Meet Geor...
Darkest Desire (A Dawko Fan Fiction) by DailyNightlyReads
Darkest Desire (A Dawko Fan DailyNightlyReads
Molly has not had a good life. She doesn't have a dad, her mom's never around, she's bullied, and has depression. Nothing just seemed to go good for her. Until she bumpe...