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The 3 SUM by TiffanyFields4
The 3 SUMby Tiffany Fields
A boring friday night turns into a night to remember between 3 friends as the night get hot and heavy
The tenderness by perfectquietland
The tendernessby perfectquietland
A point of view through her eyes and thoughts from her mind.
Saving Myself || A Drarry Story by Hufflepuff-Writer
Saving Myself || A Drarry Storyby emma/emmett
**COMPLETED** Cover made by @ZaraIsNotHere **TRIGGER WARNINGS** -HOMOPHOBIC REMARKS -MENTIONS OF PHYSICAL ABUSE ⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️: All original characters owned by J.K. Ro...
Pleasured by TicklishWolf
Pleasuredby 🍃 Ticklee 🍃
WARNING : Contains heavy amounts of smut
Handsy at Work by Alexislapin3
Handsy at Workby Alexislapin3
Mature content: Short story about the sexual tension between two naughty colleagues is getting out of hand. How can they control it and remain professional?
Sunday Every Week [Completed] by sereneFirefly
Sunday Every Week [Completed]by S. Z
"Are you happy?" He asks and I look at him for a moment. Then I shrug. "Hm. He's a nice guy." "Your face is contradicting your words." He...
Glory(BWWM) by JasmynTailor
Glory(BWWM)by Jasmyn
Book four of the 1 Peter 4:8 series🦋♥️ - "And what of the name, Glory? You are known by all as Adelia." Adelia's lips curled to a refined smile. "For the...
Bakuwar Fuska by PrincessAmrah
Bakuwar Fuskaby Amrah A Mashi
"Babu wata mace da nake son kasancewa da ita bayan ke Boobah. Babu macen da zan iya rayuwar aure koma-bayanki. Ki amince ki share mini hawayena, na yi alkawarin sha...
Haunted By My Future by HatiCang
Haunted By My Futureby HatiCang
In a life filled with fear and sadness, a girl decided to break free. Her once tedious life changed drastically, especially with the mysterious dominance showing man who...
Something Special  by Inkkofheart
Something Special by Mat
Something Special Rose X Cedric Story
♡My Soulmate Next To Me♡ by IshuSnehaGurung18
♡My Soulmate Next To Me♡by Sneha Gurung
Hello to the one who reads it .☆ Its a story of a teenage girl name "Skyla" who secretly loved a boy named "Neil" but one day he knows about her feel...
Hateful Sweethearts || Hate-Love Trilogy || Book 1|| by nicky_shots202
Hateful Sweethearts || Hate-Love Nicky_Shots
Maybe it is the way that you love to hate me... ------------------------------------ Nancy has despised Ronan for as long as she can remember. She's always remembered hi...
hexes for exes, briarville girls (1) by nyxiekitsune
hexes for exes, briarville girls ( karlie
❛ DON'T YOU KNOW THAT I CRIED TEARS OF GOLD FOR YOU? ❜ Livia Wong likes to think of herself as a vacuous mess. And it's not just because of the Hamilton...
sezy tiem by ismerine
sezy tiemby sarah
we did sus
Obliterate Me by exlibrisnoctis
Obliterate Meby catherine
This is a fan fiction on the "touching Juliette trilogy" from Tahereh Mafi. The story continues two years after Juliette managed to take over sector 45 and to...
[Dreame] Valiant Princess by Bleu84
[Dreame] Valiant Princessby Lala Diwod
[This web-novel will be re-published on Dreame starting from 08 February 2019 so Chapter 5 and onwards will only be available on Dreame]. Upon being reborn, she know tha...
After all by popsiclelol2764
After allby ecatsss
"Are you freaking telling me that you were chasing a water dude and ended up in the bathtub!?" "I guess that's one way to put it" here's a small note...
Lost In A Daydream by Rituparnadarolia
Lost In A Daydreamby Rituparnadarolia
Eighteen year old Victoria Blakesley is not only gorgeous but intelligent, arrogant and a go-getter in the true sense of the term. Aiming to be a lawyer, she's extremely...
Catch Me by Kid076
Catch Meby Kid076
"Is anybody listening? Can anybody answer my prayers? Please say yeah."
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Sequel to 'Little Things' by CelestialWinter
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) CelestialWinter
"I feel as if my body is broken into if ever since, I was dropped like a delicate beautiful vase and all of my pieces shattered against the cold hard fl...