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FOSTER by malkstudi0s
FOSTERby malk#3062
A teenage boy called Ryan gets introuble with the police over pulling the straw between his parents, hes then sent to a foster home where he shares a room and goes on ma...
How To Buy Silver Jewellery Online? by shimujewelss
How To Buy Silver Jewellery Online?by Shimu Kashyap
One great way to shop for silvery jewellery online is by checking out popular online retailers. Many websites typically offer a wide selection of silver jewellery pieces...
Dreaming Of A Different World by eris_the_8066
Dreaming Of A Different Worldby eris
dreamsmp au revolving around tommy:) -sorta inspired by tommyinnts clinic for supervillains tommy stood in the unknown area."hello?"
just earrings i made a few months ago -_- by Yellowhearts_Anime
just earrings i made a few i麓m_a_gay_dinosaure
warning : they look terrible and the picture quality is the worst cuz i had to take them with my laptop -_- (the picture on the cover isnt me its just apic from the inte...
miraculous nathalie seen in different outfits  by alya17000
miraculous nathalie seen in miraculous super fan
Miraculous - nathalie in multiple outfits that I drew by myself so be respectful and if you could not criticise my work it will very appreciated and don't forget to foll...
Diamond Dragons by TheZoh
Diamond Dragonsby TheZoh
The casino wins about 98% of the time, but every so often, someone will hit it big.
Dare to Dazzle by HayamEdlibi
Dare to Dazzleby Hayam Edlibi
this is a fake shop but i just made this story for fun
Gem (Naruto Fanfic) by yemihikari
Gem (Naruto Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Sasuke is nervous about his gift for Sakura. Disclaimer - I don't own Naruto. This is written for day fourteen prompt - Jewelry - for SasuSaku Month 2021.
His Amber Eyes by Internal_crocodiles
His Amber Eyesby Catherine King
Completed Its about a demon falling in love with a girl and how they go on an adventure. It's a short story I guess idk
Hair and Wrists by Balladoad
Hair and Wristsby Farista Sairuv
An immigrant girl ponders the life she hopes she has yet to live. Ponders the family she shared no blood with. Ponders the people she'd give her blood to. Ponders the un...
I was bored so I did this by I-am-a-problem
I was bored so I did thisby Mai the idiot
These are things I did for no reason on school time or on time to clean. Please comment a rating- I don't know-
jewelry by tinklebell3
jewelryby tinklebell3
i'm having trouble finding jewelry that is affordable and aesthetically pleasing. i had the idea to create a book where all of the chapters are different types of jewelr...
Short Stories by Me by LKWyattIsAnAuthor
Short Stories by Meby L.K. Wyatt
From dreams to stories to legends, everything is here. Suggestions? I'm open. Thank you @StellaYvonneEast for the beautiful cover! It makes me happy :D
Crime of the Silent Stranger by Noirfilm1
Crime of the Silent Strangerby Summer
A/N I took several liberties with this story. This outfit is not historically accurate but in my mind the story is a mixture of the 1920s and present-day culture. The mu...
Beads by ImanR32
Beadsby Iman R
A walk along journey of making jewelry with me along with its thought process and how a beautiful concept can become a reality, one step at a time.
Riwaj Jewellers by Riwajjeweller
Riwaj Jewellersby Riwajjeweller
Riwaj Jewellers has made a remarkable position in the list of Top Jewellers of gold, diamond jewellery and precious stones in Sialkot by uphelding its key business princ...
Heroes of Olympus one shots by I_Island
Heroes of Olympus one shotsby Anni
Completed series of Heroes of Olympus One shots
Island Girl of Mako by Unaunderdasea
Island Girl of Makoby Una Ursula
Delphin is just like any other little girl in the world well maybe not so normal Delphin has a secret only humans believe in or not believe Delphin is a Mermaid from Mak...
路掳The Five Dragon Gems掳路 ~Book 1~ by Parakeet_Flyers
路掳The Five Dragon Gems掳路 ~Book 1~by ParakeetLover
A girl and her twin brother both move out of their family's house. Thinking they forgot something, before they leave, they check the attac, finding their Grandmother's d...
Random Outfits and Aesthetics by MentalAsylumEscapee
Random Outfits and Aestheticsby WhyShouldYouKnow?
this is a book where if im bored I'll make some outfits, some will be from pintrest others will not. they might have a tgeme or they might just be random, enjoy